” Choose Ideal Wisely” #Celebrity Fandom CHANGES That Debunked The Myth In Pandemic #MyFriendAlexa -Post 2

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This year for the campaign #MyFriendAlexa organized by the Blogchatter I will be talking about a few changes that I have witnessed during the Pandemic, remember these are the changes that debunked my myths about certain things for certain reasons in Pandemic, not due to Pandemic. This is my second post for the campaign on the ‘Choose Ideal Wisely’.

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Celebrity Fandom:

Another Change that we witnessed during this Pandemic that debunked my myth about ‘Celebrity Fandom”.

I am sure many of you have grown up watching your ideal from Movies/Sports/Politics/Arts. Celebrity craze is no new for anyone; in the lunacy of fandom, we do every possible thing to get a glimpse of our favorite ones, be it on the silver screen, live performances, selfies, or any other way.

1. We idealize the character from some particular movies and become fans of certain actors; we start admiring their tinniest activity and follow them insanely on every social media.

2. We spend a huge amount of our hard-earned money to watch them on-screen and make them famous and wealthy.

3. We enjoy their live concert like any other crazy fan, strange at the concert, we are ready to pay almost ten times more to get their glimpse.

We get in return, nothing more at least to take a stand for the right thing if this too, not then at least speak up for a fair game.

Note- I know what seems right to me maybe wrong from another side of people, and I do respect the other side’s views, talking on the ground of ethics, the concept of right or wrong is the same for everyone as per my little sense of knowledge.

Myth Debunk:

Popular Hashtags on social media in India from last couple of months:

#SSR (including all the hashtags for late young actor SSR), #Boycottbollywood #RepublicFightsBack #ShameonAajTak #BoycottSalmanKhanmovies #WestandwithKangna #AllEyesOnCBI #HathrasTruthExposed #Drugmafiaofbollywood and the list is endless.

When the whole world was fighting against Coronavirus while sitting at home, we have vouched for another huge distasteful change as audiences towards the entertainment industry/ Bollywood. The demise of a young actor Late Sushant Singh Rajput, and apparently the mysteries behind his death, has shaken the belief on idealism about Bollywood, actors, characters, etc. for sure among audiences that they carried for ages, irrespective to the fact whether you are a fan of that actor or not isn’t it? Some more community moves that compelled me to recheck my list of our ideology.

Note: All the quoted points are for the particular group of peoples; the whole fraternity could not be blamed for a few wrong-minded entities wrongdoings. Remember, exceptions always exist.

1). Being a Bollywood Buff, I do admire many talents from the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, the mass silence of the A-listers of Bollywood on the sudden death of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput raised the question on my own admiration, especially on those who were known for putting their views so freely social media. What were they earned all the years from our money in bonus FAME, FEAR, PRETENDING?

2). Again on the day actor died, Mental Health Awareness messages had broken all the SMs trending records, as soon as the case started taking a turn over Mysteries, Drugs, WhatsappChat leaks whole fraternity went into hibernation.

3). Somehow in pressure when renowned ones dragged out from hibernation, they all squealed in the same tone, same text, and tweets, and here came the biggest mess all hooted for the main suspect. How come I missed recognizing the fame of Rhea Chakraborty? I must say she might have had on more good terms with biggies of Bollywood than the gone lead actor Sushant. Strange !!! Were we admiring the puppets till now?

4). The political parties, few fame cravers, news channels, and YouTubers are encashing the opportunity over a deceased’s family’s grief. No system, no agency, no institution have power or capability to speak on the facts. We grew up learning their powers and limitations in Civics’ subject.

5). Coming to another Heinous act of Hathras UP that chilled our spines, this case debunked my biggest myth that the Pandemic has taught us to live the life so positively with minimal utilities and understanding the value of human relations. But sadly, the game of politics never halted. Government has a perfect count of COVID 19 cases and a rate of recovery. Why raising numbers of rapes do not bother them? No matter which party comes in power, have you ever found any newspaper or news channel where you spent a month without hearing the rape case with any women, be it elderly, young, child, toddler, infant, no right?

So think twice before choosing your ideal, use the power of social media wisely, and last but not the least value yourself as an audience, you have control over TRPs of Television programs, You have the power of voting, you have the wealth of spending money at the right place, you have the weapon of social media to make hear your voice in the correct way.

Have you felt any change of thoughts after any of the above-mentioned incidents? Do share it with me.

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32 thoughts on “” Choose Ideal Wisely” #Celebrity Fandom CHANGES That Debunked The Myth In Pandemic #MyFriendAlexa -Post 2”

  1. You have raised a valid point. I think social media is a necessary evil. For us bloggers, it is the social media which is needed for our work. But social media is also used to distract from what is real and important.

  2. you’ve raised very valid questions and the right topic here to spread awareness. we should not blindly choose someone to lead, let’s choose our leader wisely & change our country from within. #HelpIndiaHeal

  3. Pandemic did change our perspective in many ways some good some bad. I think we need to use our own intelligence rather than trusting social media blindly. As a human being we do get influenced but than true realization comes with wisdom.

  4. You spoke my heart… Pendamic was supposed to be something to get serious about health and try to solve it but somehow leaving it aside we had some more problems to add on. At one point I realized this is just a circus out of nothing.

  5. High time we learn to recognise the people who really make a difference in the society. During the lockdown and SSR’s death we could finally observe at leisure the true face of so-called A-listers. I sincerely hope this teaches us to choose wisely who we look up to.

  6. Indeed Archana, we have unfortunately made Gods out of these entertainers giving them more credit than is due. We must understand that acting is a profession like any other. Well written.

  7. I really liked your theme for Alexa. This was an interesting post. I guess the pandemic time showed me as well that no celebrity needs to be put on a pedestal.

  8. We idolize fake heroes and heroines. The real heroes in society die in oblivion. Media does not put them out on the screens. Have u seen social dilemma on Netflix? Its scary..we are being bombarded with images to change our mindset.AI is ruling the world.

  9. These are tough times and situations are kind of questioning our own thought process. I.think it’s very important to be logical and open minded than trust anything for the sake of trend. Great post.

  10. Such an enlightening post! Celebrity worship definitely needs to stop in our country. Cinema is a modern source of history and it should generate content that positively inspire.
    Very nicely penned and quite thought-provoking.

  11. We as a society are really poor at choosing who our idols should be. It is us who have made them so big in our eyes that we are blinded to their shortcomings. Once we start choosing our idols correctly the stardom parameters will automatically change. Great thought provoking post. Keep the wonderful work going.

    #MyFriendAlexa #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

  12. This is the poignant reality of the following someone blindly and without using logic. Take an example of media news channels, each one says they show the right news and would be highly biased towards one side. Youth must choose wisely, rightly said.

  13. We must definitely use social media judiciously. Unfortunately, many media channels are using us as puppets to gain their TRPs and gossip-worthy topics shine while the focus on strategic matters gets side-lined. A well -written post.

    #MyFriendAlexa #dibbireads

  14. Celebrity worship should stop. Unfortunately the same ppl who r thrashing Salman are also worshipping Arnab goswami who is himself accused of suicide abetment of a guy and his mother in his suicide note. People are still hailing Kangana who promotes so much communal hatred and even supported her sister’s call for genocide. People are blindly sharing and hailing bjp spokespersons supporting SSR, who called for boycott of a beautiful movie Kedarnath when he was alive. Whether late SSR was indeed bullied by Bollywood biggies is a conjecture, but the above are facts which are out there in public domain for people to see, and still they always need someone to worship.

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