“Reality Check Of Relations” CHANGES That Debunked The Myth in Pandemic – Post-1 #MyFriendAlexa

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Hola My Readers!

Happy October!

Welcome to my very first post of #MyFriendAlexa 2020. This year I have already written about various aspects of Pandemic affects. Here bringing down the changes that have debunked many myths we held in our mind from ages on the name of social influence.

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Reality Check Of Relations

Bridging The Relations

The way Coronavirus roamed around the world by spreading and shrunken its wings at various locations. Instead, I should say through the phase from the Lockdown to unlock, I observed drastic changes in the diametre of human relations he made at the different stages of life also took turns. Let me take you a little deeper…

In the initial days month of March or April 2020, when people were just started to experience lockdown and coronavirus. House arrest becomes a lifestyle. With a handful of free time, we spent many hours calling our near and dear, close and far ones by Zoom meeting/texting/calling, etc. just to know about their well-being in the corona season; surprisingly, talked with someone very first time, but undoubtedly it was surreal.

Being extremely busy with our routines, sometimes we overlook the importance of personal talking to loved ones rather than texting in a group for general reasons.

Corona Debunked The Myth

As speedily unlock approaches after lockdown, we all started to get back to our works, gradually believing we have well spent our last 3-4 months in bridging the loose and lost ends of relations in and out of the city/country.

Here comes the reality check of bonds that I felt I made strong around me platter me much different taste during testing time. Some, of course, touched my heart to the core, and some opened my eyes for life, somewhere I patted my back for never considering them to the list of my loved ones. Adding to this for some, I thought that maybe Corona has made us learned many things like its good to take the “Haal Chaal” of everyone’s sometimes believing relations matters.

Sharing one of the small incidents that I had witnessed in recent months, which made me realize that not every people; we assume close is close to you in real, nor every group that I believed that belong to me have weight in their own name (So-called Whatsapp group’s with trendy names). Not to forget these tough times also helps you to identify the dearest and pure relations of your life.

This Ganpati Festival, I lost the eldest person of my family in India as per the ritual, unlike every year, we did not bring Ganpati to our home this year. To mention this, every year, we used to have a Ganpati celebration at my house; we all friends exchange images of our decorated Ganpati Idol in various groups for darshan. This year when the world was showering in the celebration, my family was mourning over the loss of one of my family members, sitting miles away from the whole family was another pain that was breaking us apart.

Noticing my absence from the group conversations for few days, especially on one of my favorite festivals, i.e., Ganpati Mahotsav, some genuine loving souls of my friends and friends cum family from around the world tried to enquire on me. Little did they know they checked on me in a voice of worry more than any excitement about Ganpati preparation, which has usually become the trend of every year, like doing Aarti and Darshan, on the last day emission of the Ganpati idol having refreshment together.

Whereas, in some places, my absence hardly matters. People who claimed to be very close to me for years, direct or indirect, chat for long hours after watching the USA conditions in media in terms of COVID 19 cases barely noticed my silence, paying condolences was far away even after knowing the tragic incident. This came as another reality check to me.

How come my absence didn’t affect them? Why they were calling me every week when they don’t have the etiquette to express a single word of condolence? Were they really worried about raising corona cases in the USA or they were just passing the time? We keep repeating the sentence “We are all together in this” Are we?

These questions got all my mind, but this minimal incident debunked my myth that texting, calling, zooming can not build the relationships. Real relations do not wait for lockdown or any crisis to check on you. It can feel your absence, emphasize your pain without uttering a word, without regular calls. Invest your time in preserving these priceless people in your life. This Pandemic taught us many lessons one is for sure-:

1). Do not fall for big groups, (keeping professionalism groups aside here) make your presence valuable in genuine group only.

2). Do not rush to catch all the glimpses of the world; make your world’s glimpses beautiful by the worthy people.

3). You can not be on the good-list of everyone; accept the fact. Understand the mantra of living happily. Invest your time and energy wisely.

4). Be ready to help everyone, be genuine to everyone, every experience counts learn from it, and move on.

5). Group activity is good, but it is up to you to decide ‘How much’ and ‘With whom’ you should get into. Taking selfies with friends rejoice us but making memories with true friends energize us.

