Valentine’s Day: In the Memory Of Love #30ColoursOfLove

Valentine's Day, In The Memory Of Love,

In The Memory Of Love

The brimming flower stores with red, yellow roses, swamping queues at Archies gift shops, spiffed-up malls are cheering up for the commencement of Valentine Week from every nook and corner. By the grace of GOD, earlier this year, Riddhima (Active social worker) and Veer (a successful Chartered Accountant and founder of his own firm) got blessed with a baby boy. Now the duo is ready to celebrate the week of love with their bundle of joy, little Samarth.

Riddhima and Veer ( R & V) owned a new way of celebrating love since they got married. They have their own diction, which makes the week of love even more meaningful. Before the commencement of V-week for two years, R and V prepare the list of 4-8 families of the martyred soldier’s across the nation. From collecting the houses’ information to the address with the landmark and contact no.s. From the total family members to their ages, they contain all the data carefully.

Propose Day:  They send them letters to get ready the whole week celebration.

Chocolate Day:  They make arrangements to deliver box of sweets to the families.

Teddy Day:  They send toys for the kids and knitting, stitching kit for the women in the family

Promise Day:  They make a video call or audio call to the family and wish them Valentine’s day and pay gratitude for the gift of security and safety of the nation their martyred sons have given by sacrificing their life.

Hug Day:/ Kiss Day:  If R&V can be the families’ voice in reaching out to the Government for any cause, they make all the efforts in building the bridge for the elderly people to make their voice heard by the concerned authority.

Valentine’s Day: They visit the Martyr’s Memorial, a memorial is set to be inaugurated at the Lethpora camp just a year after the Pulwama attack, to pay homage to the brave jawans who lost their lives in the attack.

Veer was quite worried about Riddhima as during last visit to this place she bursted into tears while remembering her childhood friend and love Samarth.

But for a surprise, Riddhima stood like a pillar, with the whole pride, way more substantial than the last time, as this year she held his baby boy in arms whom she named Samarth, which means Powerful, maybe he was the reason she felt a divine, strong power within. Still, the glimpses of memories flashing to her mind. Veer took Samarth, requested a nanny to take care of him. Hold Riddhima tightly from behind and asked her if she wants to share something more about her first love Samarth.

Flashback Memories 2 years Ago:

Day: 14 February 2019

Place: Dehradun

Riddhima woke up early that day; she bunked her college as Samarth, her childhood friend now lover, was coming to the town on vacation. Riddhima poured her love into preparing cuisines of Samarth’s choice so that she can pack them for him as soon as he reaches the town.

Both the family members were over the moon as their children chose the right person for each other. Above that the glee of their children’s face mattered the most for them.

It’s been 1.5 years for both of them to see each other. After realizing each other’s feeling 10 years ago, confession of 4 years, the time had come when families decided to tie Riddhima and Samarth’s in a formal relationship.

Samarth, a commander of a battalion posted in Jammu, was about to reach his town for vacation. Where Riddhima was in her last year of graduation.
Riddhima did not get time to check her mobile since morning or open the idiot box in the living room.

The weather was quite gloomy that day. The trains were delayed from the proposed time due to fog. All in between, the tick-tick of the clock kept Riddhima on her toes. She just wanted to meet Samarth at the station or somewhere outside to celebrate valentine’s day together one last time as lovers, once before the Roka ceremony, which was supposed to happen a day after.

The sudden and sharp chirrup of the doorbell was enough to stir up everyone’s focus in the house; the sharpness of that noise still haunts Riddhima.

“Pranam Uncle’, Where is Riddhima?, Haven’t you watched the News?” Kalyani Riddhima’s friend asked Riddhima’s dad breathlessly.

“No, Beta was quite busy in Roka Ceremony preparations,” you may head towards her room; she is probably waiting for you since morning!” Riddhima’s Dad replied in a very ordinary voice.

“Kalyani, anything serious?”, Asked Krishna, Riddhima’s brother.

Kalyani and Krishna love each other though the families are unaware of their bonding. Riddhima and Samarth wholeheartedly support them.

Kalyani was panting breathlessly, held Krishna’s hand tightly; Krishna felt awkward, stare at her, signaling to maintain distance.

Krishna believed that Kalyani has accepted some truth and dare challenge like last year to wish him Valentine’s day.

Kalyani rushed towards Riddhima’s room, waving at Krishna, turn on television Krishna, turn on Television.

Riddhima, who was drying her hairs on her room’s open terrace, lost in the thoughts of Samarth and waited for Samarth’s message.

