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If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman”.  Margaret Thatcher

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” Michelle Obama

🟢 Woman: A homemaker; Women: A symbol of Power; Woman: A pillar of strength; Woman: An Ocean of Patience; Woman: A word of Wisdom; Woman: Patriarchy Smasher

🔴 Woman: A Gossiper❌; Woman: A Home Breaker❌; Woman: Unprofessional❌; Women: Glory of a man❌; Woman: A Gold Digger❌

A woman has the power of doing anything all alone if she wants to do or if she has to do; Agree? Like me, I am sure you all must have heard, witnessed, experienced it many times in your life.

Even today, whenever I read a line for my kids, “Bundele HarBolo Ke Muh Hamne Suni Kahani Thi, Khoob Ladi Mardani, Wo To Jhansi Wali Rani Thi,” trust me, the level of pride and goosebumps haven’t changed even an inch with the time when my dad used to tell us about Queen Of Jhansi.

Usually, we keep counting on the fingers, who was the first female prime minister of such a country? Who was the first female President of such a country? Who was the first female speaker of Parliament? Who was the first female Finance minister? And so on. Have you ever thought of the lady who marked her name in history in 1960 as the World’s First Female Prime Minister? Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike, the first female PM from Sri Lanka (Ceylon as it was known), held the country’s command after the assassination of her husband and the working PM of that time. She served as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka three times.

Late Mrs.Sirimavo Bandaranaike

Think, if a woman can create history all alone, what if she lends her hand to support another woman? Yeah! She rules history.

Similarly, by following the theme of a Blog hop Women Supporting Women, I brought a story of a group of women named Daughters Of Liberty from the history of America who join hands to contribute their bit in the Revolutionary war against the British Company.

Daughters Of Liberty

Have you ever heard about the strongest group of women in the history of the United States Of America, “Daughters Of Liberty”? A group formed by women during the revolutionary war in America in 1765. The Daughters of Liberty consisted of women who displayed their patriotism by participating in boycotts of British goods following the Townshend Acts. Where they said straight NO to British tea and, by their talent, started to weave yarn and wool into cloth, which made Britishers lose a huge amount of business by making America less dependent on British textiles.

With the mutual consent all the women signed an agreement, vowing not to drink tea until it is taxed. They openly opposed the Tea Act of 1773, and experimented to find substitutes for tea by discovering boiled basil leaves.

Women have also played a significant during the war by spinning and sewing the uniforms for Patriot Soldiers. They extended their contribution by taking over their jobs such as farming and running a business of their husbands who left home for the war and many more.

The Daughters of Liberty proved that the presence of women in politics could bring the lucrative change to the country. These incredible Ladies imperiled their lives to stand against despotism; they deserved to be remembered as heroes just like the group of Men, “Sons Of Liberty.”

This was my take on supporting the women as a women. Tell me what you think on it?

I would like to pay my gratitude to Urvashi and Akansha firstly, for coming up with an amazing Blog hop and secondly, for allowing me to pen my thoughts on the powerful theme Women Supporting Women #WSWBlogHop; as a woman, I am feeling proud to be a part of it.

“I am part of the Women Supporting Women community #WSWBlogHop and I truly believe that we should empower each other and grow together!”

Image Source: Google, Canva

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37 thoughts on “Women Empowerment #WSWBlogHop”

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  2. The Daughters of Liberty proved that the presence of women in politics made so much of difference and i think women brings the perfect balance in any team. For instance in a group with women , most of the men try and control the language and gestures and thats basic discipline that women in team brings around making the environment so happy.

    Thanks for sharing the details. Loved it

  3. This is a new information for me Archana, thanks for sharing that. And for the jhansi wali Rani line, I was as a child and still a huge admirer of the queen of jhansi, I guess all of Indian woman are.

  4. I had thought so many things to write but to draw inspiration from history was never in my mind. its a wonderful take and so thrilling to know Women were always a badass be it any era :).

  5. Fantastic post! I felt as if I was reading my thoughts out loud Archana…I feel the same and Jhansi ki Rani always gave me goosebumps…The Women of lIberty was very interesting to read.. I did know about the sewing and farm part but didn’t know about giving up the tea and the protests.
    We have to break the patriarchy and once that is done..women will support women.

  6. I totally agree that woman has the power of doing anything all alone though i was never aware of these facts you shared .We just need to believe in ourselves .

  7. Women have always been at the forefront of change and I’m so glad you chose to shine light on a lesser-known part of history where once again the tremendous contribution of women, has been overlooked with time.

  8. A lovely take on the theme, Archana. Was not aware of daughters of liberty. You rightly mentioned a woman has the power of being equal in every walk of life be it battlefield or home. Thanks, for sharing this.

  9. Honestly dear I hadn’t heard about daughters of liberty before. Thanks a lot for sharing their inspiring journey with us. Loved the first 2 quotes. Infact I had also read these yesterday.

  10. Women, when come together for a single purpose then there is no limit. Good to know about Daughters of Liberty through your post. Women when support women then the world is surely a beautiful place.

  11. Daughters of Liberty. I loved these words. And yes about the Khoob ladi mardani, you are right Archana. I go through the same emotions and feelings. Women are a perfect blend of beauty and brain and as you mentioned in the beginning that this intellect and wisdom can be used in many different ways.

    When I watched Manikarnika, my daughter said the same thing- women are so powerful and capable of doing everything. Even in those days when they didn’t have technology, she fought with so much of bravery. It made be very happy listening to her words.

  12. True. Women together can rule the world. And I’m glad we are all in this community to do that very thing. Hats off to the brave women of yesterday who changed things for us.

  13. Wow such a powerful post. History is the witness that women can do wonders. As you have said it absolutely right, women are symbol of power. Kudos to your choice of the topic for the beautiful theme. Loved reading it dear. Best wishes my friend.

  14. Very interestingly penned article! And very true, about time women accomplishments spread beyond merely counting on fingers.
    I would confess, I never knew about ‘Daughters of Liberty’. Thankyou for sharing these impactful information. Very powerful writeup.

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