Delicious Dish With Healthy Twist- Diet Cake #BlogaberryDazzle


delicious dish with healthy twist Ragi -Jaggery Cake

Here I have brought another delish scrumptious recipe with a healthy twist, i.e., Cake made with Ragi flour and Jaggery, or you can say Diet Cake, or in my husband’s language, a guilt-free cake. Sounds funny. The Pandemic year 2020 has made me learn so many things out of my comfort zone. I never thought I would ever be able to bake a cake, I had already given endless trials to my attempt, but ended up disappointing myself every time.

The year 2020 has once again proved ” Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention.” November is the month of series of Birthday celebrations in my family; I, my husband, and my daughter, we three booked this month for our family. Pandemic binds my hands to order a cake from outside like every year. Like a good homemaker, I smelled the situation in May 2020 and started practicing so many cakes. To my surprise, I was delighted with my few successful attempts. Or rather, I should say a budding baker inside me started gaining confidence.

Here comes the real problem when my excitement of making cake clashes with my husband’s wish on his birthday. His diet-conscious mind was full, ready to smash my plans. ” No, please no maida, something healthy, no sugar something better” Gosh! I searched on youtube channels many oats, wheat flour was there. I zeroed choosing Ragi flour, and Jaggery. So sharing the recipe with you all.


Ragi Flour (Finger Millet) – 100 gms

Wheat Flour- 50 gms

Jaggery Powder- 200 gms

Cocoa Powder- 3 tbsp

Baking Soda- 1/2 tspn

Baking Powder- 1.5 tspn or 1and 1/2 tspn

Salt – 1/4 tspn

Wet Ingredients

Curd – 1/3 cup

Desi Ghee- 1/2 Cup

Vanilla essence- 1/2 tspn

Milk- 180ml

Frosting And Icing:

Heavy whipped cream- 2cups

Edible Gel Colors(optional)- I took Light Blue color

Beater. or whisker


1). Roast Ragi flour for 2 min in pan just to remove the smell of its rawness.

2). Sieve Ragi and wheat flour, cocoa powder. Add baking powder, baking soda, vanilla essence and salt mix all the ingredients in mixing bowl.

3). Take curd, jaggery powder, and milk in another mixing bowl; give it a good mix till jaggery gets dissolved properly. Add Desi ghee to the wet mixture.

4). Now time to add sieved flour mix to the wet ingredients, keep adding flour mix in a small proportion to the wet ingredient’s bowl, keep stirring.

5). Place the parchment paper to the baking cake pan, grease it well and then pour the mixture to the pan.

6). Preheat the oven for 180deg c, then keep the cake pan in the oven for the baking purpose for 25-30 min. After 30 min checks the cake with the toothpick, prick it to the cake. If it comes out clearly means the cake is finely baked.

7). Let the cake cool completely after removing from the pan.

Icing And Frosting:

1). Take heavy whipping cream out of the refrigerator, pour it into the mixing bowl. Start whipping it with an electric beater or manual whisker from medium speed to high speed for 10 min until it becomes thick or till it lost its pouring consistency.

2). According to their uses, divide whipped cream into two 2 different portions; I colored a small portion with light blue color for blue rosettes and kept a large portion of white for icing and white color rosettes. Prepared the cones respectively.

3). Cut the baked cake into 3 layers and apply the cream to every color. Start covering the whole cake with white cream.

4). Finally, decorate the iced cake as per your choice. Keep the cake for 4-5 hours in the refrigerator before cutting it. Cheery is totally optional.

Few Tips For Better Results While Icing:

1). Keep The AC on in the room while icing process, it holds the cream consistency for longer.

2). I keep the mixing bowl in the freezer for 30 min before using it for the whipping process. Again it helps in keeping the cream consistency better for a longer period of time.

All my hard work paid off with my husband’s words, ” I can’t believe that cake can be made so tasty with ragi flour that too without compromising on your diet plans.” His happiness made my day. I wanted to make his birthday extra special this year. My husband was remembering his parents right from the morning, whom he lost in the year 2019 and 2020 consecutively. How could I miss the chance of making my special’s born day extra special?

So, Why to compromise with the celebration time? Why compromise with the health to celebrate the moments? I find out my way of celebration in the healthiest way. Have you been through such a situation at any time? Do share your way in the comments; I would love to hear from you!

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56 thoughts on “Delicious Dish With Healthy Twist- Diet Cake #BlogaberryDazzle”

  1. Wow. Really? This looks awesome. I always have a tough time making ragi rotis,. It doesn’t bind that well. so never thought of experimenting with it. But ur cake looks perfect and I guess it can be given a try. Thanks for this guilt free recipe. ☺

  2. What a delicious and healthy cake recipe Archana. I am definitely making this cake for my anniversary. Ragi and jaggery in a cake is unique but am sure it will benefit everyone alike since its filled with calcium and other nutrients. Its a very simple and doable recipe and the pictures look tempting.

  3. I am enjoying this healthy diet series. Ragi flour is always a mystery for me. I can only do ragi halwa. I am going to try out this cake recipe. We make maida cake every week at home for my son. so this could be really helpful and a healthy change for once :).

  4. I had never heard that Ragi could be an ingredient to bake a cake Archana. Wow! You are turning around cooking in a unique way!! The cake looks amazing! Am sure it tastes delicious!! Yum!

  5. Wow the cake looks awesome. During pandamic we all have upgraded ourselves with so many skills! Loved this cake as it’s healthy too. I also liked replacing sugar with jaggery. Thanks for sharing the detaiiled process of baking a cake.

  6. I have also tried a few cakes during this lockdown. The banana-walnut, apple-cinnamon & carrot cakes are favorites. I have tried both the maida & atta versions. This Ragi one also sounds promising, will be sure to try it out.

  7. Ragi cake sounds interesting! I too have started making eggless cakes at home and I love the banana-walnut, apple-cinnamon and carrot cakes. Not too sweet, they can be had as a dessert or even at tea time. But this ragi cakes sounds promising as well….will be sure to try it out!

  8. Ragi cake is a good option when it comes that guilt-free cake eating 🙂 I love to bake and keep on trying different variables. Next time, I am going to try Ragi cake with Jaggery powder 🙂 Thanks for sharing Archana!

  9. Great! You should have a chef in a five star hotel. The way you searched and then prepared your cake is nothing short of how scientists design experiments and then perfom it. You gave me new way of looking at the art of cooking. Only it has become a science now.

  10. first I really like your gesture and efforts for making your husband’s day extra special. wishing him a very happy birthday from my side. the recipe sounds really amazing. I am always in search of healthy twist to routine recipe and this one sounds just perfect. will try it for sure.

      1. Hey you hit the bulls eye, a cake which is 100% healthy. Your colourful cakes tempted me and pumpup my eagerness to taste it. This recipe is really nice and i will try it as my mom and papa are quite old so they never taste cake coz of high sugar.

  11. That looks very tempting. I have never tasted cake made with rage flour. But yes, when we have so many birthdays in one month then such variation is needed. I always prefer whipped cream icing over buttercream.

  12. Amazing cake recipe, Archana. I am a very bad baker and I really appreciate all who bake. And a cake with Millets and jaggery..just healthy and you did the icing also! I wish I could take a huge chunk right off the picture.

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