6). Think about it once, Big group’s may move, and grooves can enlighten the party hall. Real relations illuminate life.

These small incidents in Pandemic once again strengthen my belief in “Quality Over Quantity“.

Stay Tuned for the next CHANGE that debunked another myth.

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75 thoughts on ““Reality Check Of Relations” CHANGES That Debunked The Myth in Pandemic – Post-1 #MyFriendAlexa”

  1. The pandemic has made us stop and re-evaluate every aspects of our lives. Lots of losses and changes later here we’re at the crossroads of the new normal. Thank you for this wonderful write up!

  2. I can relate to your post as I have observed it too. Corona and pandemic have taught us many lessons and relationships and their values are surely one of them.

  3. This pandemic certainly taught us a lot, be it relations, connections, or lifestyle. A thoughtful post with good pointers. It came as a time for a reality check on who matters and how much. Zoom calls and what’s app brought many people near and we found who matters and how much. This lockdown gave us the much-needed pause in life. We were anxious in the beginning but slowly we adjusted ourselves with all the learnings.

  4. Archu, loved the post. Saying “NO” is sometimes the most difficult thing to do. But a lot of problem can be solved by this word. This applies to relationships as well. Hence, your post is very detailed and focuses on saving one’s energy.

  5. Sorry for your loss. You are right, the pandemic has brought about the best and worst in people. It has been a time to get our priorities right.

  6. I lost 9 people to sudden no Covid deaths, within a span of 45 days. It just broke me completely. And I experienced all that you shared here.
    This Pandemic has surely been an eye-opener, in more ways than one. So glad you wrote this.

  7. Wasting energy on relationships that doesn’t require should be absolutely avoided. Love the tips and details

  8. Totally agree on quality over quantity. For me this pandemic led to spending loads of quality time with my kids! No office, no travel meant that I could be with my kids much more than ever. Of course, I don’t know how they will react when offices open! Another good thing like you noted was connecting with extended family over zoom etc.

  9. Pandemic has made us think on other perspectives of life. I am really sorry for your loss and how pandemic made you realise that few relations are just for short span of time. Few people who did not ping you or check on you can also be undergoing any crisis situation and were unable to keep tap on friends. Completely agree that large groups cannot make the connect as small groups do. Have quality friends is the mantra I too follow.

  10. Very well articulated. A thoughtful post. Yes, these testing times show us the real picture and bring out the best or worst in us. I’m glad you found your silence and patience while reality glowed in it’s full glory x

  11. COVID definitely have taught us so many things about relationship and more over this has made us more stronger both mentally and physically.

  12. Sorry for the loss dear… This year is not treated well to all of us. Many of the known and unknown persons lost their lives. Yes! True. This time read many lessons about relationships. A reality check is very important.

  13. Coronavirus has reintroduced us to the world we knew as kids, where real people and relations mattered more than anything else. I’m glad we know our priorities now.

  14. So true we often falter about things that shine on the outer surface but there is no dept in such relations. Pandemic on second thoughts has given us the chance to pause and think where we were heading to.

  15. This pandemic has been a wake up call for most of us. We have learnt the value of relationships and that of little things we are blessed with. I really like the points you have shared here.

  16. This time really taught us the value of relationship and something we should never take for granted is the love and care we get from every relation!!

  17. Well said Archana. This pandemic has been a reality check by helping us understand and analyse all our relationships. People whom we thought are close are the ones who stayed away in times of need. My condolences to you on loosing your loved one and I am sorry you had to undergo the absence of people whom you thought were real and close. Nevertheless, I always believe that ‘in life whatever happens, happens for good.’

  18. You are right. True relationships are the ones that survive the test of distance and time. And it hurts when people whom you count in your inner circle don’t feel that way about you. And it is better to have a group of small but dedicated friends than a large group. A beautiful message…one that might take some a lot of time to realize.

  19. Corona has really rocked all our lives. Yours more than many. This is such an eye opening article . Heart wrenching words

  20. We are surrounded by lot of fake people and we get to know only during the time of crisis. I think having 2 genuine friend is better than 20 fake ones. Very emotional post.. Loved it.

  21. I agree with you completely, there have been many “close” people who haven’t bothered to check on my family or me. Pandemic taught me a lot about personal relationships. Brilliant post! Thank you for this one!

