How To Identify Non-Assertive Behavior? #BlogchatterA2Z

Life Is Motion: Myriad Of Emotion – Today’s emotion is ‘Non-Assertive Behavior’

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In childhood, parents make us learn to say YES. By the age when we enter professional life, we expose to the larger group. Eventually, we realize it takes more wisdom and potential to learn ‘Saying No.’

One. of the most significant things that I have learned and still learning to understand the value of self-existence, the value of my rights to Say Yes or No. Over the period of time, I have succeeded in detaching the tag of non-assertiveness from myself.

What is Non- Assertive Behavior:

A non-assertive person honors the other person’s rights but doesn’t honor his own rights. Whereas an aggressive person honors his own rights, encroaching the other person’s rights. Opposite to that, an assertive person honors his own rights while honoring the other person’s rights.

Nonassertive People is usually emotionally dishonest, indirect, inhibited, and self-denying towards their own existence

Nonassertive persons often let other people choose for them and end up feeling disappointed in themselves and angry with them; at best, they can be described as passive, at worst as a doormat. People often choose nonassertive behavior to avoid unpleasant situations, tension, conflict, and confrontation.

Features Of Non-Assertive Person’s Behavior:

▶️ Silence – These people always fear expressing their views or objections, despite knowing they are getting used by someone.

▶️ Inconsiderate : Ok with disrespectful behavior and never complain for it.

▶️ King Of compromises:  They agree on almost, everyones’s views, even if it is against to their interests, needs or wishes.

▶️ Put their feelings into Shell: Keep their own opinions at the peak of ignorance. Or can we say in the old trunk?

▶️ Always has ‘YES’: Their only aim is not to inconvenience other people. So always please people with their Yes, irrespective to their stamina and need.

▶️ Has difficulty making eye contact: Non assertive people has fearful facial expression in fact looks afraid, or snugged.

▶️ Speaks Less, listen More: They nod in all the agreements rather to understand or participate in conversation.

Non-Assertive Body Language:

▶️ Lack of eye contact looks down or away.

▶️ Swaying and shifting of weight from one foot to the other.

▶️ Whining and hesitancy when speaking.

Reasons Of Non-Assertive Behavior:

▶️ Fear Of Other Person’s Anger: The non-assertive person may have experienced raging behavior from a parental figure or guardian during childhood. They grew up escaping all the best possible ways that can make someone angry at them.

▶️ Fear Of Condemnation: They do not take risks to disappoint anyone. They choose to suppress their action, their words.

3. Classic People Pleaser: These souls work hard to please everyone around at the cost of sacrificing their own needs.

4. Low Self Esteem: They are deaf and dumb towards their fundamental rights to be assertive.

Steps Towards Shifting Non-Assertive To Assertive : Learn to Say NO

✅ Ask yourself, “Is the request reasonable?” Hedging, hesitating, feeling cornered, and nervousness or tightness in your body are all clues that you want to say NO or that you need more information before deciding to answer.

✅ Uphold your right to ask for more information and for clarification before say YES.

✅ Consider and compare all the factors around you and the task before going for it. If you don’t find the plan feasible, say NO politely..

✅ One of the most important pointer learn to say NO without saying, “I’m sorry, but…”

Learning to be assertive is a gradual process. You begin with the realization that you have the right to be assertive. 

Have you ever found yourself under this category? How did you save yourself from being ignorant towards your own self? Do share in the comment box; it might help someone else who is struggling to come out of this zone.


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8 thoughts on “How To Identify Non-Assertive Behavior? #BlogchatterA2Z”

  1. A very apt post
    Learning to say no without having to say sorry is so important. Even though i am not as non assertive as to have someone walk all over me, but i identify with a lot of what u wrote. Need to apply your tips
    Well written
    Deepika Sharma

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