Have You Found Your IKIGAI Of Life? #BlogchatterA2Z

Life Is Ocean: Myriad Of EmotionUnderstanding Ikigai

Ikigai gives your life a purpose while giving you the grit to carry on –Ken Mogi

Ikigai can be defined as a sense of being alive now, an individual’s consciouness as a motive to live – Aikihiro Hasegawa

What Is Ikigai?

Wikipedia says, “The term Ikigai compounds two Japanese words: iki meaning ‘life; alive‘ and kai meaning ‘(an) effect; (a) result; (a) fruit; (a) worth; (a) use; (a) benefit; (no, little) avail’ (sequentially voiced as gai) to arrive at a reason for living (being alive); a meaning for (to) life; what (something that) makes life worth living.

This concept has its origins in the Japanese island of Okinawa, which is home to the largest population of centenarians in the world. Which boasts the longest living people on earth.

Ikigai isn’t an individualistic concept either focused on self-preservation. The social connections that we form are as important as any sense of inner peace, according to Ken dos Remedios of the Hyper Japan cultural festival. To find your Ikigai Ask Yourself:

▶️ What do we love?

▶️ What are we good at?

▶️ What can you be paid for?

▶️ What does the world need?

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Ikigai is found at the intersection of these four questions, where passion, mission, vocation, and profession meet.

Determine Your Ikigai:

▶️ Find a purpose we strongly believe in.

▶️ Stop thinking and start doing.

▶️ Speak to people who have similar passions.

▶️ And, accept that setbacks are normal.

10 Rules Of Ikigai:


Are you one who have found you Ikigai? Or someone who still in search?


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31 thoughts on “Have You Found Your IKIGAI Of Life? #BlogchatterA2Z”

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  2. I loved the concept of Ikaigai and read about the same somewhere. Glad you have shared such a great post!!

  3. This is very amazing post . I was very curious to know about Ikigai. Hearing a lot about this and so many people are writing about that famous book also . Glad i came across your page .

  4. Absolutely to the point Archana. I have read the book Ikigai last month and it changes many perspectives about life. Ikigai doesn’t mean something to change the world or bring world peace, it can be as simple as being an amazing teacher, having a beautiful kitchen garden anything .

  5. Ikigai is a beautiful concept and I think we all must strive to find our Ikigai. It’s not that easy but gradually we can get there. People of Okinawa are said to have been religiously following their Ikigai for ages. Perhaps that is one of the major reasons for their long lives and happiness.

  6. Wow loved all the pointers dear. I had read about ikigai concept before but the way you had explained it, was so simple to understand and follow. loved the infographic so much. indeed follow your passion in life is something that gives an internal happiness and sense of satisfaction.

  7. I’m not sure I have found it or not, but I consider my blog and my writing as my ikigai. Your rules of ikigai are a sure pin-up for daily motivation.

  8. The concept of Ikigai is one of the best things we can learn about life. However, it isn’t easy to achieve or attain and needs conscious effort. I wish I can do that!

  9. Oh i am definitely still searching and seems its going to take long …but i am certainly on the correct path.
    Loved how you described it in simple précis terms.
    Deepika Sharma

  10. Last year I thought I found my Ikigai but then in January I dunno what hot me and I went into depression. I am just coming out of it after 3 months and now I have re-establish my Ikigai!

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