How To Deal With Negative Thoughts? #MentalHealthTalks #CauseAChatter

We all have our highs and lows at a specific point in life. No one’s life is solely a bed of roses. In the influence of such events, our mind also goes through a continuous load, unload, and reload process of thoughts—sometimes positive, most of the time negative. Not to surprise, our mind attracts negative things more easily. Our mind has the power of convincing that is not really true every time. These false narratives ignite negative thinking.

Then what makes us different from others if everyone’s life is swinging at the same point? The difference that makes us different neither the looks nor the environment; it is the perspective to see the problems and our move towards the thoughts.

The study says, an average person’s mind crosses 6,200 thoughts per day; suppose if thousands of views would only be negative per day, what would be the status of Mental Health. Similarly, what would be the impact on Mental Health if the mind grasps only positive thoughts? With the entry of negativity, the very first thing that goes at stake is our Mental Health.

Negative thoughts can vanish the mental peace in a fraction of a minute by taking over it in the form of Jealousy, Over-competitiveness, Superiority/ inferiority complex, fear, anxiety, regret feeling, greed, blame on self or others, and so on.

Reasons Of Negative Thoughts:

1). Overthinking: When we start thinking of others’ actions more than ours, gradually we start expecting someone to do things in our way, which is absolutely a wasting of time and energy.

2). Jump To Conclusion: Presumptions of negative outcome without paying heed to the facts, has optimum chance to invite the disasters of irrationality.

3). Mental filter: When one focuses on single negative thing by becoming blind from all the positive aspects.

4). Polarized Thinking: When person starts to see the things in extreme way either perfect or a total failure. He fails to balance himself under the banner of average.

5). Personalization: One starts taking everything on him/her or we can say starts believing whatever happens around because of him/her.

6). Always Being Right Tendency: ‘You are right’ or ‘ you might be right’ are the things that gives space to conversation. Negativity encounters when person has firm belief in ‘Only I am right’. Opposite to this everything become unacceptable for person.

Ways To Deal With Negative Thoughts:

The best thing is that things are still under our control. By magnifying the self-assessment lens to spot the change and turning it into better engagements, we can save our energy and Mental peace.

Identify Your Distortions: Make a list of your negative thoughts that come to mind as an effect of a cause. Scan the options. Tick anything that is more than a life, a family, or a friend. Then think of the outcome of the incident. Is that really going to ruin your identity personally or professionally? If the answer is NO, you will find how to bring back the mountain of irrational thoughts to molehills.

Practice Gratitude:  Feeling grateful has a significant impact on the mind and body. Keeping a gratitude journal writing every day is the best way to do this. 

Focus On Your Strengths: The more you focus on your strengths rather than paddling in blame game, the easier it will be to breathe in the breeze of positivity.

Listen Positive Audio: Trusted and tried. While taking a walk or while nap time or any relaxing moment, give few minutes in listening to something positive, affirmative audios, that roams all day in your mind restricts the space for any irrational thoughts.

Mindfulness Meditation: The Practice of Meditation make us learn the art of ‘Let It Go.’ Meditation isn’t about becoming a different person, a new person, or even a better person. It’s about training in awareness and getting a healthy sense of perspective. You’re not trying to turn off your thoughts or feelings. You’re learning to observe them without judgment. And eventually, you may start to better understand them as well.

Renovate The Thinking process: Block the end that enforces your mind to flow in the negative direction. Try to project the positive side of the picture; if it brings positivity to your mind, dwell in it. Conversely, if it turns you to the dark side of negativity, play smart, put the board ‘Road Blocked’ up-straight there.

The most excessive cause of negative thinking can be mental health conditions such as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) or Anxiety Disorder (GAD). Again here I would repeat, negative thoughts may lead you to the dead-end, but you have more ways to save yourself from the trap of the devil’s thoughts before that end. Only the thing you have to accept it, assess it, and work on it. Nothing is above the wellness of your Mental health.

Have you ever found yourself trapped in any form of negativity? How did you escaped from it? Do share!!

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52 thoughts on “How To Deal With Negative Thoughts? #MentalHealthTalks #CauseAChatter”

  1. What an insightful post Archana. I have realized that many times due to overthinking, I have let a negative thought in my brain, hampering all the goodness stored for me through the day. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips .

  2. Aishwarya Sandeep

    Whether we like it or not, no matter how positive we try to stay, negative thoughts do come across our minds. Great tips in pro actively avoiding th enegative thoughts

  3. I totally believe that feeling grateful has a significant impact on the mind and body. I also tried writing a gratitude journal and it was good experience .

  4. Priyanka Chhabria

    I am dealing with a lot of negative thoughts these days. Your blog was a reflection of the reasons for me. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Initially, I always underestimate myself on every scale but my job, my own experience, and my hard work bring me out of this mindset. Your points are too accurate for dealing negative thoughts.

  6. Practising gratitude is a good way to ward off negative thoughts from our head. When we can comprehend the extent of all what we have do we learn to live life happily. Good article.

  7. Negative thoughts are a slippery slope is we don’t control them in time. Meditation really helps. I also agree with your suggestion to write them down and analyze them. Often having them on paper helps process them.

  8. Thanks for sharing tips for dealing with negative thoughts. Focusing on your strength, and mindful meditation that I believe help me a lot while dealing negativity in my life.

  9. I am a firm believer in mindful meditation and it has helped me a lot. I feel it is okay to have negative thoughts, but we should not dwell on them. If we let them control us, that is damaging.

  10. Our mind is filled with so many thoughts and we all face the situation where we face with negative thoughts but it’s all about overcoming it. Your tips are really helpful will try and implement them.

  11. Great ways. If you turn small things into big things that bother you for days, weeks, or even longer, you’re having negative thoughts. Negative thoughts can make you feel sad and anxious. They take the joy out of life-and they can take a toll on your physical health. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to deal with them.

  12. Very well worded post, Archana. I am trying my best to get over negative thoughts but right now nothing seems to be working. But I am not going to stop trying. When the mind is weak we tend to ponder more on the negative and see the glass is half empty. I always see the glass half full. Hope I can overcome this phase soon.

  13. Meditation is the best way to deal with negative thoughts. It allows you to spend time with yourself in absolute shunya condition. I love doing it whenever I get time and late at night is the best time for me.

  14. This pandemic has had an negative impact on mental health. Many people I know feel low from time to time, especially the older generation who were cut off during lockdown. Most problems happen because of overthinking which leads to stress. And maintaining a gratitude list works as a visual proof for how much you have to be grateful for. I would like to add exercise and sunlight to your list. Even a simple brisk walk can uplift one’s mood . Similarly taking in the sunlight is also very good.

  15. Very useful post-Archana, you have shared workable tips. I practice gratitude, spend time with nature and meditate a lot. I also practice “MAUN”.

  16. Wow.. Scary facts but they are real. This is very important.. We all do get negative thoughts but how to deal with it is very vital for a mental stability.

  17. Thought are a part of our life. Our monkey mind do not sit at one place. It keep on wandering and obviously, it will come across emotions, experiences which in turns shape up our thoughts. But how to organize them is in our hands. The practices that you have mentioned are very powerful.

  18. I can vouch for Meditation being a huge help to handle negative thoughts. Some very valid points and helpful pointers here. Replacing a negative thought with a positive one also alters the thought process.

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