#MyFriendAlexa Post 4

Movie Day out -Dream Girl

Cast: Ayushmann Khurrana, Nushrat Bharucha

Director: Raaj Shaandilya

The most awaited girl’s day out finally took place, I and my friends went out to watch the most talk of the town movie of these days “DREAM GIRL”. Reviews of the movie already raised my hopes and excitement high, before starting anything I have to say It is a must-go movie, go and witness one more feather to the cap of actor Ayushman Khurana. A laudable job is done by writers, which is full of double meaning dialogues, an extra dose of rib-tickler laughs, extra points for the perfect timing of punches, I will give 4/5 stars.

Friends, I am not presenting a formal way of a movie review here, Just sharing my experience and above that what I brought with me in my mind, from the movie as soon I step out of the movie theatre. First, have a glance at a storyline.

Storyline-: Young lad Karamvir Singh is blessed with an unusual quality of impersonating girl’s voice, due to which despite no wish, he used to play the role of Sita and Radha in town’s mythological skits, as he grew up nothing changed, tradition continues of playing girl’s role , Karam’s father was debt-ridden, mortgage his house, shop everything and desperately wanted his son to settle down with some lucrative pay and perk job, after so many efforts Karam managed to get a job at girl’s to call center, who offer services to their callers mostly men. The only thing he needs to do, entertain them by flirty chats, this call center runned by a man in a hidden way in night hours only, just behind his electronics shop. A worker named pooja left the job, one’s loss becomes the gain for other, same happens here, Karam gets the job on the basis of his unique quality of voice change of girl and again situation compels him to do what he hated the most, right from his childhood, i.e.receive calls of callers in the voice of a girl. All was going well until Karam gets to engage with his choice of girl and planning to marry her soon. Later he finds that callers to whom he used to entertain by his attracting and over-friendly, loving voice, have started falling for him and strangest part some are from his known/close relatives /family members, and from that point all the hustle bustle starts ends up with a very strong message of this era, that in spite of being on various social media, connecting with huge number of friends and family deep inside everyone is fighting with their loneliness.

Movie Message

In the end, the message given by is the reality of today’s era where we have a long list of facebook friends, an increase of one or two numbers of followers on Instagram/twitter gives us great happiness but is this, real happiness? Do you have a single friend who listens to you without judging you?

My answer is some of you might have blessed but majority denies, This movie tells us, to be the POOJA of somebody’s life and get the POOJA of your life, get at least one true friend who listens to you, on the other hand, be ready to listen to someone . Pooja is not a gender, it could be your next-door neighbor, your spouse, your colleague, your cousin, your sibling, your parents, your grandchild, your teacher, your friend or anyone, open your heart in front of someone, you can trust you can talk openly, I believe to be healthy and happy, physically and mentally, it becomes the demand of time and a call of a fit mind, to identify and preserve the worth and truthfulness of your own personality instead of killing your inner self in proving or adjusting yourself in the world of irrational competition, where everyone pretends to befriend on the condition of their interest and convenience, out of which they are least interested in you and your know about.

A message to think about.


I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa.

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