‘Social Media Addiction’ CHANGES That Debunked The Myth In Pandemic #MyFriendAlexa Post -4

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This is my fourth post for the campaign #MyFriendAlexa hosted by Blogchatter.

Social Media Involvement In Initial Days Of Pandemic

During Pandemic, the only relief we get, i.e., Internet services. Especially when we were confined to our homes, with limited work to do, if anything that remained unaffected with the deadly virus, undoubtedly our love for social media. For a social media addicted person like me, it was no less than a boon.

We spent all day surfing others’ activity; girls participated in many challenges, including me(though I still could not figure out the challenge of wearing a saree for Indian women, having a couple pic, or pic with kids, and so on), and here comes a long debate between girls why did you not tag me for this and this challenge? Why you did not comment on my pics when I can see your comment on others’ next post. Gosh!! Indeed kiddish! Of lately, it all became a useless addiction, which gradually starts affecting your mental health more than physical health.

Over the time, I, too, had become addicted to my phone and social media. It hardly took me seconds to lost in the world of social media groups. Apart from pics posts and challenges, I started devoting more hours to watching videos of recipes, workouts, DIYs, kindle reading, and the list is endless.

Alarming Sign and Reason for Social Media Addiction:

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My addiction got notice primarily when I started lagging behind in my work commitments. Secondly, when health issues, neck and back pain, headache, vision, etc., knocked me down. And rest job made by my major decision to switch from Tv to phone and from hard book to kindle.

This alarming sign compelled me to restructure my day-routine in lockdown to lead a better, fruitful, meaningful, healthy lifestyle.

How I Replace My Addiction By My Disciplinary Rules:

Most importantly started practicing yoga to get rid of my health issues.

  1. I strictly adhere to the time for social media. I log in to my social accounts after lunch only, i.e., post 2:00pm and 10pm in the evening.
  2. Turn off the notification of all apps, including WhatsApp, on my mobile except my Fitbit watch.
  3. Started keeping limited apps on my mobile as a blogger quite difficult sometimes. Still, I have decided to open maximum apps for posting my content or read content on my laptop only.
  4. To remind me about my time on screen, I have set a permanent timer to track my activities throughout the day.
  5. I developed hobbies that do not involve screen activities like reading books, playing badminton, playing cards with kids, go out for a walk, of course, with all the precautionary measures in the COVID season.
  6. I limit my group numbers on social media accounts, which auto filtered highlights on my timeline, no need to have updates of every nook and corner.

By the little change in my daily routine, I successfully debunked by two myths that Social media addiction can not be controlled and I can not live without having SMs apps on my mobile; trust me, this positive change has brought me to a much better place in both terms mentally and physically.

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12 thoughts on “‘Social Media Addiction’ CHANGES That Debunked The Myth In Pandemic #MyFriendAlexa Post -4”

  1. During the lockdown many of us got totally consumed in different social media platforms, YouTube video, Netflix and Kindle reading. I was busy with my newborn so I am some how saved but my husband is in the same trap. Despite his sleep pattern got disturbed, he still is in habit of watching online content. It is good that you took right steps at the right time.

  2. I cannot agree more with you. It is addiction for me as well, I am trying to minimise my screen time to avoid it’s adverse effects on my health. #MyFriendAlexa #DelhibloggerPreetiReads

  3. Pretty interesting and am sure the routine that you have outlined and you followed would surely help others too. We need to have a social media detox sometimes. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. It’s great that you caught it in time before any major health issues and were able to control the time you spend on social media. Take care!

  5. Yes Archana Social Media Addiction can become a pain in the neck if not reduced. You have explained it well we need to put the brakes to maintain our family and society balance

  6. Having a time limit does help, but it’s really tough to implement it. Requires a lot of self control. I do have turned off notifications for quite a few apps, but still I keep a track of them.

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