Happy Women’s Day: A LETTER To SHE: #womensdaybloghop2023

A Tribute To SHE

Hola Friends

Hope you are all set to have a blast on 8th March!

What a lovely coincidence 8th March 2023 have come with, a Festival of Colors HOLI and a day that solely belongs to all the Colorful Gorgeous Women both are approaching together!!!

Starting off with my heartiest thanks to Ms. Swarnali Nath for coming up with amazing notion of blog hop, certainly a unique way to celebrate the day dedicated to all women by we women . A tribute to all the woman who pledged to not only dare but also doing their best to keep the flag up of true womanhood, from everywhere, inside and outside of their sweet home, community and from other different fields.

I want to share the fact that in the rush of fast paced life, somewhere unknowingly a woman cum writer in me took the back seat; (Although I could never leave writing, yeah, my journal is not allowed to go off duty till my last breath; but yes my blog certainly halted for a while) nonetheless waiting for a perfect kick start, ready to take a control of steering for a zoom drive.

As soon as Swarnali updated me about her idea of tributing a day to all the SHEs across the world without giving a second thought a SHE (my inner self) in me on boarded to participate the event of tribute on this International Womens day.

What do you think could SHE (my inner self) ever get any other day to make a perfect comeback? NAHHH! I too don’t think so!

So here goes the very first gift, a very first tribute to that SHE inside me for getting back to rhythm. O yes without being selfish I would like to share the credit with my friend Swarnali.

Millions of ideas rolling over my mind what could I write on womens day, trust me the answer I got from SHE ( my inner self) that do not dare to limit my glow with the colors of HOLI I am beyond that.

However its equally true that I still (SHE inner self conversations to me) have several buddies residing in the different corners of the world who sometime, some where are failed to express themselves at the right time at the right place.

There are moments when a fog of doubt shadows their dreams, distraught their beliefs. If you really want to give a tribute to us then send a letter, give a wake up call to all the SHEs living in their cocoon of fears and doubts; convey the message time has come to reform the thoughts and vocalize the changes they always wanted to see around.

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Dear SHE……❤️

You are a gorgeous soul, no one can replace you in the whole Universe. You have the power of Ashtbuja Maa Durga who is so pro in multitasking. But along with this thats also Okay if you chose to focus on one job at a time. Stop being the people pleaser, you are more than this. Believe me , you need not to look for other’s approval to live your wish.

No one can paint the canvas of your dreams better than you. Every human body and mind has some set of strengths and weaknesses so are you. You are also eligible to talk about your’s loud and clear. “GO MY GIRL FLY ON”

Stop bulldozing your real self to fit in the umbrella of PERFECTION, a perfect mom, perfect daughter, perfect wife, perfect daughter in law, perfect mother in law, perfect sis or sis in law, a perfect employee, or a perfect buddy. I promise there is nothing like perfect on the other side to judge you, and those who are judging you, had also badged with silly mistakes sometimes. The definition of perfection changes person to person. Mistakes are the calendar of the series of efforts of those who refused to sit idle. So don’t stop yourself to try for what your heart and mind say, even if you tagged as a failure at first, go ahead for another shot. “GO GIRL SHINE ON”

Everyone’s life is the chain of their own decisions good , bad, or ugly, dare to own it. You are a true leader ,accept it no matter what is the result, if you own the spirit to add a feather in your cap then be courageous enough to take it down too if things go against the tide. At the end just make sure there is zero room for give up. “BE COURAGEOUS GIRL PROUD ON”

Marriage or no marriage, one kid, two kids, or no kid, your choice matters, stay at home or working mom I repeat your choice matters, no one knows better than you or what works best for your arena do not hesitate in putting the rest thoughts on back burner. “HEY BEAUTIFUL SLAY ON”

Your past is just one part of your life not whole life do not give rights to others to define you from there, make a high headed announcement ‘You have learnt your lesson, you no longer belong there.’ “HEY LADY SHOVE THEM OFF”

Hey All SHEs out there summing up my letter with the most significant part of your glory, you know when a SHE stands for anything with anyone they can sail through any storm. You know how? You better know because no one else is as skillful as SHE in balancing the proportion of adjustment (not compromise) to set the symmetric of anything on this planet. So “HEY SHE KEEP GOING ON”

How true is it that womanhood can’t be limit in the colors of HOLI it is way beyond this, and the one example of it my post I want to say more, share more on it, nevertheless , I Surrender; a letter can be summed up in few lines, in bunch of words but womanhood definitely not. Will you agree with me on it?

I am concluding my post with some of my favorite video links that extend the awareness about the power of SHE! I request you all to get some time to watch these.




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31 thoughts on “Happy Women’s Day: A LETTER To SHE: #womensdaybloghop2023”

  1. Such a heartfelt tribute to the strength and spirit of women around the world! 🌸 It’s wonderful to see you back in action and embracing your inner SHE. 🚀 Your message is a powerful reminder for all women to break free from doubts and fears, and to express themselves boldly. Let’s celebrate the limitless glow of SHEs everywhere! 🌟🌈 #InternationalWomensDay #Empowerment #CelebratingWomen

  2. What a beautiful, simple yet very motivating lines Archana! I completely agree, it’s time we take the reins in our hands and rule the world. Let us all come together, uplift each other and pave way towards the progress. Very well written article.

