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Life Is Ocean : Myriads Of Emotions- Today’s Emotion is ‘Procrastination’


“Procrastination” is derived from the Latin word procrastinare’ which means deferred until tomorrow. It is the act of unnecessarily postponing decisions or actions. It is more than just voluntarily delaying. Often, People get confused between ‘Laziness and Procrastination. so before proceed to know the difference between the former and the latter.

Laziness is about not being willing to put in the work and energy needed to do something.

Whereas procrastination is about feeling unable to put in the work, despite really wanting to.

Most people couldn’t overcome procrastination because they assume it as a productivity problem , unaware of the reality that the real battleground is in their mind, not in the calendar.

Types Of Procrastination

1.) The Perfectionist: This Type of Procrastinator is phobic of being judged. According to famous Psychologist Neil Fiore, ” These people spend too much of their time at the initial level in finalizing the project, their components to bring the best results. They make sure that no end should leave untied; that could raise any question on their wisdom for which they do tremendous research. Most of the time, it doesn’t even require. With the result, they rush or probably fail to meet the deadline.” Eventually, they chose to avoid taking charge of the projects.

2.) The Imposter: An imposter procrastinator is clutched with the complex feeling; what if her/his shortcomings get revealed in public? To avoid that risk, they put off taking charge of the actions. More than getting engage in an action, they engage in thinking a lot like ” if I won’t be able to please my boss, or teacher or partner or anyone, especially in public. Fiore named this term “Learned Helplessness- A kind of depression.”

3.) The Lucky One: They get into the action only if they feel the pressure of work. They procrastinate till they become close to the deadline. If they are lucky enough to achieve the desired result, they receive all the accolades.

4.) The Overwhelmed: These kinds of procrastinators usually pile up themselves beyond their capacity. As a result, overburden makes them fail to chalk out the time management. This inability to bear the burden ends up keeping all the tasks on the back burner.

5). The Dread Filled: The procrastinators who fall under this category are close to impossible to motivate. The reason they couldn’t connect with the thing they are supposed to do; they may find it boring or out of their interest. Which raises the obvious possibility of avoiding the actions.

Strategies To Beat Procrastination

We can not mark the victory over procrastination overnight. It’s a habit that may take few tips to practice to bring the sure-shot result in changing our mindset.

▶️ Discern Your Procrastination: Acknowledge! Acknowledge! Acknowledge! Do I need to say that identifying and accepting the problem is the first step towards the solution? In the same way, begin with admitting that procrastination is messing you and your day.

▶️ Jot Down The reasons For Procrastination: Ask yourself few things:

➡️ Check what you have done the whole day? What you achieve in the ned after doing that?

➡️ Is there any job, having utmost importance, but you keep deferring it for long?

➡️ Do you spend most of the time doing for others rather than contributing to your growth?

➡️Have you ever track your frequency of text messages? Is this really important to be active on all social media?

➡️ Your accomplishment of the job depends on your mood or your determination?

Check under which type of procrastination category you fall. You may get the gist of all the corners you are surround yourself with.

▶️ Get ready your To-Do List: Time to plan a course of action. Scan your list, segregating the tasks between important and urgent tasks. For better understanding, Eisenhower’s Matrix can help you in this.

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▶️ Schedule your Important activity for the right time of the day: Everyone has a different ‘UP’ time. Some are morning people, and some are night people. They know when they feel fresher, use that hour for your lengthy task or the task that required most of your focus.

▶️ Set the time limit of every task: This time limit refers to goals. If you genuinely looking to achieve something, you need to set goals. If you find it tough to take a high stride, go for small chunks of goals. These also help to keep track of your focus and direction.


Consequences Of Procrastination

Hanging out in procrastination may give you relaxation for a short time. Unfortunately, it damages your image and your willingness to perform in both the places personally and professionally in the long term. It can limit your potential and sabotage your growth. In addition to that, procrastination can derange your morale even lead to depression. Hence it becomes imperative to recognize it and use all the measures to get rid of this habit before it offers long-term, incurable damage to one’s personality.

I am on the mission of removing procrastination from my life this year! Also, started trying all my best to bring my schedule on track; how about you?


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36 thoughts on “Procrastination: More About Emotion Not Time #BlogchatterA2Z”

  1. Wow i never knew there are so many type of procarsinators .I am one of that lucky one ,I procrastinate till they become close to the deadline. I need to change this now . Learning slowly

  2. Excellent thoughts. I do procrastinate and trying to figure out my category from your post;)
    You have made things clear that procrastination is not about lack of time and now I think it’s right!

  3. Wow, I didn’t know that there were types of procrastination too. It is often confused with laziness but the emotional reasons for it are indeed quite different. An interesting post this is!

  4. I think I am the lucky one and I think in the matrix we should always be in second quadrant someone who does important things but doesn’t make it urgent. Plan people.. If you fail to plan you are planning to fail in life.

  5. I could relate the first two kinds of procrastinators with myself in the past. I used to strive for perfection and consequently landing nowhere. It took me a long time to understand that getting “somewhere” is more important. I am still working on the complex feeling, you talked about. Another very helpful post!!

  6. I am hiding my face here because I fall under this dreaded category. I think I will lie between points 3and 4. Unless there is pressure I find it difficult to perform and there is a feeling of overwhelming as well. Very well written.

  7. I am totally opposite, and I feel sometimes it’s not good, but I loved the types of procrastination you have shared!!

  8. I am also on harjeet’s side and I always plan my all projects and even household duties well in advance. finishing things ahead give me so much happiness and satisfaction. your post was so good dear and you had shared all useful pointers to best procrastination.

  9. Procrastination is not laziness agree completely. And wow there are so many types of procrastination, never knew it. Thank you for sharing strategies to beat procrastination.

  10. That is one detailed post about procrastination. We all tend to fall into this phase specially when we are writing our own blogs. Eisenhower Matrix is sure interesting. And i absolutely loved your take on consequences of procrastination.
    Deepika Sharma

  11. Thankfully I am not a procrastinator. I am the opposite….I will finish it before time. Sometimes this too is lots of pressure. But this A@Z I am trying to slow down.

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