GAMMA The Best Heated Winter Jackets By Wear Graphene


GAMMA is an ultimate all-season jacket where function meets with fashion.GAMMA Jackets are built on exclusively Graphene’s amazing properties. A long-lasting, lightweight, insulated jacket.

5 Things That Make Graphene Great for Extreme Sports Apparel

Often dubbed the “wonder material” due to its excellent properties, graphene is one of the most exciting innovations in textile manufacturing.


It’s the thinnest material currently available, yet it offers excellent strength and flexibility. As a result, graphene has found its way into the manufacturing of cutting-edge sportswear.

To better understand why there’s so much hype around this material, this article will explain how graphene is made. We will also explore the properties that make it one of the best options for an all-climate jacket.

Plus, you’ll learn more about the Gamma jacket itself one of the newest arrivals in the outdoor apparel industry.

Graphene – How It’s Made?

The carbon material is sliced into super-thin tranches that have a unique structure. The tranches are actually thinner than human hair, but they’re flexible and very strong. Compared to steel, graphene is 200 times stronger.

Outdoor wear companies have found a clever way to incorporate fabrics with the material to enhance their properties. And the GAMMA jacket is among the newest additions to graphene-infused all-weather apparel.

These fabrics have a layer of single carbon atoms set in a hexagonal lattice. The unique structure gives the material its flexibility, strength, and excellent weather-proofing.

But this only scratches the surface of what makes graphene so unique. Let’s check out some of the more advanced characteristics of this material.

1.     Great Conductivity

Since graphene is carbon-based, it offers exceptional conductivity. Consequently, apparel manufacturers can create comfortable smart outdoor wear that can improve your athletic performance.

For example, graphene ink can be used in sportswear to create smart clothing that tracks the wearer’s vitals and movement. Because the material is super-thin and flexible, this smart clothing is no different in terms of weight and comfort than other sports apparel.

However, graphene’s conductivity also helps with thermoregulation, and the GAMMA jacket takes advantage of that.

Because it’s graphene-infused, this jacket creates a filter between the environment and your body. The GAMMA expels the excess heat during hot weather but distributes heat well during colder climates.

Simply, the jacket boosts your body’s ability to adjust to different temperatures without compromising comfort and breathability.

2.     Hexagonal Lattice

The article has already mentioned the hexagonal lattice as the structure partly responsible for the material’s outstanding characteristics. But it’s best to dive deeper as the given structure is also the reason graphene-induced clothing provides excellent support.

Due to improved heat transfer and breathability, wearing this type of clothing may improve muscle performance. And some high-performance garments may enhance an athlete’s posture while active.

But what does the hexagonal lattice do in the GAMMA?

Granted, it makes the jacket great for ensuring optimal thermoregulation and breathability. But the great thing is that this jacket is also non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

The material is suitable for any skin type, and there’s no reason to worry about any allergens. In fact, the material is impervious to most contaminants. And because the hexagonal lattice has a characteristic structure, odors can’t penetrate the fabric, nor can bacteria.

3.     Strength and Resistance

As mentioned, graphene is stronger than steel which means the graphene-infused clothing can take a substantial beating. But the material becomes really impressive when you see what the GAMMA jacket can withstand.

The jacket itself is impervious to punctures, scratches, abrasions, and tears. This means you can wear it on a strenuous hike where you need to navigate inhospitable terrain that could damage your gear. And the GAMMA is hard to cut, even if you took a sharp knife and tried to lacerate the surface.

Therefore, this jacket can provide years of reliable service, and will always look as good as new. But the added benefit is that strength and flexibility allow for straightforward maintenance.

You can machine wash the jacket at any cycle, and it won’t lose its properties. Better yet, the GAMMA is hard to get dirty in the first place as the material repels mud, dust, and other types of grime you may encounter.

4.     Windproofing

Combine graphene’s strength and hexagonal lattice with fabric, and you get a material that can withstand most alpine conditions. But the GAMMA took that one step further.

This jacket also has a proprietary weave that makes the material impervious to winds of 50mph. And even if you find yourself in a monsoon, you’ll still get out warm and dry since the material repels water.

However, it’s not only about the material. The GAMMA jacket’s zippers are waterproof as well, with a protective lining on top to secure a tight seal.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the wind rushing in through the sleeves or the bottom of the jacket. It is adjustable to fit perfectly around your wrists and waist. Plus, the sleeves feature fingerless gloves for added protection.

5.     UV Protection

Even the best rain jacket in the world is of little good if it lets UV rays penetrate its surface. When exposed to the sun for prolonged periods, it can cause skin damage and burns.

But when Konstantin Novoselov and Andre Geim were awarded a Nobel prize for their work with graphene in 2010, they discovered its amazing light-absorption properties.

In actual fact, graphene-infused GAMMA doesn’t absorb UV light. Instead, the jacket repels the harmful rays and helps keep your body temperature at an optimum. And this isn’t something you commonly encounter with other all-weather jackets.

In Graphene We Trust

Graphene is a relatively new material, particularly in the outdoor apparel industry. However, it’s one of the most promising innovations as it effectively addresses some of the challenges of creating high-performance clothing.

Its conductivity may remove the need for metallic sensors that track an athlete’s performance. But the most significant benefit of the material is its breathability and thermoregulation properties.

In addition, manufacturers can design a graphene jacket that’s super lightweight without any additional layering, which may bulk up the garment.

Lastly, it’s safe to say that graphene is going to become the staple of the adventure and outdoor clothing industry. And it will be exciting to observe what the future holds.

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