‘Mind Over Mayhem’ CHANGE #MyFriendAlexa Post-5

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This is my fifth post for the campaign #MyFriendAlexa hosted by Blogchatter.

This time it’s not about any change that debunked my myth, though it will only be a change talk. The changes that I brought to my lifestyle to narrow down negative thoughts kept haunting us at a certain interval of time over the period of a months’ house arrest.

I am sure that many out there must have faced the same, where they found themselves losing the grip over the positivity and sank down in the ocean of gloominess, from where one can hardly see the sunshine.


Have you ever been encaptured by the turmoil brewing in your mind in Pandemic??? If not, by all the mentioned below, at least by one for sure.

1). What if I lose my job due to a severe breakdown of the economy? How I am going to manage my EMI?

2). Will I be able to raise my kids in an extremely competitive environment?

3). What to do? I am lagging behind my fellow groups.

4). Why someone ignoring my messages?

5). How come everyone’s life flow is so smooth, unlike me?

6). What if I got diagnose with some disease?

7). Will I able to meet my family in the coming days or years?

8). What if the face value of shares I invested in does not rise?

9). The whole world is achieving something every day. Am I the only one with an empty hand and mind?

10). Is my life going to ruin by doing house chores only?

And the list is endless………


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Get all the above queries answered of a chaotic mind in my way:

Ans1). You may lose the job, not your experience and degrees; prepare the raw draft of plan B. Brush up your knowledge for the next jump, cut down your expenses logically. Enquire with your bank if they have the EMI holiday facility for the short term till you get a new job. You will definitely get the way.

Ans2). Of course, you can; raising kids rightly should be in his mind rather than a competitive environment. You have the power to instill a sense of responsibility, the value of discipline and fun, balance between both. And the above all the competitive spirit to face the struggle and win their own battle. Let your kids know the significance of scholarships to get admission on their own in any institution.

Ans3). This feeling is very natural, then also I would say before comparing the results, do not forget to compare the factors behind group members. You can not compare the moon to the sun; both shine as per their time.

Ans4). Confrontation does not require every time; maturity does; give her/his space, be calm, and engage yourself in something fruitful.

Ans5). No, not possible everyone is dealing with their own struggle, sometimes they win or vice versa. Look deeper they just decided to be happy and fight back firmly.

Ans6). Do not ignore your body signals, be in touch with a medical expert. try to bring change to your daily routine. Eat well, sleep well, live well, think well.

Ans7). Once life settles down, we can make plans to visit our loved ones. In the end, we can make plans and try to implement rest is in the hands of the Almighty. Think positive, be optimistic.

Ans8). You can keep an eye on the market, make sure you have well prepared yourself before investing, all the risk factors and the luck factor, if not then better not to sail there.

Ans9). Do not get confused with the glitters and gems; the glory of real success receives shout out from the world. Work on your growth stick with excellence.

Ans10). No, not at all! Develop your interest in whichever area you want; there are plenty of online services to receive knowledge, to serve knowledge. Once you know the art of balancing the house chores and work, you are ready to fly high.

A little change in thoughts can change the diameter of life, as a human, it is very natural to get trapped into the floating negativity in the air especially when the world is unable to sight the future in the Pandemic.

Do share in comments what you do to deal with the chaos of the mind?

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24 thoughts on “‘Mind Over Mayhem’ CHANGE #MyFriendAlexa Post-5”

  1. Thats so true . A little change in thoughts can change the perspective of life . We need to be positive in this pandemic .

  2. Brilliant post, timely and apt. I am sure all of us have come across these questions during the lockdown. While reading the answers, I was comparing them with my own answers and could easily resonate with them. This lockdown has taught us how to live with change on a continued basis. Change is inevitable.

  3. this year 2020 is full of changes in our lifestyle. Of course it is difficult for each one of us to cope but surely we will. The pointers listed by you are so radical for well being.

  4. wise words! I enjoyed reading this article – these are questions and worries that many many face, and your answers are very wise and practical way to approach this.

  5. I absolutely agree that half of the mayhem is created by our super-powerful mind. I strongly believes in, whatever happens, it happens for good. If we have a positive thought process, things will fall into the right perspective.

  6. Changes definitely needed . Initially it is difficult for us to accept the change but gradually things will settle down. You have written so beautifully.

  7. Yes there are times when there so much chaos within that my brain seems to be filled with cotton wool….a strange muted kind of an existence…. And then as soon a as a bright thought enters this darkness, the dark veil lifts… And I feel light and happy once again.

  8. To be honest, I have experienced all of this during these tough times and had to seek medical help to keep the anxiety at bay. These are difficult times and mental health should be our priority today 🙂

  9. As they say, Change is the only thing constant, it reminds us that nothing is for forever, not even a good health. Point 6 is so true in current covid 19 pandemics. No one has ever thought that such a virus would be possible there and effect our life.

  10. We too had lots of doubts and questions during lockdown but gradually we started slowing down n accepting things as they come.

  11. I totally agree with you that yes, change is really important and we all can overcome tough times with the right thoughts and feeling to accept the change!!

  12. whether its pandemic or not I do encounter such thoughts and the key to it is to stay positive and create the mind shift…afterall thoughts play an important role in self motivation and process and it’s better to be be aware and create the paradigm shift.

  13. Yes we all go through the similar thought process during this crisis but we need to work on our thoughts.. How to change the way we think.. Yes we need to change our thinking.. I have written the same thing in my post for my friend Alexa.

  14. Everything boils down to our thoughts. It motivate or demotivate us. To be #7 is something, I think of at times but then I try to look to the positive side that my parents are safe at their place. And my in-laws are with us here. I do think about my parents but then taking one day at a time is the mantra that I believe in.

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