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Life Is Ocean : Myriad Of Emotions – Today’s emotion is ” Zeal” and “Zip The Lips”

The level of happiness is at par, I can’t believe we have finally managed to survive the toughest challenge of the year, and here I am writing my last post of A2Z. Congratulations to all my fellow buddies, and thanks to all my readers for keeping my zeal up with your encouraging comments.

O Yes, What a perfect word ” Zeal” to give the last shot in the perfect way to a month-long journey. I shall do so and share the best quotes on the word ZEAL that I make sure to put on the different walls in my house to keep my family motivated even if they face the dullest moment of the day.

In addition to that, I would like to add one very crucial emotion to my diary, Myriad Of emotions, I. e. “Zip The Lips.”. In every child’s life, there is a stage that comes to make the child learn “How To Speak”. But you know it takes years or probably the whole life to learn “What To Speak”.

In the era of social media and the power that comes with it, everyone feels delighted with the freedom to speak over anything they want, over big or small, national or international issues. However, the freedom of ranting is misused most of the time. The decency of speaking has lost somewhere.

In between the “How And When”, we live our lives, make our identity, and build the image of our personality. Will you agree with me that even after spending so many years of training on speaking, the majority of people fail to understand the descent gap between “How, What, When To Speak?”

A wise person can sense How, what, when to speak constructively. This way, undoubtedly, he managed to add value to his words and get rewarded by authenticating his image in the public’s eyes.

So, let’s move forward to know few signs that help us to gauge the conversation, no matter how many things you have in mind to put your point.

Signs To Know Time To Zip The Lip

▶️ You realize that you are dominating the conversation

Dominating the crowd is not something that powers the reflection of your personality every time. If you are consistently the one doing most of the talking during the conversation, it’s time to recheck your way of presentation, pitch, tone, approach, etc. Make your approach allow others an opportunity to respond. The objective should be sound like a two-way conversation rather than a lecture.

▶️ If Someone Continuously Looking At gadgets

If they have checked out of the conversation to the extent that they have moved on to other tasks, that’s a fairly good indication it’s time for you to zip it.  

▶️ If your Majority Of Points Receives Counter-Attack

Learn to know refrain from putting your point and moved out from the place, when you feel your point and not listened to understand. Either it is listened to counter-attack or buzzed of before you finish it.

▶️ When You find the subject demean,

The smartest move is to zip your lip when you find the whole objective of the conversation is to demean someone or heading to provoke someone.

▶️ If the person in front of you is not known one

If you are starting the conversation or are answering a question, do it with fine curtness. There is no point in rhyming off again and again.

Now Ending my Post On few positive quotes to zeal your life in the best way!

Best Quotes To Wall To Keep The Zeal Up

▶️ “Zeal without knowledge is fire without light.”Thomas Henry Huxley

▶️ “Life is definitely about taking chances, living every minute with zeal, and then laying back and regretting nothing.” – Author: Quadidra S. Williams

▶️ Everything is perfect.
Everything is fine.
The rules of life are made up.
The rules only exist in your mind.
Of course, there may be courtesies
And closures and laws to abide,
But the zeal with which you play
Relies on where YOU draw the line
– Author: Jason Mraz

▶️ “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”Albert Einstein

▶️ “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”Thomas Alva Edison

▶️ “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”Abraham Lincoln

▶️ “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”– Malcolm X

▶️ “You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.”– Stephen King

Wall up these your surrounding whenever you feel low, theses quotes do not miss any opportunity to motivate their masters !!!


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12 thoughts on “Zeal To Life and Zip To Lip #BlogchatterA2Z”

  1. I totally agree that we need to understand” Zip The Lips.”.Loved all the pointers . We should complete know how and when to speak .

  2. Hurry we did it. loved your series so much dear. each post was so unique and I am highly impressed with the way, you had shared wonderful tips for handling each emotion positively, with each post. zip the lip is a mandatory requirement and I really liked all the pointers you have mentioned in the post. again many congratulations for completing another A2Z. looking forward for another amazing e book.

  3. Zipping the lip is an art nowadays since most people are suffering from verbal diarrhoea. Words are precious and must be used wisely. And zeal for life is what keeps us going! A wonderful series indeed. Had fun reading it all month.

  4. As a trainer I train my students on zip to lip in their personal interviews and in gd. But in general we should be very careful in what to say and how to say. Zeal to life keeps us motivated.

  5. I agree one sure needs to know when to zip the lip. Your pointers in signs to know when to zip the lip are good ones and very observant. We at times miss and talk at the wrong place which should be controlled. Instead, we should try and concentrate on how to add zeal to live as it will help us more. All quotes are great and I too feel I should stick them on all walls as a good reminder daily.

  6. Zip the lips is important because most of us do not know when to stop speaking. Social media is also being misused by people who don’t have the basic morality of giving respect to the views of others.

  7. Suhasini I.P.

    Yes, living a life full of Zeal is the only way to happiness and ofcourse we should zip our mouths when not needed. Very apt post for the current times my dear

  8. Perfectly said- learning “when to speak” is an essential life skill. Agree with all the scenarios, that we should keep our lips zipped in. And a great compilation of zeal quotes. I just love this word.
    Congratulations Archana on the completion of an amazing series that enlightened us with many practical suggestions to handle emotions. It was wonderful to connect with you through this challenge. Best wishes.

  9. The zeal to life is there but somehow the loneliness kills it. I am trying to fight but it is very difficult.
    Zip the lip is very difficult for us women. It takes a lot of effort to do that

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