  3. A letter to she! How gorgeous is that!! And your inspirational writing had me nodding in agreement for every single line! You’re right, slay it girl!! And I wanted to add, take your walk, the world is your ramp!

  4. Good to see you back and what a winner of a post. Your letter had me nodding in agreement all along. We women are often expected to fit the mould but it is high time we celebrate our uniqueness. High time we break the free from our own mindsets and soar high.

  5. Glad to see your article in the blog hop, Archana. A very beautiful style of writing, a perfect way to exemplify the achievements of women. Lovely writing, looking forward to more such posts from your blog.

  6. That’s a really creative writing style you got. Loved this powerful and amazing thoughts. Thanks for sharing this blog.

  7. Welcome back to the blogging world with such a fitting post, Archana! Women must celebrate themselves every single day, special days are to make use of special discounts for shopping. 😉😬
    Jokes apart, I loved the letter to SHE. We must all talk to our inner self like this. A dose of positivity never hurts.

  8. I also didn’t blog for a while last year but my blog kept close to me. It acted as a safe place to visit anytime and it welcomes me with the same warmth as day one.

  9. Glad that you are back to writing. And what a warm letter to celebrate the occasion.
    “Mistakes are the calendar of the series of efforts of those who refused to sit idle” This sets the tone of the letter.
    Keep writing.

  10. First, it is great that you back to writing. it is good to visit your blog after long months. I loved the idea of post dear. you have expressed different emotions of womanhood so beautifully in this post. the post has amazing poetic rhythm that shows your incredible capacity as an amazing writer.

  11. Loved reading this beautiful letter and the prologue to the letter as well. “Mistakes are the calendar of the series of efforts of those who refused to sit idle.”
    Such beautiful lines. Your entire letter sums up what every woman should be telling herself daily.
    I haven’t been blogging much either so here’s a warm welcome

  12. What a comeback, Archana. I really liked your letter relating Holi, its colors, and flavors to shades of Woman. The Instagram reels are really interesting and made me take pause and think. Thanks a lot for sharing them.

  13. It’s so great to know that you got back into the writing zone. Lovely letter to the self, Archana. And thanks for sharing the video links, I enjoyed watching them. 🙂

  14. Your letter describes all us women on this journey to find ourselves amidst the hustle and bustle of day to day living and in doing so we rediscover what is truly means to be a human being. You wrote this to yourself, but it could be a letter to numerous women. I pick this line to allow ourselves to fail and be human… “Everyone’s life is the chain of their own decisions good , bad, or ugly, dare to own it. You are a true leader ,accept it no matter what is the result, if you own the spirit to add a feather in your cap then be courageous enough to take it down too if things go against the tide”… Nicely written.

  15. Welcome to blogging, Archana. Indeed as you said, this was a perfect way to get back into writing.
    This letter was such a motivating read. It felt like a BFF telling me all the good things about myself, encouraging me to go on after I’ve failed at something or am just feeling low. Thank you so much!
    The ‘she’ here is you, me and all of us.
    My favorite line was, ‘ The definition of perfection changes person to person.’
    Keep writing and hoping to see regular blogs from you again. Cheers!

  16. You summed up womanhood in your letter, Archana. I could resonate with whatever we all go through or face in our lives as it was put down so well and it seemed as if it was about me only. We are judged at all ages and always seek validation. I wish I knew this before. I was the perfect wife, and perfect mom, and I got lost somewhere in all this. Next lifetime I am going to be woke.

  17. I always love the way you express yourself through writing. Amazing letter and a beautiful write-up. I hope you keep writing such wonderful posts.

  18. Colours and flavours of Holi & Women’s Day very nicely shared via this letter to inner self, Archana.
    Could relate. Inspiring words.
    Let’s fly on, shine on & keep going!
    Welcome back 🙂

  19. What a come back Archana. I was sailing in the same boat. With new job and other commitments, blogging went on the a mini pause but the writer in me couldn’t say no to Swarnali.
    Loved these lines- no one else is as skillful as SHE in balancing the proportion of adjustment (not compromise) to set the symmetric of anything on this planet.

    Loved how you gave this post a poetic feel.

  20. Hi Archu! It’s been long I have read your blog post and omg, what a comeback! This is one of the best posts I have read as a letter to the self. Thanks for mentioning me in your post and being super kind. I am glad that you chose to start writing and gave a tribute to yourself. Thank you so much for joining us in the blog hop and making it a grand success! Gratitude my dear friend.

  21. Hi Archu,

    I am glad to have come across your blog through this bloghop. I needed this letter. After I read it, I decided to click on the links that you gave and I absolutely loved what Sudha Murthy said. Thank you for sharing them. 🙂

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