When I sit and think how this Pandemic has taken over our life, honestly, merely a thought of it thrills me. On the other side, it excites me equally that we are going to be an integral part of a historic moment. Some sources claims,” This Pandemic is the result of one nation’s voluntary lethal act”. Some believe, “This is the KARMA of humans, whatever they did on the name of growth, modernization, or own wish, they escaped skillfully by giving common justification i.e. it is a demand of the time, regardless what is right or wrong, so perhaps it is the effect of the rage of Mother Earth on us. When humans encountered any problems in life they ask God ” Why Me?” the strange part is, this time no one uttered a word neither a person nor community do you know why? Deep inside we all know the ongoing situation has come to show us a mirror and saying “be in your limits“. The OVER of anything has always brought hazardous consequences our history has witnessed many examples of it. This halt in life, be it social or economical every bit has proven this. This pandemic has given us various reasons to look inside, it reminded us to look back to our roots, rejuvenated the long lost ethics, parallelly it busted few myths also, made us understand the difference between want and need. Nevertheless, I am an Indian living in the USA who is experience and feel the change in both ways.

Dear Successors I would like to share some of my personal observations from different angles during this crisis, I want you all to be aware of from the very beginning also I wish this reality check may remain with you forever.

Agriculture Is The Back Bone of Any Nation:- Hey! my future generation before heading further let me remind you the two crucial points that I believe you have already learned about, these are:- Respect Food take only what you eat or can eat think before wasting it, respect the person who works day and night go through many sleepless nights to make sure his nation does not sleep hungry, Yes! you got it Respect Farmers.

As the COVID-19 crisis triggers most of the commercial firms to face the toughest time, almost every business’s future is on stake, with due respect of all the front line workers after them if someone has stood on his toes i.e. Farmer, do you agree with me? Lockdown led an uncertain pause o on many things like casual shopping, branded clothes, travel, restaurants, education (online class came as an alternative), most of the offices (work from home again an alternative), hospitals are overloaded with corona cases at some extent stopped taking general/other cases. We compromised on many essential items however, one thing that does not stand still even for a second is Grocery and Dairy, the basic food like grains. rice, dal, veggies, chapatis, spices, fruits, milk were the only items people are busy in managing to run the life. Imagine how brilliantly originally farmers and the related members in the chain have held the base of the country. The sad part, farmers are the one who suffers a lot in fact still suffering from the uncertainty of the weather, sometimes high debt killed them, some time distribution chain suppresses their hard work. Do I need to mention that the time has come where the condition of the farmers should be taken under consideration more sincerely by the government Advanced and upgraded, human-friendly, economical technology in the agriculture industry is the call of the hour? Fortunately, when most of the countries across the globe are struggling to stock the foods, India has generous food grains, and enough supplies to serve.

Developing Countries Are More Cautious Than Developed Countries:- I grew up with a myth that a developed country is any day a better place to live than a developing country, yes I agree up to some extent it is, life may be quite easier there, they do have better online services, a strong economical base, women are independent, moreover, my first myth busted when I saw their extremely complex phenomena of medical service, the complexity level is higher when your parents or relative needs medical emergency. Here comes another moment to dispel my rest of the myth, when I was in a belief that a developed country must have some better plans of precautions to deal with Corona, opposite to my expectations in many developed countries severity of the situation has not been taken that seriously before by the authority, services are fully open initially it was for limited hours only but now things are running on normal timing, I don’t think I need to mention about the graph of the mortality rate of such countries.

Crisis Brings Opportunities:- According to the Greek philosopher Plato “Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention” time has come to relive this very famous say once again. We can not deny Pandemic 2020 has shown us the worst of everything but if we dare to peep on the other side we would be able to see a vast number of opportunities are on its way to India. India has reflected the best version of its creativity during the lockdown phase, be it making reusable masks, matching masks to maintain the glam-sham, be it building immunity through yoga or homemade beverages if we really think about, the silver lining is right in front of us indicating that we could stand back even in a stronger way. A simple boycott of few imported items will open the doors for many innovations in the long term and short term as well. think positive be optimistic, because we know this shall too pass.

Country Can Only Develop When It’s Every State Develops:- Have read and watched innumerable heartwrenching stories of migrant daily wage workers. The harsh reality of their life tore me apart, especially the wounded little feet, the pain of hunger in their eyes will compel you to think twice if the states they originally belong to thought about to generate the jobs for them, the picture might have been something else, the situation could have been controlled up to a major extent. Here I feel that this is the time when the state authorities need to restructure their policies and plans to beget the opportunities for the future generation. Do not get me wrong here everyone is free to choose the state/country they want to live in, I am only thinking of those who feel more comfortable working in their home town, mere a job hunt coerce them to leave their state.

Hygiene Should Not Be Compromised:- The very basic thing that we have learned in corona season is the importance of Hygiene/Cleanliness not only within us but also around us. I am not a traveler kind of a person however sharing my side through my experiences, the states I have been traveled till now in my country India I have witnessed that the definition of hygiene and cleanliness are not the same in all the states of India. No, I am not going to blame any state authority here, as I believe the practice of cleanliness can only be performed when one can have thoughts of cleanliness in mind through this only one will get the way to keep his/her city clean. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Program may have launched by one person, endorsed by many renowned personalities zillion times, nothing is going to work unless each person going to stand for it, everyone has to understand that hygiene does not refer the cleanliness of own house only but also his society.