As soon as krishna turned on the TV Every news channel was flashing the headlines, “a terror attack was carried out in Pulwama in Jammu and Kashmir by a suicide bomber resulting in the death of 40 CRPF personnel.”.

‘Riddhimaaaa……aaaaaaa…aaa, Kalyani screeched, her eyes welled up with tears, but can’t move an inch as the news flashes the headlines.

The whole house drenched in the deep silence, maids in the house, Krishna, Riddhima’s dad Trilbhuvan Singh, Riddhima’s mom Sumati Singh, their pet dog Jiffy all froze to their places, as soon as they saw the name Samarth Raizada in the list of victims of the bomb attack in Pulwama.

The eyes were not ready to see that name to the cursed list, ears were in denial to that harsh truth, mind refused to live in the present, the hearts skipped the beat. That one truth smashed so many dreams.

Thud….ddddd……… Kalyani looked behind Riddhima fainted, raising her hand in the illusion of Samarth in front of her giving his one hand to rise up and holding a bunch of roses in another hand.

Riddhima opened her eyes found herself surrounded by her would-be mother in law and mom and Kalyani.

Samarth’s mom hugged her; they both cried long, keeping arms around each other. Samarth’s body was brought to the town by the Army personnel wrapped in the tricolor flag, all over the red roses.

It was the day of love, red roses were also there, but just like Riddhima, many girls could not see their Valentine’s faces after that. That Valentine’s day marked as the Black Day to the Indian History.

Riddhima’s mother, health started deteriorating, finding her girl in deep pain all alone. In the pressure of her family and Samarth’s parents, Ridddhima got ready for marriage.

She wanted to share everything about Samarth in their first meet. Still, Veer said, please do not tell me under any influence, I will wait for the moment when you, yourself feel to share it with me as a friend without any burden, I want to be yours without any condition, without any compulsion, do let me know if you could accept my love!!!!!

Do you have such a story of unconditional love? What is the first thing you saw/see in the person that makes you believe that yes, this is the person my heart is looking for? Or, like me, you also believe that True Love is all about destiny?

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73 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day: In the Memory Of Love #30ColoursOfLove”

  1. This is such a beautiful story and you’re putting towards also amazingly. Truly red roses have so many meanings for different people. For some, it makes them laugh while some reminisce the past.

  2. If you ask me I have an unconditional love story. But its best kept inside.. Anyways Loved your take on Valentine’s Day story challenge. I feel it is not destiny but only few people are lucky enough to get their true love as their life partners. Mostly people realise their true love only after losing them.

  3. Unconditional love is beaming in the story be it for loved one or the country. Truly we all salute the brave soldiers who putforth nation than their love. You have very well narrated the story.

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  6. I can’t tell in actual words how much I love the story. Irony is those red roses actually brings many a different shade in there life. More strength and respect to all the families.

  7. Aishwarya Sandeep

    Such a beautiful love story of pure love. Love does not mean that you need to physically be with the person. Love also means silently supporting a person you love the most.

  8. What a heart wrenching yet endearing story of love. I believe love exists in all the places, it’s only a matter of time and mind to find the love we seek. Riddhima and Samarth loved each other – a perfect love found and accepted by both the parties. Samarth’s love for his Country – unconditional love. Veer’s love for Riddhima – again unconditional, non-imposed, gradual love.
    Yet all the types of love equally valuable.

  9. You have a way with words, Archana. The story, although heart-wrenching, is indeed a unique take on Valentine’s Day theme. Love isn’t always roses and chocolates. There is a dark reality too.

  10. This was truly heart-wrenching but a reality. As an army wife, I have seen similar stories true to life. You write very well and I liked the way you wove it into the Valentine’s Day theme.

  11. Speechless! You are a true storyteller Archana, you have gathered all the colors of love and put it together in this piece. Heart-warming and too emotional for me to read. Lots of love to you.

  12. It is such a sad story of an unexpected loss. But true for so many of our armed forces. And it is such a nice initiative of Ridhhima & Veer to reach out to martyr’s families for V-day. Was this inspired anyone who does this?

  13. I agree with you True love is all about are a true story teller. I was almost in tears..There are so many Riddhima’s who faced similar fate but I wish they get someone who can love them unconditionally just like Veer.

  14. Such a captivating story. It got me into tears. Loved the idea of Valentine’s week celebrations with the Armed forces family.

  15. This story is very well written but too emotionally draining for me to read it through. I always relate the tragedy in my life and it becomes too painful. Right now I am emotionally low so the affect is more.
    Love has such different colours.

