Magic Tree House World at War. 1944 By Mary Pope Osborne #BookReview

Magic Tree House is an American series of children’s books written by an American author Mary Pope Osborne, illustrated by Sal Murdocca.


Europe mostly is in peril as the magical tree house transports Jack and Annie back to World War II, It’s June 1944, and the brother-sister duo has to try their best to break a code that several people’s lives depend on. But as we all know this is warfare and anything can go wrong, one wrong move and they are done for, Are Jack and Annie simply at the wrong place at the wrong time, or will they brave the odds and save the countless individuals before the D-Day Invasion. They have no idea, but they must try.  

I loved how it incorporates real-life history into its plot so that as you are watching Jack and Annie cope with their troubles you are also learning about facts about World War II 
I also liked how it keeps you at the edge of your seat the whole time and I love how its illustration, as well as its descriptive language, let you have a good view in your mind of what is happening! 
Finally, the last, but not the least reason is its engaging plot it and it just has that “grip factor” so that when you wish that u should have read it more slowly. For me, this signifies a good book! 

I did not find any misses at all this book was a genuinely good read. 

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Final Verdict. 
I would most definitely recommend this book; it has everything an enjoyable book needs language style, grip factor, and most importantly a delightful story overall! This book is the perfect read for the age group 7-10 years.  I give it a 5/5.

you can buy the book on Amazon.

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