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As we all know life is getting back to normal or in other words, we become well equipped in living life with masks on.

After almost 2 years, my son has restarted his school as in-person, yes of course with the shield of both the doses of vaccination. As a mom, I left with no option to get up early with every day quick nutritious healthy lunch box ideas.

Lunch idea that my son enjoys eating even if it gets cold without losing its nutrition, temptation, and freshness.

So here I am sharing one of my son’s favorite Sandwiches.

Ingredients (4 Sandwiches)

Prep+Cooking time: 15 min

Bread Slices 8

Onion 1 small

Tomato 1 small chopped finely

Carrot 1 grated

(You can more veggies as per your taste like Bell pepper, corn, etc.)

Mayonnaise 3 tbps spoon

Cheese 1 slice for each sandwich (grated mozzarella cheese can also be used)

Pinch of salt

Black Pepper 1 pinch


Garlic 2 clove



1). To prepare garlic butter (for greasing purposes on both sides of sandwiches) put 4 spoons of butter + garlic+cilantro in a heated pan turn off the gas stove as soon as it reaches to first boil.

2). Next Prepare the filling: Take a bowl put all the veggies Carrot, Onion, Tomato, sprinkle black pepper, a pinch of salt, and finally mayonnaise mix all ingredients well.

3). Place the filling on one bread slice then put the slice of cheese on the upper side before covering it with the second slice of bread.

4). Turn on the stove put the pan and grease the upper slide of bread with garlic butter placing it down to the pan.

5). Time to grease the other side of the sandwich turn it down once the first side becomes brown, wait till another side also turns in good brown. Turn off the stove.

6). Place the sandwich on the plate give it a cut in a triangle shape, wrap it in parchment paper before putting it in your kid’s lunch box. Do not forget to accompany it with sauces/chutney of your kid’s choice.

Isn’t it the easiest quick recipe yet so healthy filled with all the nutrients of veggies and cheese?

Try it and do not forget to share your reviews here, I would love to hear from you!


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9 thoughts on “Quick Sandwich For Kid’s Lunch”

  1. That’s an easy and quick recipe! My kids are sandwich lovers. This sandwich recipe is a great tiffin idea. However, I use a mixture of malai, salt and pepper instead of mayonnaise and the sandwich turns out quite good – soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.

  2. Schools are starting and I think right on time you have shared the recipe. I will surely try for kids they will love it!!

  3. You made me drool dear. We too long sandwiches. I sure am trying this recipe and let you know how they turn out

  4. Yes, with school reopening we need to gear up to have creative and yummy dishes for lunch boxes. Sandwich is any day good idea and I liked your healthy sandwich idea that I also prepare often.

  5. Such a yummy recipe dear. I do make different types of sandwiches at my place but never try with mayo filling. will surely try your version for my girls’s lunch box. i am sure they will like it.

  6. The sandwiches look so tempting. Thank you for sharing the recipe. I will try it out for my grandsons. Am sure they will like to take it to school like your son does.

  7. That’s my go-to lunchbox sandwich. I have made of list of options for my son and daughter lunch box and this sandwich goes in my daughter’s box once a week. I keep switching mayo with other dip options to change the taste.

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