  16. Archu, I loved the flow of the emotions and the entire gut wrenching story . It made me emotional and you have beautifully captured the essence of varied portrayals of love. I loved the character of Veer, a rare gem he is. A brilliantly written narative , loved it 💜💜💜

  17. Veer’s character will stay with me. You have sketched this character so beautifully.
    Overall, a heart wrenching and poignant story with hope and love written all over it. The story touched my heart.

  18. I am speechless. The way you narrated the entire story keeping what happened in Pulwana in 2019 intact is wonderful. I am sure , as a reader, it seems just a piece of fiction. But when I think of those who have lost their dear one’s in this attack, it breaks my heart.
    I liked the definition between Ridhhima and Veer.

  19. Had me tears. Belonging to the armed forces and reading about it like this always has this effect on me. Have met too many families shattered. But what a lovely way you have shown to everyone on celebrating valentine’s day. Lovely portrayal of all characters.
    Deepika Sharma

  20. Veer is such a wonderful character. I loved every aspect of the story, Archana. It has so many shades of love – the love and sacrifice to the country, love and sacrifice by Ridhima by paying tribute to the martyrs, and the love of Veer that is so pure and beautiful. Kudos to you for this excellent piece. 🙂

  21. Archu, you are so good with the fiction. The story was so heart-wrenching. Loved the way you have described to celebrate the day of love with martyr’s family very thoughtful. When the entire world is in celebration we forget these dedicated families and lives for which we live a safe and carefree life. Beautiful narration.

  22. Yesss! I’m an advocate of self love too and it does beat all the other rampant theories of love. And what engaging style of writing you have, like a friend, you were conversing with your reader and hooked him up! Keep your burn alive and keep motivating us wit

  23. What happens when your beloved doesn’t come back from the border as promised. He lays down his life as a sacrifice for the country, his motherland. Your world is shattered and love has gone forever! What do you do then? How will you live without him now ? Your story narrates the emotions and sacrifices, the love trajectory of destiny and the painful loss, really well 🥰

  24. Whatever happened at Pulwama in 2019 was indeed heart wrenching. Being from the fraternity I have several such stories of lost love and sacrifices. But I find people on social media largely insensitive to the plight of the forces. So it’s really nice of you to have spoken of this.

  25. It’s heart wrenching to think of whatever happened at Pulwama in 2019. Being from the fraternity, I have countless such tales of lost love and sacrifices but I find people on social media largely insensitive to the forces. So good of you to have spoken of this.

  26. These were indeed some heart-wrenching realities faced during the Pulwama attack. Appreciate the efforts of Veer and Ridhima who are keeping their spirits up and celebrating the memory of love in such a heart-warming way. More power to your words, Archana.

  27. Wow Archana you are so good with fiction writing. I can not express in words that How much I liked this one. it was an emotional tale of unconditional love and the ending has made me sad and emotional too. Indeed those who serve our country with full bravery and courage always had a sacrificing personal story of loss. your story has tell this sentiment so beautifully.

  28. Very well written archu. While reading this many times I got goosebumps. It was like everything is happening in front of my eyes.really liked it💕

  29. I have no words. It tears me apart that we celebrate valentines day and love on one hand and there is another human planning something as insane, cowardly and inhuman as a terrorist attack.
    I only pray for a day when compassion can be the rule of the world and not survival

  30. Heartbreaking, from start to end. While the gesture of reaching out to our martyr’s families was thoughtful, it left a lump on my throat. Just how much they sacrifice so we can be safe in our homes..

  31. What a breathtaking story of love. I am just speechless. Love could be defines in many ways, but this one is something so unique so special. We just can’t name love, we can feel love, spread love and live love. The story is woven so beautifully Archana. The plot is so heart touching and the way you have defined love, I take a bow to you. Hats off dear. Thank you so much for joining us in the blog hop. I grateful to you. Best wishes dear. 💐💐❤❤

  32. I am literally short of words! A love for the nation, a love for the person is serving that we cannot compare!!
    I was like wow! This is one of a kind. A true love for the nation and how people would be happy that its not the nation..

  33. Such a heartbreaking story, Archana. Your evocative writing brought tears to my eyes. We can never be thankful for the sacrifices of the people in the forces protecting us and their large hearted families. This was a reminder.

    1. Archana i had goosebumps reading this article !! U r an awesome narrator and kept me intrigued throughout…a very thoughtful and special way of celebrating the valentine’s day!! Love is special and shall always remain….beautifully penned down

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