The Mansion Mystery By Amit Ray #BookReview

The Mansion Mystery 
By Amit Ray 
Illustrated By Tamara Antonijevic 

The book ” The Mansion Mystery” is composed of 11 chapters. Which flows in episodic series of the origin of mystery till the revelation.

Nick and Neel are playing cricket on the rooftop when they suddenly and unexpectedly come across a fairly ancient puzzle written by someone who goes by the name of “MRS -” This comes as a shock to the duo.

Will they soak up their defeat or just maybe, there’s a chance of aid coming from unexpected sources… 
I love how the book really deeps into the details of its illustrations which makes it easier to visualize the characters. 

I also like how the book does an excellent job of developing their characters, for example, their sister who was pretty snobby at the start does become a more bonded person with the brothers. 
Its Humor is out of this world! You will definitely pick up a few laughs from this book 
It should definitely do a better job of getting its point across because sometimes I got stuck on some words that were just not in the right order. 
Final Verdict 
I would definitely recommend this book to experienced or average readers because that way they will understand it better compared to some younger audiences. I rate this book a 3.5/5 

You can buy the book from Amazon.

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