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Today I brought a book review of bestselling The Famous Five Collection 1, a book by famous children writer Enid Blyton. I got this book for my 11 YO son, those who know me also know that my son is an avid reader and I do not miss any opportunity to bringing a new book to his table every month.

The Famous Five Collection 1

Usually, I avoid taking up any thick kind of book for me also prefers the same rule when it comes to gift it to my kiddos. But this a slight change took place and we dived into reading a three books collections under the name of The Famous five Collection 1. This one book consists of three books altogether ie.

1). Five on a treasure island

2). Five go adventuring again

3). Five run away together

So till now, we have completed the first story of the book Five On A Treasure Island. Sharing the review of an amazing tale by Enid Blyton.

Unlike me, if you wish you can also buy these books separately from Amazon.

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Julian, Dick, and Anne are invited to spend the summer with their Aunt Fanny and Uncle Quentin at their home, Kirrin Cottage, in the coastal village of Kirrin, when they are unable to go on their normal summer vacation to Polzeath. They also meet their cousin Georgina, a grumpy, unpleasant young lady who tries hard to act like a boy and only goes by the name George. Despite an awkward start, the cousins become firm friends, and George introduces them to her pet dog Timothy (Timmy), who lives in secret with the village’s fisher boy, Alf because George’s parents won’t let her keep Timmy. Soon the siblings figure out there is more to the eye that meets the grumpy George. Can the siblings find a way for George to open up to them?


I love how it shows a special bonding between a group of people (and a dog!) and you can clearly see this connection shared
between all of them which begins to grow with time! I also like how you can see how George goes from a grumpy,
moody person to someone who is cheerful, kind, and caring!

The book is very beautifully written because it features a ton of ways that make the reader feel an emotion, or just make them
interested in what they’re reading in general! It also leaves no plot holes that make the book confusing for the reader.


The book does a pretty “meh” job at elaborating further on tiny details but at the end that is fine because this book is still getting its message across, but it does make the text a bit wobbly at times.

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I would certainly recommend this book to other readers out there! It is a masterpiece; in my opinion, it is a 4/5. It does a particularly decent job getting its point across but in the end, some things seem misplaced, or grammatically incorrect sometimes and you just have to put your head to it. But overall, it is an exceptionally good book, and you should definitely check it out and see the other books written by Enid Blyton.

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13 thoughts on “Five on a Treasure Island By Enid Blyton #BookReview”

  1. Aah! This post has made me do time travel. Enid Blyton’s books have been a part of our childhood. Good to see that kids these days are enjoying the amazing stories weaved by this prolific author.

  2. Enid Blyton connects with the young readers so well, have read Famous Five. And the detailing which we as adult find it staggering the flow of story kind of builds imagination of the kids.

  3. You took me decades back to my childhood.Those were the days.No money to buy books but I read all.There was a lending library a km away from home.An English man ran it so hard the best books to read.He used to take 25 paise per week and we could borrow 2 books.,Do make your son read as much as possible.

  4. I have read The Famous Five as a kid and loved it. I mentioned about this series to my daughter as well. Enid Blyton is one of my favorite authors too. Good to know that your son is into reading.

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