You Might Have Been Here Before! ‘Deja Vu’ #BlogchatterA2Z

Life Is Ocean: Myriad Of Emotions– Today’s emotion ‘Deja Vu’

Have you ever stopped and shook your head for a while and felt that you have lived the current moment before? I think the day when you were walking in the office corridor, or doing laundry, or maybe watching movies, if not that probably working late at night, then surely during travel, think you brushed it off and moved on? I know your answer would be Yes!

I keep experiencing countless times and trust me, I tried all my hands to get Deja Vu’s reasons. Unfortunately, never get an answer that can fix my curiosity. Even today, there is no perfect theory established that can claim the sure-shot reasons for Deja Vu. However, we can’t deny that the feeling of Deja Vu is so connected to our routine.

Nevertheless, the fleeting moment leaves us with a question mark. Sometimes It makes us emotional, sometimes, it tickles me, and sometimes it left me anxious. Above all, sometimes it makes me believe that I have the power to preserve the memory of my Last birth(Punar-Janam type). I know sounds crazy!!

Three Ways To Control Your Curiosity on Deja Vu:

  1. Without much ado, let the moment go in ease, like the general activity.
  2. Write it down on paper what you just experienced; it may settle down your curiosity.
  3. Focus on the next task.

When Deja Vu Signals The Problem:

  1. If the incident occurs at frequent intervals.
  2. If it leaves the person unconscious.
  3. If it threatens in dreams or in visual scenes, which results in a person’s changed behavior.

It is the time to contact the medical experts without a delay.

Moving further sharing some experts theories based on their research what the Deja Vu Actually is!

‘Deja Vu’ is a French word that means ‘Already Seen.’ People who travel a lot or remember their dream usually experience the Deja Vu more often. The term was first found in 1876 by Eile Boirac, a philosophy professor who described his own experience with it in a letter published in the Revue Philosophique. But “déjà vu” wouldn’t be an accepted scientific term until two decades later, when French neurologist F.L. Arnaud officially proposed its use at a meeting of the Societe medico-psychologique.

Expert’s Theories

Deja Vu is a sudden, and involuntary, sensation that an event or set of circumstances currently being experienced has been experienced before, even when that cannot actually be the case,” says psychiatrist Dr. Fredric Neuman.

According to Dr. Anne Cleary, a cognitive psychologist at Colorado State University, a prior memory that we are unable to call to mind is what produces a sense of familiarity in a current situation. Sometimes, déjà vu can be accompanied by a sense of knowing what will happen next.

Neuroscientist Dr. Wendy Suzuki says there is some evidence that the same areas of the brain involved in memory retrieval are also active during the experience of déjà vu. “A particular object, the general configuration of the environment, or even a smell might trigger this feeling of overall familiarity.” The brain is retrieving information from the past based on cues in the environment.

Do you have any shocking memory of Deja Vu? Don’t forget to share your curiosity moment of Deja Vu!

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36 thoughts on “You Might Have Been Here Before! ‘Deja Vu’ #BlogchatterA2Z”

  1. Experienced Deja Vu so many times. I tell myself that I have gone through this path before ( and probably made a mistake)and this is my second chance to undo or do better. Interesting read though

  2. It happens with me so often, I feel something that is happening now in my dream earlier. Premonition Deja Vu know not what to call it, your post gives me reason they were not mere hallucinations

  3. Yeah, Deja Vu makes its appearance every few weeks. But as you suggested, I never paid much attention to it and it subsides eventually. A great informative post, Archana.

  4. Yes it did happen to me once or twice .As if i have lived the current moment before . But i never took it seriously . I never knew there can be some problems also associated with this.

  5. Yes I had experienced that feeling many times but never paid much attention to this. learnt a lot about this with your post dear. the series is going really great just like last year. looking forward what is coming next?

  6. Oh, Deja Vu happens to me so often. Sometimes I even wonder is it some kind of time travel or what? For sure it keeps us thinking and exploring what and why’s. Thanks for sharing expert theories along with ways to control curiosity.

  7. This resonated with me a lot . Yes I have had moments of such experiences but I don’t remember them elaborately. But it can feel overwhelming and trigger other emotions as well. Thank you for sharing the facts behind the coinage of the word. Enjoyed reading your article a lot , Archana.

  8. I go through this deja vu as u call it many times. I feel as If I have lived the moment before or I know its going to happen. It is very unnerving sometimes. I am looking for answers.

  9. Has happened to me number of times over my life-time. Just random scenes or situations which I feel like I have been a part of before! Never knew all these theories though. I just ignore it.

  10. I’ve never had it frequently enough to feel threatened or worried about it. But yes, I’ve experienced deja vu a few times and wondered what was going on… It was more a curiousity for me. Cannot even remember an incident now to describe it

  11. Since we move around a lot have had that feeling in more than one place, but a nice warm feeling nothing threatening. Good you pointed out certain aspects i had never heard of.
    Deepika Sharma

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