Do You Know Reading Improves Mental Health? #CauseAChatter

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When I came to the USA you know what was the first thing that surprised me about Americans? It was their habit of carrying a book during any long or short trips regardless of their age. I have met many book lovers in my life who relishes reading books on the train, flight, etc.

However, very rare to watch someone reading a book while waiting for his turn in the DL office, or in any govt. offices, most of the time I witnessed people are so obsessed with their gadgets as they hardly take pain to check who is sitting next to them.

I remember when I stepped out for the first from my US home with my family for SSN (Social Security No.) office. Where we were supposed to sit till we get a call from the window, after submitting the application. My phone was not active at that time, I was like how to pass the time, can’t go out for a walk as it was chilling weather outside.

What caught my attention, out of 50 persons in the hall approx. 40 people took out their books from the bags including kids, 3 women took out their knitting set. One woman seemed sick so she was a little sleepy. Rest 6 were happily trapped in the world of gadgets. Yes, I was actually counting every human being sitting in the waiting area.

One more incident that I would like to share is when I took my child for his School admission I noticed a wooden cupboard with a glass door outside the school, filled with books. It was a small library service school offers for the passerby. Anyone can come and take the book home to read and put it back with utmost honesty and if they have some extra book of their own at home. They can add those to that cupboard.

Isn’t it the kindest way to promote reading habits?

Library Outside School

These are few experiences that made me fall in the love of books again and again. I am so happy that my elder one is following the same path. With no offense, but it is the reality that the gadget world is taking over the real fun of reading books.

Sharing few benefits of reading and its connection to our mental wellness.

“Books are the quickest and most constant of friends they are the most accessible and wise of counselors and the most patient of teachers”. ~ Charles W.Eliot

“Books are the uniquely portable magic” ~ Stephen King, A Memoir Of The Craft

” The more that you read.the more things you will know. the more that you learn, the more places you will go.” ~ Dr.Suess, I can read with eyes shut.

Benefits Of Reading


The very first benefit from reading is of course Knowledge. Reading enriches your arena of knowledge with millions of information. Knowledge empowers us with tremendous confidence. As much as you read you build a larger stock of vocabulary. Command over vocab helps you in communication and writing as well. In the addition to that, It aids in acing in any field.

Reading Strengthens Brain Activity

Studies say the network of circuits and signals created in the brain by the habit of reading gets stronger by the growing age. Also, brain connectivity increases significantly during reading time in that brain part that responses way quicker to any body movement.

Reading Develops Empathy

Reading Fiction augments the ability to understand the other side of the story. Life and shades of characters help in building the power of belief. The ability to empathize and engage with diverse stories can bring a greater sense of connection in both kids and adults.

Reading Slower The Cognitive Decline

Expert says the habit of reading good books and articles prevents age diseases like Alzheimer’, Dementia as reading keeps the mind engaged in the right direction that one doesn’t have time to be alone or to overthink.

Reading Reduces Stress And Blesses With Quick Sleep

30 minutes of daily reading lowered the blood pressure and distress issues. Reading before bedtime can improve the chances of REM ( Rapid Eye Movement) sleep with the bliss of better dreams. Opposite to that online games or reading online keep you awake all night or late at night. That’s the reason I introduced my kiddos to the paperback reading.

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Reading Improves Memory

The regular habit of reading exercises the memory muscle. As reading requires focus, attention, and concentration at a time that is no less than a brain workout.

Reading Build And Connect With Community

Community makes us stronger. It connects us with like-minded people. When we read together we become part of a bigger cause. With the discussion over the books, characters of the story, listening to other’s perspectives not only develops our critical thinking skills but also enhances our power of patience.

Free Entertainment

Your love for reading books does not depend on the data connectivity or under the stress of bills or devices. You just need to visit and become a member of a nearby library to bask in the pleasure of millions of books. Of course, if buying every book is not possible for you.

So to keep your Mental health at priority dive into the pleasure of reading. It is not limited to the books reading anything on regular basis benefits equally.

have you found your love for reading? Do share!

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42 thoughts on “Do You Know Reading Improves Mental Health? #CauseAChatter”

  1. I agree with you Archana, reading has numerous benefits and this habit needs to be inculcated in kids in their early age as gadgets are taking away their creativity and imagination that’s is very heartening to see.

  2. I agree with you Archana, reading had numerous benefits and this habit needs to be inculcated in kids in their early age as gadgets ate taking away their creativity and imagination that’s is very heartening to see.

  3. I think reading is very important, especially for us who don’t go out and work in an office. Increasing our vocabulary is vital as we tend to become vegetables sitting within the four walls of our homes.

  4. It was very surprising and refreshing for me as an NRI when people in Europe go ‘wow’ when I tell them I’m a writer/author. They have huge respect for writers outside India. At least that’s what my experience has been. So your line about every American carrying a book hit me because that’s something I have observed in European countries as well.
    This blog post made me so happy, especially that free library photo.

  5. That is only different between foreign countey and India. I love India but as u said waiting area and you found books but not in India. This is where we need to improve.

  6. Loved the idea of leaving books for everyone to read. Wonderful of you to write about this as most children are disconnected from reading.

  7. Lovely post! In our family, we are all proud to be voracious readers and such insights about readers always makes us happy.

  8. Reading is one of the most enjoyable activities and can really keep the brain ticking. All the points you have mentioned are so true. Given a choice, I would choose a book over a device any day!

  9. Your point on helps to sleep reminded me of this meme that said a bookworm won’t go to sleep because they’ll read ‘just one more page’ 🤣 books are bae ❤️

  10. I find lot of peace and calm in books. my mind gets lost in the story and I forget what is happening around me or if something is bothering me. Nothing like books when I want some peace for my mind.

  11. I carry my Kindle everywhere I go, even on my honeymoon (to my husband’s surprise). You don’t know when you get a free few minutes to read.
    So, this post is very close to my heart. Great points.
    And idea of a small library outside school is really awesome. Wish they do it in India too.

  12. Books have been my best friend for long…it was great to know about the benefits. I also carry a book with me always. Its like a cushion to fall back on.

  13. Yes reading broadens your perspective, takes you away from your present state of mind and can make you laugh with joy! I love reading too and glad to have come across your blog via blog chatter! 🙂

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