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Life Is Ocean: Myriad Of Emotion- Today’s emotion ‘Let Go’

“If you want to fly on the sky, you need to leave the earth. If you want to move forward, you need to let go of the past that drags you down.” ~ Amit Ray, World Peace: The Voice Of A Mountain Bird.

“Sometimes letting go is simply changing the labels you place on an event. Looking at the same event with fresh eyes.” ~ Steve Maraboli

In the series of Myriad of emotions, I am trying to bring all the emotions; in the most practical way instead of theoretical; that we go through in our life, maybe as a kid, as a grown-up, as a professional, as a homemaker, or as a girl boy. At every stage of life, we certainly have a different set of the capability to deal with it.

Time flies, and we left our past way behind, going through numerous trials and tribulations; we make mistakes, learn, and move on. Still, there are few things we refused to move on to and later find ourselves trapped in the past.

Shake off!! Time to Let Go; Yeah! It sounds simple yet feels so hard. We know it, we read it, more are the chances to get trapped into. It won’t be false if I say learning the process of Let go is indeed an Art rare mastered in it. It demands a high level of dedication and determination. Moreover, one needs to fall in love with herself/himself first.

Let go means to release our fixation on the things that drag us to the world of regret and blame. We have to strengthen our faith that we’ll get what we need to survive in this world, even with the happier version.

Aspects Of Letting go of something

Reasons Someone Can’t Let Go Of Past :

▶️ Negligence In childhood: Children who face huge pain of detachments over the years with their parents or caretakers or friends intended to hold the pain longer or probably forever. In addition to that, the bitter memories of their ugly past they victimized in the form of abuse, they can’t get over it easily.

▶️ Fear Of Failure: There are people who are literally terrified of failing at anything, and relationships are just one piece of the puzzle. They give their all to whatever they pursue, and can’t face that their efforts might not bear out in something as important as a love relationship.

▶️ You Choose Loneliness: Put simply, one of the main reasons you’re not letting go of a past relationship is because you’re lonely right now and in no mood to engage socially or personally anytime sooner.

▶️ Ruminating-Regrets and wheel spinning: You continuously replay the bitter experiences, spend the whole day regretting something you did in the past, and try to connect every possible present and the future incident with the gone wrong ones.

▶️ Addicted To Getting Benefits Of Having Grievances: Holding disputes allows you to feel sorry for yourself and gain others’ attention for what has happened to you.

▶️ Your Rigidity: You have prepared a set of minds of not moving on in life. Or you think forgiving and forgetting someone shows your vulnerability.

Tips To Letting Go:

Whether you have experienced a breakup, or the tragic death of loved ones, or a streak of bad luck, some places, people, or the things mainstays you through the same rough path of the past. Following are the tips to let go of the past and move on.

▶️ Build A Teflon Mind: Teflon Mind is developing the ability to allow experiences, feelings, and thoughts to come into your mind and slip right out. There is nothing wrong with loving someone or something. The problem arises when you get too attached, and the fear of loss stops you enjoy them in the present. The British-Australian Buddhist monk advises that the best way to let go of something that hurts is not to let it stick first. 

▶️ Learn To Forgive Yourself: Failed in relationships? betrayed by reliable ones? Did mistake? Fine, it already happened and opened your eyes wide. Accept the mistake ‘ Fine I did, everyone does’. You did only because that was the best you could do at that time. Ask yourself ‘ Are these mistakes, my final destination?’ or I have a choice to make it better? Let’s make it better!

▶️ Pray and Meditate: I don’t think I need to explain more on this; we all experience the healing power that occurred from mindful meditation and prayer from the true heart. Prayer helps accept the things you cannot change and the hardships you are facing as God’s will.

▶️ Focus On The Present: Kalidasa says “Yesterday is but a dreamTomorrow is only a visionBut today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope.”  So consider each day to be full of endless possibilities and appreciate fully the moments that come in your way.

▶️ Toss ’em In A Box: Go typical craft way to let go the bitter past. Take a box, put all the stuffs that holds you down from moving forward into it. Keep it out of sight till you overcome your anxiety of attachment.

▶️ Look Out The Way Of Making New Memories: Reciprocate your efforts by sitting and talking to those who care for you, wish the best for you. Plan outing, click pics with nature, pets, friends, and family who accompany you.

Rest of the tips we have already discussed many times that has guaranteed results like pen down what you feel, be volunteer, nature love etc.

Hence, following are the few tips and understand the real root, you will realize that it is not that tough to let go of all the things that hold you back in negativity. Do you find any helpful tips here? Do share if you know more tips for healing the hurt souls.

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36 thoughts on “Learn How To Let Go Of The Past! #BlogchatterA2Z”

  1. I read about Teflon Mind earlier also. Letting go is difficult so we have to train our brain to learn to let it go. Just like Teflon, a substance which creates a non-stick surface when applied to various materials, same what we need to apply it to our mind to let go negative thoughts. 🙂

  2. You said it beautifully.. Make new memories… Live in present and the most important of all for me is acceptance. Accept the way things are, do not over do anything, holding on something can just give you pain nothing else.

  3. An insightful post indeed. We must let go of the bad experiences of the past if we want to live the present thoroughly. Can we hold good past, Archana? #justasking

  4. Build a teflon mind is a new concept to me dear. I will explore about it more for sure. I agree it is easy to say than done. we all had that kind of time in our life, when past memories and experiences affect our present life. but dealing them with positivity is something that could make a major difference. your suggestions are so wonderful.

  5. Some very practical pointers and a lot of helpful takeaways from your post, today. All the reasons and tips make perfect sense and are so relatable!! We all certainly need to let go of the past if we really want to make the best out of our present and future.

  6. Such an insightful post. Letting go can be and is absolutely a very difficult thing to do. I like Toss ’em In A Box option . Will try this one

  7. Personally it has taken me a while dear to inculcate the habit of letting go though honesty I still find it so difficult as times, your tips are power packed

  8. Letting go can be and is absolutely a very difficult thing to do. Teflon mind is something new i learnt here today certainly holds merit if one is able to not let things stick. I strongly believe in this too shall pass… Both good and bad and that helps me with letting go. Your way of writing about sensitive topics is so involved that its easy to connect.
    Deepika Sharma

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