Gratitude Brings Peace #CauseAChatter

Here by the ending of the crazy year 2020, I do not want to miss the opportunity to pay my gratitude for every those tiny and big things that I count as a blessing. As I feel that paying gratitude clears the path for the better and contented future. Unfortunately somewhere we take gratitude as for granted in our daily life.

Gratitude Brings Peace

This Pandemic year has taught us to make sure the Gratitude is tick marked before we hit the bed after dealing with the hectic day. Before listing down my set of gratitude, I would like to share few basic characteristics of Gratitude.

Verbal and Non verbal : Gratitude has two faces. Verbally Saying ‘Thank You’ or appreciating someone on good things are one side of them. The other non verbal side has equal significance like, if someone gives smiles for your good deed, dropping tears of happiness from someone eyes for you, while helping them in the need.

It Has Lasting Effect On Mind: A happy mind decides how your day is going to be in whole. paying gratitude in true manner or empathize with someone’s pain, performing everything to reduce their pain fuels the positivity and peace in mind that last forever.

Root Of Gratitude: It simply starts by noticing the goodness in surroundings and shifting the focus from all the bads at the same time.

My List Of Gratitude

1). Firstly, I am grateful to God, who blessed my family and me with a full platter of food, a roof, and closes loved ones around who stuck with me through thick and thins.

2). Second, My family supported me throughout all the day-to-day challenges and my blogging challenges so that I couldn’t lose my work pace. My kids showed immense patience and cooperation.

3). Third, My friends who took their time out to turn into an outstanding listener for me in my lowest face, which I could not share with my parents believing it may affect their health in Pandemic.

4). Fourth, I am grateful to every delivery man and service provider who take all the risk on their health by delivering the products. Their families could also get a full platter of meal every day and stay at home safely.

5). Fifth, And last but not least, I am grateful to Blogchatter for giving me the purpose to pen down my thoughts in the best possible way through their different unique campaigns.

This is my list of gratitude for the people around me, to whom I can not forget to pay my gratitude even for a single moment.

I can’t believe I am writing my last post for the campaign ‘Blogging with a Purpose’ #CauseAChatter 2020. Still, remember the level of my excitement while signing up for this monthly activity; honestly, that time with the little amount of confidence only las I was wondering, what am I going to write about? But why worry when just having a wish to write something good shows you a path to flow.

Eventually, I bumped the final stamp to countless flooded thoughts by covering every aspect of Covid-19 on the external and internal atmosphere. Have you read my earlier posts on the campaign? If not, please do read.

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NOTE:- This post is written as part of Blogchatter #CauseAChatter Blogging with a purpose.

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