Confrontation Is More An Art Than Science #BlogchatterA2Z

Life Is Ocean: Myriad Of Emotions: Today’s emotion is Confrontation

Confrontation with self makes the way easier; ideally, a kind of self-acceptance about reality and being artificial. Whereas confronting someone is onerous, agonizing, and nerve-racking. It can damage the relation, mental health of either side if the case does not handle carefully.

The word confrontation may we listen to quite often. But when it comes to action, it becomes more like a responsibility towards the self, the person in front of you, and the relationship you have with him/her, especially for a conflictless, contented, positive outcome in the end. Petty negative words, imposing tone, a glance of disbelief, or lies can raze the castle of any long-lasting relationship in a fraction of minutes.

WHEN To Confront Someone

By the time I have learned that confrontation doesn’t require with everyone, every time. At most places, an ordinary reply or just walking away from the place or matter is the best therapy to handle the issue.

Albeit, confrontation becomes the utmost requirement in some circumstances. Know when to raise your hand to confront the conflict.

  1. Confront someone if the subject is persisting: If misunderstanding or unpleasant gestures taking place every then and now to test your patience, it is the time to take a call and confront the person of his/her actions.
  2. Speak when problems dilate: When you feel the person from your closed group or from formal one’s abrupt behavior widen its zone by every move to not only hamper your comfort place but your physical and mental wellness too, better to speak up before it too late.
  3. Be open if you sense any threat: The most sensitive point when your gut instincts signal you for mishaps, be wise, be vocal confront the person by all the preparations ( with the support of your own group).

Prerequisites To Confront Someone

I believe that confrontation is more an Art than Science. I do believe that a strong bond can not be shaken by the lust of winds. Parallel to this thought, another veiled truth is that relationships are fragile in nature need paramount care. It is essential to keep some points in mind before stepping in to confront someone if you genuinely want to resolve the issue.

Keep the flow of conversation two-way: Work together to reach the solution. Give enough time to speak to another side also. Only mutual consent can bring mutual results. To reach that notch, pull your sleeves to be a good listener.

Discuss only main Issue: Compact your conversation to the root of the original problem. Widening the conversation dissipates the real motive of confrontation. When the whole chaos mellows down, you can subtly discuss the rest of things.

Start a conversation with positive essence: The most notable thing is to have a tight hold on a constructive conversation even if things are not flowing at your discretion, do not lose the temper.

Prepare Beforehand: Have a raw list of all the facts you want to put into your firm point. Confrontation doesn’t work based on pseudo assumptions.

Don’t entertain blame-game: If you anticipate the positive upshot, keep your conversation untouched with the blame-game circus. It will ruin the meaning of everything forever, like mutual relations, time, reconciliation, etc.

Contemplate The Timing: Be patient enough to wait for the right time to express your thoughts over the conflict or issue. Talk in alone instead of discussing the matter in an open group.

When NOT TO Confront Someone

Every coin has another side; confronting someone is not always a matter of courage; most of the time, it is our inner voice that restricts us from getting into any shit of arguments. Remember the famous quote,

‘Never wrestle with a pig. You just get dirty and the pig enjoys it.’

Situations when opting NO for confrontation is the best way to save the sanity.

  1. Never pick any confrontation in anger.
  2. Where a person’s existence doesn’t matter in your life.
  3. The situation where you are well aware of your low points and the other party’s power position.
  4. When you know that time will heal up everything gradually.
  5. If the other party is vengeful.
  6. When the confrontation process calls you out of your comfort zone, for instance, an unknown place or a new place.

Relationships play a central role in our lives; having disputes and conflicts is natural. We have choices to mold our ways. It is completely up to us to pick which option and when.

Do you have any tips to confront someone? Do share with me.

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17 thoughts on “Confrontation Is More An Art Than Science #BlogchatterA2Z”

  1. Confrontation is good if done when it is needed. The pointers that you have mentioned about when not to confront are very important to everyone to remember. Sometimes,we confront someone out of negative feeling or unstable mindset. But for a fruitful outcome, we first have to analyze that will the confrontation solve the problem.
    This series is going great Archana.

  2. To be or not to be; confront or not confront is indeed the biggest dilemma! You’ve cleared a multitude of queries that often keep us confused in perplexing situations! Well done!

  3. A very thoughtful post . I am very bad at confrontation but i hate keeping things by myself also . People never take it postively. I learnt dos and don’ts now . I will try and implement this .

  4. I am someone who runs away from confrontations. This is very useful and beautifully dissected to help

  5. Great pointers, but I’m bad at it. I let go and ignore any reasons to trouble a confrontation. I’m clueless it’s an art or a science, but after reading this post, have realized I had never thought about it this way. thanks for sharing so one is careful before getting into an argument or fight.

  6. I strongly agree with you when you say while confronting some one the communication should be two ways otherwise it doesn’t work and you will never get desired results.

  7. Great pointers Archana and I am amazed to see how effortlessly you are giving us so much valuable info that can make a big change in our day to day life. I always believe in keeping a let it go attitude. will keep your suggestions in mind for sure.

  8. Well written, i have to note these points as i am a person who avoids confrontation at all costs sometimes at grave consequences to self. Thanks for bringing this to fore
    Deepika Sharma

  9. I’m bad at this. I’ve allowed people to trample all over me and kept quiet… At the other extreme, that bottled rage does explode at the wrong time, often at somelne who doesn’t deserve it.

  10. I am a very calm and peaceful person.I hate confrontations…I never have done it..always avoid..u have listed out various reasons but I don’t think I cud ever do this.

  11. These are some great points. It is common for us to confront people when we are angry but more often than not it serves as a detrimental decision.

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