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Drishti and Purvi are the best of friends. Like a soul mate, when one is in pain other becomes restless. Both belong to different cultures Drishti a Gujrati Girl and Purvi Punjabi. Not to mention how they both were so perfect in Garba and Bhangra or Gidda. Both were ardent lovers of singing and dancing. They can spend days and nights chatting over Movies, music, and dance. Coincidentally, their same-age Kids Avni (Drishti’s Daughter), Dia (Purvi’s Daughter), and Their Husbands also share an extraordinary equation. Even their Kid’s school teachers and bus drivers count Drishti and Purvi as one. Both the kids find the same level of solace at each other’s house.

They met 4 years back by chance when Purvi shifted to the new city Delhi to the same society where Drishti was already residing for a couple of years. They started to know each other from the day Purvi accidentally got locked into the lift of her building and called for Help from security. To which Drishti reacted fast and managed to get Purvi out from the dark stuck lift.

Like every year, Drishti and Purvi meet in the evening. This time to wish Happy holidays, next day, both were supposed to head to their respective native places. They promised each other to celebrate Purvi’s birthday together in Delhi once they come back. Purvi wanted to share something more with Drishti about her Visa interview but could not collect the courage to spill the beans. She herself frightened with the thought of separation.

, ‘ Enjoy your holidays till we meet for your B’day Bash Purvi’, Drishti said!

Purvi replied, ‘but till then I am going to miss my buddy so badly,’

Avni and Dia exchanged holiday greetings and their soft toys as a token of sweet cute friendship.

Drishti hugged Purvi with her evergreen smile and warmth. Purvi kept looking at Drishti till she got out of her sight. A white cotton Kurti and denim that was the last glimpses of Drishti in Purvi’s eyes.

Purvi and her family flew away the very next day for hometown, so does Drishti.

After Happy Holidays Now Visa Interview:

Two months pass in a blink of eyes, and finally, the day comes for Purvi’s whole family’s Visa interview. Though Purvi woke up gloomy face due to nightmare, and the whole day she lived doomy. Anyways, Eventually, they got Visa. Purvi was with the mixed feeling she was happy for her husband, but deep inside, her fear of leaving behind Drishti scratching her. Overall as of now, she was glad to reach her city Delhi to her darling friend Drishti.

As soon as she sat in the cab in excitement. She got a call from one of her society’s friends.

Hi Ramya, how are you?’ Purvi received the mobile warmly.

‘What? Are you out of mind? What are you saying? NOOO, please don’t say this before confirming? Who told you? Noo?? Purvi’s husband asked the cab driver to park it on the sideway. Purvi, in shock, gave the mobile to her husband.

My lakhtejigar( Dearly), my sis, my buddy, Drishtiiiiiiii How could you do this to me? Purvi sobbing. Her Husband checked her; what happened, Purvi? Whose call it was?’Drishti no, no, not Drishti. You know Drishti is not going to call me ever’. Aghast husband and 7 years old Dia hold tightly Purvi, and tears rolled down their cheeks.

Purvi’s Husband Immediately called to Drishti’s husband, and the confirmation of Drishti’s demise broke them into pieces. That was the largest journey of Purvi’s life where her body was not ready to bear her own weight. Still, she tried not to cry in front of Dia, the little girl dealing alone with the perplexing situation.

Back To Home:

As soon as Drishti reaches to her society gate, she ran towards Drishti’s home.

The door was open, Drishti’s living area was packed with friends and family. Avni was watching cartoon channels in another room; Drishti’s in-laws explained the cause of the sudden demise of their Daughter-in-law. And Dishti’s Husband seated on the ground, slouched to the wall, his swollen eyes, crumbling voice, choked throat were vocalizing his pain.

Purvi was staring everywhere; her eyes looked for a tiny soul Avni, who was no less than Dia to her. She went to her room, caresses her. Avni turned her head, ‘ Purvi Aunty,’ she jumped towards Purvi, and Purvi started kissing her. ‘Purvi aunty, you know my mom went to God’s home and said she will be back once I become 9 years old’. Hearing this, tears rolled down to everyone’s eyes in the living area. Avni’s innocent voice filled Purvi’s heart with endless pain.

After few hours, Purvi came to her house; Drishti’s images flashed to her mind every now and then. Her last glimpse in white cotton Kurti and Denim with a smiling face roamed in front of Purvi’s eyes. Every couch, chair, and friendship sticker on the refrigerator made her remember Drishti and all the moments they spent together.

News To Fly Abroad:

Meanwhile, Purvi was trying her best to become a mother for Avni too. From taking care of her school schedules to picking her from the school bus, from chatting with Avni’s grandmom over Avni’s dad’s second marriage to cooking Avni’s favorite Maggie while playing with Dia, from taking both girls for an evening walk to the shopping center. Purvi doesn’t want to leave Avni alone while her dad is in the office and her grandparents resting at home.

Finally, the confirmed date for relocating abroad came from Purvi’s husband’s office. They tell the news to Avni’s Father and Grandparents. They were so happy with Purvi’s husband’s promotion, but their eyes couldn’t hide the truth; in fact, the worry for Avni was clearly there. The worry that could not let sleep Dia’s Parents also from last 2 days.

