“Sonth -Gond Laddoo” CHANGES That Debunked The Myth In Pandemic #MyFriendAlexa Post-3


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During the lockdown, we kept trying endless recipes, posting pictures of tempting food items; I was no different, despite not so keen about cooking ban on the outing and outside food turned me too into a quite good cook, and the credit goes to the senseless and endless demands of my kids!

Still, there are few things on my list that I know well about myself not to try ever in my life, believing those as impossible cases for me, for, e.g., Sonth- Gond Ladoo, Cake, chocolate mousse, etc. It’s time for Sonth- Gond Ladoo only. But somehow I debunked my own myth this time.

Living in the USA is not as easy as people believe, especially for the Indians who grew up seeing domestic help as an important part of most families. Not only domestic help but also we look for our family members around for any kind of support or medical emergency.

When Pandemic has ruined the plans of a few of my friends who were pregnant and their parents were all set to visit them during their deliveries. Do I need to tell the level of relaxation to have our strongest pillar, our parents, nearby at this moment? Unfortunately, the tiny virus turned all the plannings upside down, and two of my friends had become bound to managed all alone with their husbands. Being a friend the least and the best, we can support them by providing homemade food by following all the social distancing rules in the corona season.

One thing that every Indian girl expects to have Sonth Gond laddoo during this maternity period, and that too if it of their mother’s hand fir to kya Kehna. Not to mention that these laddoos are very important for women to fasten the muscles healing process. I thought to try my hands on this as both my friends did not utter a word, but I know these Laddoos are extremely essential to be added to their meal plan.

Though I used to make various kinds of laddoos, this Sonth Laddoos always get on my nerves. Thanks to all those YouTubers and their ultimate easy recipes, which boosted my spirit up so keeping myself on the mode ofJo Hoga Dekha Jayegawithout thinking about the result, I took the challenge and start the preparation by the late-night when “So Gaya ye Jahan“. Back of mind plan B was set if something went wrong nobody will ever come to know my fail attempt. Just Kidding!

Hurray! Finally, Laddoos are ready to reach my friend’s place in the morning. And by the afternoon when I got a call from one of the friends.

Me –” Hello”

Friend- “Hello Archu”

Me – “O ya how are you, my dear”

Friend – ” Archu I want to hug you I wish I can come over to you right away and hug you” (extremely emotional tone later she started crying)

Me – “What happened, dear” (in worried voice)

Friend- “Tell me how you brought the exact taste of my mom’s hand laddoos in your Gond Laddoos?

And this lines from my friend made my day and changed my thoughts forever on my calibre of making Gond Laddoos!

Here is the recipe for Laddoo.


INGREDIENTS: (for 25 laddoos)


2 cup – Wheat Flour

2 cup- Pure Ghee

1 Cup – Fine Sugar/ jaggery

100 gm – Edible Gum

250 gm – Almond and cashew

50 gm – Black Pepper

1/2 – Dry Crushed Coconut

2tbsp – Sonth (Dry Ginger Powder)


1). Coarsely Crush Coconut, almond, cashew, black pepper in the grinder, mix all together and keep aside.

2). Lit the stove, put the wok on it, pour 2tbsp Pure ghee into it, take edible gum in small quantities to fry, and fry all edible gum in 2-3 round.

3). Keep mashing the hot fried edible gums with just the back of a spatula on a separate plate

4). Use the leftover pure ghee to cook/roast wheat flour, do not use all the ghee in one go; keep pouring in a small quantity while roasting the flour until it turns into golden brown. it takes about 40-45 minutes for the flour to be cooked through. 

5). Turn off the heat and leave the mixture to cool completely

6). Once the mixture comes down from hot to warmer state add sugar, ground ingredients, sonth, and mix well all together.

7). If needed, pour 2tbsp ghee into the mixture and bind the mixture to make laddoos.

Final Product

Throughout lockdown, everyone kept trying several new recipes to use the best of their time, so do I. Have you ever gone through the same when you took the plunge for something you tagged out of your capacity?

Try this recipe of Sonth-Gond laddoos this winter and do let me know how it turned out!

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15 thoughts on ““Sonth -Gond Laddoo” CHANGES That Debunked The Myth In Pandemic #MyFriendAlexa Post-3”

  1. You must indeed have made excellent sonth gondh laddoos if your friend spoke to you the very next day and told you it reminded her of the stuff her mother makes. The recipe sounds interesting. Will try it out in our house some time.

  2. These are one of my favourite laddoos! I wait for winters to eat these as they are a seasonal must in our home.
    Loved your story behind making them and reading your friend’s reaction gave me goosebumps.

  3. There are few items like this which I never want to try. But your attempt seems fabulous! I don’t know if I should attempt all those forbidden items. The laddoos look awesome.

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