Book Review: Kiss Of The Wildflower And Other Stories

Book Name: Kiss of the wildflower and other stories

Author: Deepika Sharma

Publisher : Notion Press

Language : English

Genre : Short- Fiction

Format : Paperback

Pages : 148

ISBN: 978-1-64983-927-5

Price : 150 INR

Buy On: Amazon

My Rating : 4/5

About The Author

Deepika Sharma is an educationist and an acclaimed feature writer for TIMES OF INDIA. She is also a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner and has a deep interest in Psychology. She is a realist who has always been intrigued by creative writing and editing. She has a blog wherein she pens down her thoughts in the form of stories.

An aspiring author and a winner of two Blog Hops, her short fiction has been widely appreciated. She was part of the widely acclaimed Bilingual anthology ‘The Woman That I Am.’ She has been credited with bringing natural flow to heavy topics ad making them relatable to the readers. She can be contacted at

My Review

Begin with the cover page; the book has a beautiful picture of a loving couple who look at each other while standing next to a chair and table, having an open pink umbrella at their back. With colorful flowers around, the lush green ambiance clearly hinting at all the astonishing tales of common people from urban to rural areas, from college, marital bliss to wild truth, and from mountain to the valley.

The book ‘Kiss of the wildflower and other stories’ comprises 16 masterpiece short stories, completely unrelated, but have to mention highly captivating tales. Every story is written by the author has the true power to stir your emotion with different shades.

If compilation makes you believe in true love in a chapter, others will shake you with the chilling consequences of being blindfold in love. If one story inspires women’s empowerment, the next will affirm your belief in the bond of family and religious empowerment. When one tale takes you to the galore of ‘everything is planned perfectly,’ the next page will lead you to find happiness in the imperfections.

From the fight to the broken mirror of inner-self for identity possession to chasing the dream by the enthusiastic dream catcher, each character of the storyline will inspire you somewhere in some way.

Nevertheless, I loved all the chapters, but being a fan of love stories these four are my favorites, where the Author’s pen left me to be spellbound.

1). The Missing Man – Niti’s daring step to fight against evil, shows that woman may become weak at some point, but a mother never fails!

2).Roots – The dwellers of Nuh, taught us changing your name or religion can’t stop you from loving your origin.

3).Conversation at night – This tale will make you believe in the love after life.

4). My beginning end and happily ever after – The love story of elderly couple, and the secret between them left me awestruck in the end.

My Verdict

The effortless and flawless flow of the language, including vocabulary used by the author, will keep your interest intact till the end of the book, without looking at the dictionary. One can read the book in one go over a cup of tasty masala chai, though I took 3 days to finish it ( No, No! please do not ask about my speed).

Few stories definitely have adult facts, which is obviously a demand of the storyline, even though the author has written the plot in the most sophisticated way. I have to give an extra point for that. Only for those few stories, I find the book suitable for the age group 13+. Few stories I preferred to read with my pre-teenage son, and he loved it a lot.

I would give 4 stars to the must-read book “Kiss Of The Wildflowers And Other Stories” by an amazing writer and my friend Deepika Sharma!!

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24 thoughts on “Book Review: Kiss Of The Wildflower And Other Stories”

  1. I am intrigued to read this book now, thanks to your crisp review. I really like the way you have reviewed it keeping the right spaces for the audience to guess.

  2. Loved the review of the book, I will suggest it to a friend of mine who has been looking for the recommendation of books for her daughter. I fell in love with the title itself 🙂

  3. Book title and cover both looks very interesting and after reading your honest review am sure the book must be a wonderful read. I am looking forward to read it.

  4. It seems like you are enchanted with the book. It makes me want to read the book. I agree with you that the book cover is beautiful. The stories have dealt with different types of relations. Loved your review totally

  5. I really like reading short stories and tales as they are quick to read and easy to capture as well. I would really love to check this book and read these captivating stories.

  6. Your review tells me that the book is a perfect read over a weekend with a cup of tea by the side. Offlate I am enjoying short stories as each new chapter has something new for me. Will get my hands on this book soon.

  7. I love reading short stories and this one with a mix of emotions would make a good read. Shall check.

  8. With recent A2Z, I got a chance to read Dipika’s writing and I am so impressed with her writing style and recent series. the book sounds really cool. loved the way you have shared your honest review dear.

  9. wow this seems to be interesting one.. I personally love short stories and have been thinking what to read next.. I guess your review makes me want to grab a copy for myself ..thanks for sharing

  10. Offlate I am interested to read up love stories with twist. I am sure Kiss of the wildflower and other stories’ will be a good read. Thanks for the honest review

  11. Thank you so much for these kind words. I am so glad you liked the stories and thank you for that extra point.
    Much love
    Deepika 🤗🤗

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