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Life Is Ocean: Myriad Of Emotions – Today’s emotion is ‘ deal with awkward situation’

Writing on so many practical subjects that could directly relate to our emotions, today I decided to pick another practical, lighter yet significant topic to write on. You know what, the most irking moment when we find ourselves in the well of awkward moments.

And our inner soul plead GOD; can you please remove this hour from my diary of life. Haha! Isn’t it? I used to do, until I learn few tips and tricks.

Whether you like it or you dislike it, you all must have fallen into the most boring/ frustrating/embarrassing situation. Where you become bound to pour all your energy into exiting from the situation instead of paying heed to what the person on the other side says.

So are you ready to deal with some simple tricks to save yourself from few awkward moments, which we use to face every then and now? Let’s begin with some common types of awkward moments.

Funny Awkward Situations

▶️ You gossip about your boss; he is right behind you!

▶️ You wave at someone, he/she didn’t notice you!

▶️ You just update your friend about resting at home, and he caught you at a departmental store the next minute!

▶️ You go to sit on a chair, and someone pulls it towards another direction, purposively or unknowingly.

▶️ Someone waves, and you misinterpret that’s for you!

▶️ You call your teacher, MOM accidentally!

Escape Awkwardness:

  • Behave sportingly, and try to hang on there, Do not let the aura of fun disappear from your side.
  • Acknowledge the awkwardness, especially if you can do it humorously.

Weird Awkward Situations

▶️ You entered the party room, and you are the only one standing in the corner, have no friend to talk to.

▶️ You stumble in your words, leaving whole conversation muddled.

▶️ You, with your friends, ordered a coffee, dip biscuit in coffee, it accidentally fell into the coffee smearing all over your face and dress.

▶️ Silence for long hours in the group.

▶️ You fail to recognize the names of fellow workers. Or if someone mispronounced your name.

▶️ The whole conversation end and you clueless what the whole group is talking about.

▶️ You call your teacher, but she doesn’t respond.

Escape Awkwardness:

  • Initiate some common topic to get into the discussion to break the long silence among fellow company members.
  • Say something nice about another person or something associated with another person.
  • Take it sportingly and laugh before anyone laughs at you.
  • Say sorry if you are not good at remembering the names. And ensure him/her you are noting it down.
  • Say loudly, if the teacher couldn’t listen to you, even if she failed to hear, Say confidently, ” I wish she could answer my question.”

Irritating/ Boring Awkward Situation

▶️ Someone speaks non-stop on illogical topics without considering an iota of your thoughts.

▶️ Someone brags over luxuries, comfort and achievements in front of you.

▶️ Guest are not ready to leave the house even after the party.

Escape Awkwardness:

  • To stop the conversation of non -stop speakers, drop something on the floor; you will easily get distracted.
  • Also, to that, pretend you get a call from someone more important and leave the place gently.
  • For braggers, start setting a new playlist on your mobile. Start to learn some dance steps. Say hello to any person nearby if you see around and move there.
  • To stop non-stop speakers or braggers best way to escape is to start throwing questions at them.
  • To push the lazy guest out, turn off the music, lights in the room, change your dress and almost pretend to go to bed early as you have some urgent work the next morning.

Have you ever get into such situation? Can you relate with any of the incident enlisted above? Do share with me in comment box!


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16 thoughts on “Ways To Get Away From Awkward Situation#BlogchatterA2Z”

  1. Hehe… I’ve experienced many and expect to witness many more in my life;)
    Loved your solutions to the so-called embarrassing situations..especially how to push guests out of the house😅

  2. We end up facing many of these situations in our lives. Very practical tips from your side to escape from feeling awkward in such times. Not getting nervous, keeping calm, having a sportive spirit, and staying positive about it are certainly, the keys.

  3. Oh, I have been in this situation number of times. Reading your list made me think, were you around me hahaha. Wish I knew the escape ways earlier, but now will remember them for sure and save myself from yet another awkward moment.

  4. Sometimes it’s tough to get out of these situations but yes, your tips are great and I will try if needed!!

  5. Ha ha so true, we all face that kind of awkward situations once or more in our life time. I am so impressed with your examples and solutions. surly these pointers are helpful for all of us to deal with awkward situations with a maturity and understanding.

  6. Oh god bless you for writing this. So many real life situations and thank you for answering them so tactfully. Kudos to you
    Deepika Sharma

  7. Gosh, I’ve been in almost every one of these awkward situations. Thankfully no one pulled the chair as I was sitting on it. Taking it sportingly is the best way to get on with it. Happens to everyone.

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