Purvi’s heart was sinking down with the thought of Avni’s loneliness, the flood of questions was banging to her mind. Whom will Avni talk to? Whom will she share her problems with, if I fly abroad?. What if Avni’s second mother will not love her? She doesn’t have many friends in the society campus though. The whole day Purvi was in a severe headache.

She went to the temple seated on the bench of the garden. She closed her eyes, ” Drishti are you there? I can feel you in the air. I know you are sitting next to me, looking at me. I need your help, you know that. I never dreamt of abroad, neither then nor now. How could I leave Avni behind? My friend bring some solutions to my plight. If there is some Magic, do something and shed the clouds of sadness from the life of your dear ones.

gust of wind flung into Purvi’s face, she opened her eyes, She heard a voice from behind, “Purvi- Purvi, this side,” Purvi turned back it was Avni’s grandmom calling her to join in the conversation with the priest of the temple. Purvi got to know the final date of Avni Dad’s second marriage. Grandmom assured Purvi that this time she is more interested in finding Mother for Avni than a Wife for Avni’s dad. Purvi’s worry was way more than happiness, and the reason for her worry was only and only safety of Avni’s childhood. She was just murmuring, “Magic Magic Drishti, are you listening? My little doll’s happiness should not be on stake?”

Avni Dad’s Second Marriage And Dia’s Abroad Visit:

Avni’s dad got ready for marriage for the sake of Avni’s future and his aging parent’s wish. The marriage ceremony is done. Anvi’s new mom Sukanya came home, Grandmom took the initiative to introduce Purvi and Sukanya.

Sukanya held Purvi’s hand to her hand, ” Purvi Maa told me about you and your family everything. I am aware of your true friendship with Drishti, Dia’s bond with Avni your genuine concern for Avni. At this moment, I have only words to assure you that I will try my best to take place in Avni’s heart first. I took vows around the pious fire as a mother first. I request you to guide me through this journey.

Avni entered to the room running. towards Purvi. Purvi passes her hand to Sukanya’s hand and said, ‘Avni did you meet your mom?’

“Is she my mom Purvi Aunty, but new aunty’s face doesn’t resemble to my mom why ?’

To which Sukanya took Avni to her lap and said, ‘have you heard the story of Lord Ganesha Avni’?

‘ Yes once he got cut his head and his dad Lord Shiva joint the head of elephant to bring him alive again’. Avni replied

Exactly happened with me, ‘My face doesn’t resemble my earlier pics, as I wanted to come back to you, at soonest, for which I requested to Lord Shiva to make me alive again. he said. ‘ Not possible it is too early to make you alive again. Still, if you wish you can go to your daughter, but with a different face. With that face, you have to live forever.’

Avni hugged Sukanya tightly, both started crying, “Mamma, thanks for coming back for me. I don’t care what face you have; my mom is with me; that only matters”.

Purvi was standing behind with a wide smile on her face, tears in her eyes. she heard a voice of Drishti in mind M-A-G-I-C. Purvi took a sigh of relief, she crossed her fingers she said bye to everyone, and headed to her home murmuring, ‘ Magic, I have seen it happen”.

Just After 2 days, Purvi and her family flew Abroad! Even being at a distance through video and audio calls, Purvi and Sukanya bonded so well.

Prompt 1: Tears rolled Down

Prompt 2: Magic: I have seen it happen

Have you shared such kind of relation with anyone? Do let me know!

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  1. it does seem magical in this era but in my family, we lost two daughters of our family at early age and their spouses remarried and they took the charge as Sukanya did in the story. Story of selfless love and scarifice.

    1. Sorry to know about the losses of your family Ila. God always being so generous and find the way to rekindle the happiness in everyone’s life, to which we call Magic.

  2. Your story-telling skills are excellent! You brought friendship, love, loss and grief to life through your words. The last paragraph about Sukanya giving the Ganesha example made me tear up. Beautifully written!

  3. Really loved the story outline and . I had so much happiness and emotions all through the story . You have beautifully described the bond of friendship .

  4. Aishwarya Sandeep

    This story just touched my heart. Magic is the word that can best define this story. One of the most wonderful stories that I read today.

  5. What a beautiful ending Archana. I had so much happiness and emotions as I read the concluding paragraph. I have always believed that miracles do happen in life, and your story just affirms my belief. I am so touched to have read this wonderful story! Kudos!

  6. What a heart wrenching story. I could almost feel Drishti witnessing the temple scene. I got goose bumps all over. Beautiful thoughts and beautifully portrayed friendship bonds. The Sukanyas tale is also such an apt example. Loved her character.

  7. Archana, your story made me cry in the morning and the end made me smile too. Yes Magic does happen and it can happen at times when we least expect. Kudos to friendship bond that Drishti and Purvi shared.

  8. What a lovely Little story. Miracles can happen if you believe in them …even if it’s just life …it has a way of surprising you. Gald every thing turned out well for all