Have Some Time To Talk your Friends And Family:- Living in the USA, and the news going on channels about the COVID 19 situation has blessed me to have a talk with many of those relatives and friends (apart from own family members) whom I guess I talked for the very first time in my 12 years of marriage, or maybe just 2nd time, yes I know sounds funny but this true. Though we are connected on the WhatsApp group but not so actively like what and which company are they exactly executed? What are their future plans? How their health has been during the days? the situation is vice versa. So the crux of these relations is somewhere had left behind talking to those forgotten friends and family members have been blessings in disguise for us. This made us realize how busy we got into our own life. Do not wait for any crisis to knock down and then wake up to know what your friends and family whether near or far are up to, get some time as the mandatory job to call them, and talk to them about their well being, stay connected keep alive your relations.

These are some of my deep and crisp learning about the facts though I am still learning amidst the challenges Pandemic is throwing on us. Are you agree with the pointers mentioned above? Which new opportunities you think we can generate in the future as a personal or national level? Do not forget to share it with me.

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57 thoughts on “THE PANDEMIC THAT HAS CHANGED OUR LIFE UPSIDE DOWN #Pandemicdiaries2020”

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  2. Agreed to all your points. You have covered few important points which everyone should follow. This pandemic is a high time we change ourself. Great post written by you!

  3. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

    Quite a thoughtful article. Hygiene is the most important thing that we the human beings ignored much before. But Corona has taught us to be serious in this matter.

  4. I really appreciate your detailed and thought-provoking analysis of the coronavirus lockdown. I also agree with you on many points, especially the plight of farmers and migrants. I hope people in power take note!

  5. This is one of the most positive post I have read on the pandemic we keep on talking about the ill effects it has created but as you rightly mentioned in your post there are many things which we can look forward to as well glad to see the positive perspective in your post

  6. these are some of the very valid observations from this COVID 19 situation. Even I saw people fighting in supermarkets over food stuff so we should definitely value farm sourced products and go local.

  7. I totally agree with what you mentioned and feel yes every situation makes us learn something and so we learned a lot from this pandemic situation!!

  8. Each point makes so much sense, a country can only develop better when each state is paid equal attention to. COVID19 has taught us many lessons and I really hope we take some major steps in changing ourselves. From taking care of our loved ones to our own mental health too.

  9. The pandemic is so brutal on us. Sometimes I close my eyes to think that its just a nightmare and it will pass. But alas. Now that its real, we have to plan our lives accordingly.

  10. Yes, we have got so many reality checks during this pandemic but there is still a question mark on our survival and if we survive the virus then it will exhausts our savings. So let’s our best to keep ourselves safe from the virus and pray for everyone else as well.

  11. We never had so much time to introspect, understand where are we as a human race goiing wrong. With all the nuclear energy an industrialisation we knew where we are headed so yes it’s our karma. Hope we learn and get better from here.

  12. Very well-written post. Agree with all the points. The pandamic has totally changed our lifestyle – both for good and bad. Good hygiene has become an important part of our life and I guess that was much needed.

  13. This is a wonderful post Archana! You talked about the most relevant topics where we should pay our attention. Hygiene will always come first from now. And other scenarios have already changed. This pandemic has changed a lot.

  14. Loved your thoughts here Archana ! It is true that this pandemic though ruining us in many ways , has also taught us many life lessons which will not be easily forgotten.

  15. Ghazala Naseem

    Hygiene is so important and it was ignored earlier . Good that now people have understood it’s importance.

  16. You have poured the truth and your post is amazing. Thanks for connecting with me on this subject n phase which we never imagined in our wildest dream that we will encounter, We are into it. It will have a positive and negative impact on us and a lesson to learn. Nature is in rage and driving people to nuts. This phase will help us to live with the basics and recognize the importance of food and health that we tend to ignore in fast life. May this #pandemic2020 phase wanes and we come out peacefully. Well penned Archana.

  17. I agree with all the points mentioned here dear archana, specially point number 2, i agree developed countries had a complex medical system and I had observed that on personal level too, so many times. during this difficult time, developing countries like India has faced this challenging situation so wonderfully and it is really appreciating that despite having large population,our country has managed this greatly.

  18. Great Post Archana, and thank you very much for introducing me, dear.
    You have really covered all the important aspects be it hygiene, family, country and of course the prime provider Our farmers and Agriculture sector.
    Well said Respect Food, Respect framers, and I will add support, local producers, and providers. Stay Safe and happy blogging

    1. Absolutely true dear local producers and provider’s contributions are not less than farmers in any way. thank you for sharing your views on the post ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Keen observations! I too agree that instead of wasting food you could probably give it off to needy like the watchman or house keeping who maybe in need. There is a lot to learn from this pandemic and as you said we are all going to be a part of history. Hope we have many life lessons to share to future generations.

  20. An insightful post with many sane advice. We should never waste food, because what we are wasting may feed another person who may be less fortunate. Developed countries have developed healtcare. But corona infection is once in a lifetime situation, so many were not prepared about its severity. Overall I agree, life makes us adjust to situation as they come the hardway.

    1. I agree with you Abhijit ji that no one was prepared for this deadly crisis on also that developed countries have better medical facilities however medical insurance policies are very complex here what I have experienced in the USA, thank you for the reading and stopping by. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. A very nice thought process by Archana. I do agree that we should respect food, not just that eating should also be limited, especially rich food. It is also true that this problem can be sorted only by joint effort of every individual.

  22. Beautifully penned down Archana. Yes pandemic has taught us many lessons. To me the greatest lesson is life is too short and nothing is permanent. Live every moment. Kal ho na ho.

  23. COVID realized us that we all are out of the track, not respecting our Mother Earth even not any other living beings. So, its better to realize now otherwise Earth will take rigorous forms which cant be handled by human beings.

    1. I agree with you Bhawna at some point we have to accept that we have messed up with our mother Earth. Thank you for dropping by dear ๐Ÿ™‚

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