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Life Is Ocean: Myriad Of Emotions – Today’s Emotion ‘Meeting’

Life is an ocean, and in this ocean, sailing through the myriad of emotions, we come across several people. Some of them connect personally, with some professionally, and of course, we get connected emotionally with some. Invariably, we get to learn from them some outstanding, good, bad things or bitter things. Isn’t it?

Meeting different people enriches us experience-wise. If we see at the broader note, we meet only 3 types of people in our lives, i.e., positive type people, negative type people, and neutral people. Let’s have a look at the subcategories of these three main categories of people.

10 Kinds Of People We Meet In Life

▶️ The Patron: A person who always ready to support you in public and private both, doesn’t pay heed to what people are talking about you on your behind. Motivate you at every turn. Every person wishes to have at least one such person to have in his/her life, but very few are blessed with.

▶️ Hang Around: These are the people who don’t come under your close circle, have a positive impact on your life. However, you usually have a surface conversation on the topics like politics, economics, etc. Colleagues, neighbors come in this section.

▶️ The Oldest Buddy: We must have connected at least one of our buddies whom we know from Elementary School to High School to College. Both might have choosen different streams, had different views on every subject. possibly belong to different group of friends but deep down you both know each other so well, stand by each other like siblings.

▶️ Trustworthy people: You both might not share a personal connection, but somewhere you are amused by their honesty, integrity, and dedication towards work. You can consider them as a good business partner in the future.

▶️ Gossip Lovers: On your face, everything seems perfectly OK; the venomous behavior comes into the picture as soon as you turn away, the gossip starts. These people are quite dangerous for your mental health. Most of the time they devote to creating a conflict between you and your other friends.

▶️ Jealous Soul: Strangers never have jealousy; these jealous souls could be from your close or formal friend circle or Most of the time, they are from a professional group. They become restless as soon as they come to know about your growth. They never take the effort to applaud you.

▶️ Bossy Attitude: They are the ones who shower in self-appreciation and the huge ego. They possess a bureaucratic approach, making the decisions at all times, and want everyone else to follow. They don’t miss the opportunity of wearing the crown of other’s achievements.

▶️ Pretend Friend: I truly believe in the sentence ‘You do not need enemy if you have pretended friend by your side.’ The most harmful person you could have is a friend with a hidden face and agenda. Standing by your side, he/she prays for your defeat. Who cannot see your growth or doesn’t cheer on your winning?

▶️ Go With The Flow People: They don’t have their own mind, easily influenced by the ongoing trends or what their friends are into right now. But they don’t come out from the crowd; in fact, they make sure they shouldn’t leave out from the crowd.

▶️ People with Mix of features: These are the people who have a mix of qualities, some of negative and few from the positive people category.

We do meet many people in our life, but it is completely up to us to whom we chose to stick by in life or whom we maintain a distance. Ultimately these relations directly affects to the sanity of our life.

How many types of people above you have me yet? What they make you learn? Do share in the comment box.

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43 thoughts on “10 Kinds Of People We Meet In Life! #BlogchatterA2Z”

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  2. I have met all kind of people listed above and i gree it js completely up to us to whom we chose to stick by in life or whom we maintain a distance.

  3. So true! I like when I meet different people. It helps me to gain clarity on what type of people I like. I maintain the distance if I’m not liking someone’s behavior. I like people with honest attitudes and show kindness to others too. I am a person with a positive attitude so, I always try to look for positive traits in others.

  4. Agree that we meet many kind of people in our lives but never categorised them. Good thing in categories is that they help us distinguish between the good and the bad.

  5. Wow!! Never thought of these categories. But meeting different kinds of people during our life journey indeed enriches our life experience. Either we get attached to them for a lifetime or we learn a lesson. isn’t it?

  6. So true, we really meet such people every day in our lives and we know as well. Loved the way you have categorized them.

  7. Oh wow, we meet so many types of people in life. Everyone teaches us something and leaves his/ her mark in own way. Go with the flow, and mix featured people, seem to be always welcoming for interactions.

  8. Yes agree dear we met many kinds of people in our day to day life and each one has their own personality and may affect us in various manner. having a trustworthy friend is nothing less than a treasure in today’s fast paced world. this is something that could give us inner happiness.

  9. This is an interesting list. We need every one of these kinds in our life in different phases and for different reasons. Where old buddies have our back, pretend friends open our eyes to teach us deceit. And some harmless gossip never hurt anyone!

  10. I have met all ten kinds of people. There are mere of negative and jealous people in my life. But my oldest buddy is the best. Know her since Kindergarten. Lost touch and met after 35 years as if they never happened.

  11. Too right all kinds of people make up our lives. I remembered the ad har ek friend jaroori hota hai.
    Also i liked the point about jealous people. Strangers are never jealous thay have to be fro your close group.
    Loved reading this
    Deepika Sharma

  12. You have perfectly summarised all the kinds of people we are likely to meet in our lifetime. After reading your post I am mentally slotting all the people I know into the categories you mentioned.

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