10 Things Make Sure You Remind Yourself Every day! #BlogchatterA2Z

Life Is Ocean: Myriad Of Emotions – Today’s Emotion is ‘Remind’

Once in a while, you hit a blockade, and think what’s now. Reminding yourself about some of your own core beliefs and values can be a great place to start.

It gives you a chance to reflect on the past and the present while preparing for the future. Respectively, it allows you to mellow down your resentment, reduce your stress and optimize your motivation and inspiration to chase your dreams.

No one’s life is a bed of roses. We all have our own Ups and Downs in life. We break, we learn, we restart. Between that breaking point and standing back, we must remember certain things to remind ourselves of every day.

▶️ You are Enough

We often talk about three magical words that we want to hear for ourselves or tell someone we love the most. Let’s talk about the most powerful three words, ‘ I Am Enough.’ Isn’t it fills you with utmost confidence? And make stronger the people who look up to you.

You may often encounter the low moments; when you recall your accomplishments, you get all the strength to fight back. Do not forget to remind yourself you have stood back from all the down moments because you know you are enough for yourself.

“The only limits in our life are those we impose on ourselves.” ~ Bob ProctorThe Secret

▶️ Learn to control your spending

Once we learn to stop impulse spending and make it a natural part of who we are to realize that “less is more” and enjoy minimal living, life will feel a whole lot easier and 80% of the stress we have in life will be eliminated.

▶️ Curiosity to make things better

Let the flow of curiosity of ‘improving yourself‘ free in you. Make a habit to ask yourself in doing any task,

How can this be done better?”. “How can I finish this task in a more efficient way?”  “Can I create a new way of doing this?” “Can I come up with a better way that delivers the same or even a better result?”

▶️ Acknowledge when you need a break

To break the monotony, take a break. There will be those days when it’s probably better to do something entirely different. We all need some time to regroup and recharge; give yourself a creative break.

▶️ You are Unique

Each of us was made with unique abilities, and the world needs that. The world needs your touch, so to learn to embrace who you are. Embrace your uniqueness; it is your selling point. Don’t go seeking validation from elsewhere. Instead, look inside.

▶️ Don’t rush things

First, from now, when you are rushing for something, do not forget to ask yourself, “What’s the rush good for?” We are always going somewhere. And we rush the middle. But the funny thing is that the middle Is our life. Before rushing for office, don’t leave your breakfast, remember breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a healthy life.

▶️ Never neglect your goals for pleasing others, there is way for everyone

Calling all the Parents, especially women, to understand the crux of it, get some time for yourself. Do not ruin the original you in making the future of your offsprings. Which is indeed equally required. You have your own dreams and path to walk upon too. The passion that defines your happiness. Make sure it shouldn’t diminish in pleasing others. ” I am Happier that my husband has picked his passion again and started learning piano this year”

▶️ Your past doesn’t define you

Good or bad, whatever we did in the past, at present the only truth is that you don’t dwell there anymore. Over time, factors of survival are different, priorities have changed, and your potential has grown with your intellectual. Today’s you is the better version of yesterday’s you.

▶️ Everyone journey is different

Why waste your energy in comparing your journey to someone else? Enjoy your journey rather than comparing destinations.

▶️ That’s Ok if you don’t have all the information

Let me see ” Kuch miss na ho Jaye?” We are crazy to overburden ourselves with information. And super intellectual in joining the dots to jump on conclusions . Remind yourself, before reacting, you probably don’t have all the information and that’s perfectly Ok.

Is there anything I miss to mention that need to remind ourselves? Do share in comment box. I am all ears to listen to you!

We can have good days; we can have bad days. Both will come and go. What will sustain with us is our own definition to understand life.


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16 thoughts on “10 Things Make Sure You Remind Yourself Every day! #BlogchatterA2Z”

  1. Positive affirmations go a long way in making us feel good about ourselves. One cannot hope others to like them if they don’t enjoy their own company! I believe in being self-reliant and not trying to be a super-person.

  2. These are some wonderful takeaways. I can see, each one of them holds power in itself. Only if we keep on reminding ourselves of how we are capable of handling things alone, without rushing through them and we are unique, we will be able to accomplish a lot more in terms of productivity and mental peace. Another set of great pointers!!

  3. Important points. For me, what dawned late was the point about it being okay to take a break. I was always going overboard even at the expense of my health to please my bosses. In hindsight, I doubt I even cross their mind today

  4. Such amazing reminders.. I am enough and I am unique.. Yes I truly believe in them. But there are time when I rush but yes I should sit back and relax.. Everything happens in their own pace.

  5. I agree dear, due to social media and digital innovation in our life, we had a constant flow of information and many time, this thing create a state of “Kuch miss nahi ho jaye”. it is very important to put a break on this thought process, it could create more harm than good for our mental and overall wellbeing.

  6. These are some good reminder points. You are enough and you are unique are great boosters. And well said everyone’s journey is different and one needs to be content in own life.

  7. A very apt post. Control spending and acknowledge when you need a break is important for self happiness. Also i was reminded of don’t rush song.
    Lovely post
    Deepika Sharma

  8. you have mentioned the great points. We often forget ourselves and keep running the rat race. On me must take a break not only to re-energize but also to know where we do stand.

  9. You are enough!! I wish I could keep saying this to myself and accept it. Even at 57, I feel I haven’t achieved anything and I keep pushing myself. Very valid questions you have listed. You have all the information is never enough for me.

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