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“A gentleman can see a question from all sides without bias. A small man is biased and can see a question only from one side.” ~ Confucius

“Bias and impartiality are in the eyes of beholder.” ~ Samuel Johnson

Life Is Ocean : Myriad Of Emotions- Today’s Emotion is ‘Biased Behavior’

‘Biased Behavior’ can be found very easily anywhere, professionally and personally as well. It is something that no one accepts openly, forgetting that it is clearly visible merely by gesture; words have rarely given any role in this.

We must have been victimized by biased behavior at least once in our life may be at the workplace, or in-home, by relatives, parties, social media, WhatsApp groups, etcetera. Moreover, consciously or subconsciously, there is an equal possibility, we might have been shown biased behavior towards someone. Isn’t it?

There is nothing wrong with showing favoritism; wrongness starts when you follow the pattern to degrade someone, to bully someone. To discourage or just nullifying someone’s efforts.

In addition to that when you change the rules of the game with the changed people. As a boss or senior, you point out one person’s almost negligible mistake in no time and hibernate on the same mistake by your favorites. A positivity of favoritism fades away from that moment.

Is Being Biased Or Showing Favoritism Bad?

Absolutely nothing is bad in showing favoritism over the things you like, we are humans, and we can hold our likes and dislikes openly. It is somewhat natural to have some people to whom we may gravitate and others towards whom we may not gravitate. Teachers, bosses, and other people that judge things have favoritism.

A biased behavior does become destructive when we bring this inclination of favoritism into personal relationships or work. As a result, we become dumb, deaf, and blind from seeing the real virtues and efforts.

It is undeniable that this behavior puts a perpetual question mark on your ability of decision-making and authenticity to walk on the right side. This intangible damage may not seem a big loss for people as long as they are influential, powerful. Have a look at more damages that come along to biased behavior:

1). It promotes unhealthy competition and hatred

2). It encourages disrespect

3). It affects the motivation of group and individual as well

4). It damages the team spirit

5). It brings a major loss of long term relationship

Types Of Bias

▶️ Conscious Bias:

When a person is well aware of being biased towards a particular person or group. For instance, you prefer working with men more than women. Or you don’t like working with young people or those with a different color skin or culture. These are all dangerous stereotypes. The best thing is that people understand that biased behavior could cost them a lot in the modern workplace. Strict laws and policies exist to prevent prejudice based on race, age, gender, gender identity, physical abilities, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

▶️ Unconscious Bias:

This type of bias is carried out unconsciously. It describes situations where our background, personal experiences, societal stereotypes and cultural context can impact our decisions and actions without making us realize. Unconscious biases are everywhere. From the neighborhood that we choose, the close friends that we have, to the people we date. Types of unconscious bias.

To be very honest, there is no way to get rid of Bias. But, yes, we can quest the ways to tackle the Bias environment and reaffirm our presence in any social circle, formal or informal.

How To Tackle Biased Behavior At personal and Professional Level:

Some people who has been victim of biased behavior should focus on self-care and healthy coping skills. Some strategies that may help to tackle the situation up to high extent:

▶️ Maintain Neutral Attitude: At first, it is pronounced to get upset and dejected. However, it is always wise not to react in the vulnerable moment and go with the flow by maintaining a neutral attitude.

▶️Improve yourself: Work on the area you expect to get noticed but somewhere suppressed by conscious or unconscious biased elements.

▶️ Chose the way to Self Promote: Get a better window for the exposure of your quality work in intrapersonal and interpersonal groups. It’s simply If someone blocks your good work from one end, let’s dig for another wall to make another window.

▶️ Do A Good Research From Your Side: A wide research is a prime need to discuss or protest or any revolution in the desired direction. To attain that, you need to have a solid grip over every pros and cons or loophole or the possibility of a subject.

▶️ Find a mentor or Look For a favor: Get in touch with an experienced mentor who can guide you into this, to work on where you lack.

▶️ Stay Mindful: No matter how much negativity has been thrown at you, a mindful meditation will always help you align the soul and body. In other words, if I say a balance between the courage to express and patience in delivering your words.

Have you ever been the victim of biased behavior or favoritism or nepotism? Would you like to share what best way you found to deal with it?


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  2. What a thought-provoking post, Archana!! We tend to give up on our biased behaviour many times, intentionally or unintentionally. This is a nice reminder and a great initiative from your side to foster non-favouritism in society.

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