  22. “You can not be on the good-list of everyone; accept the fact. Understand the mantra of living happily. Invest your time and energy wisely.” I think this point sums up adulting and adult relationships completely! I absolutely agree with you!

  23. Rightly said. Lockdown was actually a time to realize who we are and how healthy our relationships are. I am sorry to know about the loss of person in your family. It must have been tougher during the lockdown.

  24. Nupur Netan Sachdeva

    I guess any crises makes us introspect a lot, and I do agree that as this crisis has evolved, we are all discovering different aspects of it. I can relate to your disillusionment with some people. Even I’ve realised who is important and who is “social” during these timEs.

  25. Dr Bushra allaboutthewoman

    Agree this period has made us realise the importance of true relationship. #MyFriendAlexa #dewreads

  26. Such a timely post, Archana. True, the pandemic has taught us how nothing matters above the warmth of relations. Checking on everyone often is what even I’m doing now. And I’m so sorry for your loss dear.

  27. This post brought back so many emotions that resonated with me during pandemic & i have a deeper sense of value for people & things that are truly special for me , though they are only few& i have come to count my privileges thousands time more. And the fact how less we actually need to be happy. Beautiful post.

  28. Very heart-touching post, Archana. I know how it feels when you are miles away and you loose someone close. But hard times only make you realise who really think about you and care for you. Well – chosen theme

  29. Thats so true. Coronavirus situation has been an eye opener in many terms not only social and personal relationships. Hope we all learn the lessons this pandemic is meant to teach us.

  30. I totally agree with you Archana.
    This lockdown due to pandemic has brought many changes in our lives.
    One good thing is we got to spend some quality time with our loved ones.
    Good post. Look forward to read more from you.

  31. That’s quite a powerful way to look at it – quality over quantity. I think it also helps in saving energy and spending it in more worthwhile pursuits.

  32. Sorry for your loss archana. our condolences.
    sorry to read about your experiences, sadly, as you have rightly pointed out, corona has been a year of lessons and opening our eyes to a lot of realities!
    Your tips are very good pointers to keep in mind now when interacting with people and building strong relationships.

  33. You hit the nail on head when you said “Quality over Quantity”. In technological age, even though we are just a tap away, most of our hearts are miles away from each other!

  34. Condolences on the loss of a loved one. It can be devastating especially staying faraway and unable to be there at times like this.
    Corona has come as a reality check for us all with respect to our food habits, relationships, friends and the way we use social media.
    Follow a balanced path in everything is my mantra.

  35. This was a reality check indeed, Archana. Some genuinely care for you even if you’re not in touch on daily basis, while some call daily and still disappear in the times of crisis.

  36. Agree with you and IN this corona situation my hubby made his relative group and I am surprise to know how badly their all want to connect and know how’s everyone.
    yes, big group does not always sound great. Connect to those who want to be connected.

  37. Agree totally with every word u penned. Methinks we should go back and bring back our traditional values, food habits and this would lead to building closer bonds..Mantra, as u said, should be Holistic upheaval.

  38. Yes, even i got to know that staying at home isn’t that bad. we have stayed in for almost 6 months now. barely getting out to malls and stuff. everyones busy with their own things so barely any calls either.

  39. Asking about “Haal Chaal” is something I follow in non-corona days as well. I strongly feel that if we are concerned about someone then we should not wait for that person to contact you.

    I agree,during this pandemic time, we have seen the true colors of people. We re-evaluates our priorities and learned many lessons in terms of where to invest of time and energy.

    Liked the theme. I am sure many will relate to it.

  40. Such a thoughtful post dear. And I agree with all pointers you had shared here. And also believe in the mantra of quality over quantity. With power of digital medium, we have an ability to connect with many people with ease. But at the end only meaning ful realtionship matter most in the life.

  41. Sorry for your loss, Archana. This post resonates with me completely as sitting miles away from my family and losing my loved ones recently, I feel exactly the same way. You have voiced my thoughts on noticing the absence and to be very honest, I understood the real picture of the so called friends who keep talking about reaching out to people and check on their mental health but do not walk the talk when needed.

  42. This is such a reality check and so beautifully penned. Looking forward to more of these pearls of wisdom 😊

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