How To Handle Emotional MeltDown? #CauseAChatter

How To Handle Emotional Meltdown?

What Is Emotional Meltdown

Intense symptoms of stress, giant emotional outburst, overflow of shaky, vivid emotions are called an emotional meltdown. It happens with us many times that a strange feeling simmers away to leap out in senseless upsetting episodes in the signs of wailing, aggression, isolation, grumbling, withdrawal, impatience, insomnia, panic attacks, hallucinations, Anxiety.

Have you ever noticed yourself while standing in a queue waiting for your turn? Or while you found yourself cheated by someone? When the reality nulled your pile of expectations? Do you break down when your hard work gets ignored, and your peers get better appraisals?

Emotional breakdown in such circumstances is palpable. However, living in this can cause detrimental effects on one’s mental health. If ignored, it can also collapse the mental capability of the person. Not to be surprised, we all must have been through such a state of affairs once or twice in life.

Emotional Meltdown also displays physical symptoms. For example, eyes may well up with tears, faster heartbeat, shivering, shaking clammy hands, or some go out of sight and sit alone in the darkroom, dizziness, etc.

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Triggers Of Emotional Meltdown

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Again the Triggers of Emotional Meltdown may differ from person to person depending upon their surrounding factors. Asking few questions will guide you better in recognizing your source:

Check if you are hungry?

Every so often, it happens with some of their hunger pangs triggering their emotions. Primarily when the interval between two meals extends, that evokes the balance level of their blood sugar in the body (irrespective of whether they are diabetic or non-diabetic); eventually, it reduces their ability to think or speak calmly, which comes out as an ugly outburst.

Have you tucked your head under over engagements?

Every person has different potential to deal with stress measuring on a scale from 1 to 10. Some may break at 5; on the other, some remain enthusiastic to the scale of 10. And it’s completely OK. What is not OK when one ignores his potential to deal with stress and knowingly/unknowingly takes away his mental and physical health.

In addition to it, the hodgepodge of overtask perhaps compels you to step back from your committed words at some places. Damage of image sometimes encounters you with emotional breakdown.

Are you amidst upheaval?

The most common trigger is when you go through a transition phase of your life. For instance, maternity phase, marriage phase, job change, lost your loved one, change of abode, etc.

Have you worn out?

An unorganized day can leave you in wearies. Sleeping less than 6-8 hours, failing in coping up with integrated activities can be the menacing trigger for emotional Meltdown.

How To Deal With Emotional Meltdown

Gauge the reasons of your exasperation

Check the pattern of frustration, if it is associated with current or any past incident or trussed with future worries? Ask yourself if the thoughts would directly harm you in the coming days or it’s merely a feeling of insecurity?

Is your happy, healthy life with your loved ones going to vandalize by any means? Scrutinizing your thought process will inexorably narrow the flow of outbursts; a little push towards the positive notion will save your mind from futile chaos.

Keep Reminding Yourself The Conducive Mantras

keep reminding about your substantial positive aspects to your mind lke;

You will overcome this too

You are enough for you; if not, you are free to ask for help

You are ready to handle this

You are not going to give up in any way

Every problem has solutions; let me see what works for me

It’s just a matter of time.

Get The Control Over Your Body And Mind

During the emotional Meltdown, the central issue of concern is the physical safety of the victim. He should not lose control over his body or mind that leads to any catastrophe by harming himself. So for this, Distraction is in the utmost requirement. Let the emotions bursting inside come out; if the victim wants to cry, that’s OK, go for it; if he wants to pour out on paper, he must go for it. Do not stop him or wants to call someone who understands his silence more than his words( albeit not everyone is blessed with such a unique relation, so think before the call).

Venting out is neccessary to make the further path smooth. So do not be shy or hesitate to take either of the forms of expression. But before anything distract the victim from any violent activity.

Have you ever been through such a situation where you need to care for an emotionally melted down person? What were your steps in handling the situation?Do share!

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23 thoughts on “How To Handle Emotional MeltDown? #CauseAChatter”

  1. Emotional meltdown has become quite common in today’s stressful environment. But yes you have rightly pointed out, once you know the trigger points it becomes easier to tackle them.

  2. Noor Anand Chawla

    Nicely penned! Being able to identify the problem is half the battle won. Most often, my emotional breakdowns are timed with my period!

  3. Great post Archana and I loved the way you have described the whole situation and given needed solutions to tackle it effectively. I believe, it is very important to know the real reason behind the particular behavior of suffering person. positive communication and even just listening patiently can help a lot to tackle this situation effectively.

  4. Knowing the root cause is very important to solve the problem. Meltdowns happens and they can be handled. But first we need to tell ourselves that it is OK. We are humans and we have some odd days.

  5. This is comprehensive as well as brief. I like how you manage to point out all important details in a simple and understandable manner. Thank you for sharing this ‘need of the hour’ post

  6. The acceptance that there is a problem is the first step. I find listening to calming music very grounding in situation like these and yes a warm shower, like Mayuri said is completely relaxing too.

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  8. Realisation of the problem can surely have solution. You pointed out well that once we know our triggers then emotional meltdown can be handled in better way. Close family and friends can also help in identifying the same as humans tend to deny the flaws in self.

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