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GANPATI FESTIVAL -Ganpati Bappa Morya!!!

After the celebration of Hartalika Teej, I and my family were all set to welcome Bappa at our home Chaturthi Ganesh Chaturthi, is a Hindu festival celebrating the arrival of Ganesha to earth from Kailash Parvat. The festival is celebrated with the establishment of Ganesha idols (clay made eco-friendly preferably) at homes, or publicly in temporary pandals.

Ganpati At My Home.

At my home, It been 7 years of welcoming Bappa, Due to rooted from Varanasi a city of eastern Uttar Pradesh, Ganpati festival is not very common there in spite of being a city of temples and Ghats, it wasn’t very famous for celebrating Ganpati Mahotsav at that time, however I was so obsessed by this festival right from my childhood , don’t know why and how? My determination was so strong even that time too, that whenever I get an opportunity, with my inner confidence and strength I am definitely going to bring Ganpati at my home and will be celebrating this festival to the fullest. After marriage when I got shifted to Pune my obsession for this festival become stronger resulted I and my husband both joined hands with equal excitement and decided to grab the opportunity to do Sewa of Ganpati Bappa for certain days at our own home. I tried my best to collect all the right and bit convenient information regarding, the rituals and customs related to pooja, vidhi of immersion and all, and eventually brought eco-friendly Ganpati at home. Choosing eco-friendly idol, I believe is the first step of the sense of responsibility towards Ganpati Worship, which, one should never ignore before moving forward.

Here I am sharing some pics of my Ganpati celebration every year. In every pic you can easily see my learning stage of deco, only the excitement of this festive celebration remains the same every year means at peak.

Ganpati 2013 First year of Ganpati
Ganpati 2014 Almost same theme consecutively.
Ganpati 2015 The first year in the USA just shifted simplest deco with very limited items.

Ganpati 2017
Ganpati 2018
Ganpati 2019

I would like to mention that Decoration’s idea and credit straight goes to my husband and his creativity. I enjoy each and everything during this season from making modak, to preparing prasad thali, meeting friends, performing aarti together, going to their place for Ganpati darshan and aarti, etc.

Handmade Modak
Handmade White Modak
Ganpati Darshan and Aarti time
Ganpati Darshan

After 5 days of celebration on the 5th day, the saddest part of this celebration comes i.e. immersion. it’s the time we say bye to Bappa by making a promise to keep his hands and blessings on us and our home, till the time he comes to meet us again next year. I prefer to do the immersion process in the bucket at my home only.

I must confess here that as a responsible citizen I always promoted to keep our rivers and ponds water clean and prefer to do immersion of idols at home into the bucket only,but I never do it on my own, here in the USA when I started doing immersion at home I too promised myself whenever I will be back to India I am going to continue my this tradition there too.

Ganpati Visarjan
Right after 30 min of immersion, just think about it if everyone starts to follow the same way of immersion in India too, the problem of water pollution will resolve automatically by 50%.

After the completion of the immersion process we all friends eat prasad and some refreshments together, just to give a happy ending to the Ganpati festival.

refreshment time.
refreshment time.

It’s all about my way of Ganpati celebration.will come up some more interesting topics.

Stay Tuned!!!!


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74 thoughts on “#MyFriendAlexa Post 2 Festive Week 1”

  1. Wow!! You have kept pictures of all the years. I could feel the passion with which you prepare your home to invite Lord Ganesha every year. Heartwarming post
    #readbypreetispanorama for #MyFriendAlexa

  2. Ganapti festival marks happiness in every one’s life. Very beautiful decoration, wish I could see more clearly if images were little larger in size.

  3. Thank you for making us a part of your celebrations through your blog, loved every bit of it and the fact how our celebrations should not become a hazard to our eco system and if thought well like you did , each one of us can do our bit.

  4. Kudos to you for taking such an eco-friendly approach to Ganesh Chaturthi. If only every Indian thought in the same way. I’m glad that you’re keeping the tradition alive from across the seas. 😄

  5. I also belong to U.P but lived in Pune for 5years.. I loved that place and the vibes during ganpati is so amazing… So I can relate to you pretty well.. I am also planning to get Ganpati hi to our home in near future whenever we are ready

  6. Great to see u celebrating so well abroad too and u have the pics of the past years to. I feel the same about immersion. This year I didnt do the puja due to some problems. Ganpati Bappa Moriya! #wordsmithkaurreads #BlogChatter #MyFriendAlexa

  7. Indian festivals are jubilant and very lively. Only that of we get a little sensitive towards environment and our next door neighbors, things will get more merrier.
    Noise pollution or water they end up creating a ruckus instead of joy for many. We love Bappa and this time decided to have no DJ and high volume music during the festivities.

  8. A virtual tour for every year’s Celebration gives that sense of instant peace and happiness 🙂 I loved the way every year it was minimal yet classy at the same time.
    #MyFriendAlexa #vigorousreads

  9. such an awesome celebration, had a great time while reading about Ganesh utsav celebration..we too have similar kind of celebration at home and yes immersion make feel us sad, #Surbhireads #Myfriendalexa

  10. In this part of the country, Ganpati Festival is more of a show off and made of unbelievable logics. Like, we have always brought PU Ganpati in our house so it will be not good if we will bring mitti ka ganpati this year. People simply want show off and dance on streets that’s it. Noone knows the real ritual.

  11. It’s really nice feeling to celebrate festivals with full on spirit and fun, how you have made the celebration more happier with clay ganpati and doing visarjan at home. It’s really nice way to save environment and celebrate too.

  12. Its so sweet of you to cherish those pictures. The decoration looks wonderful. I am also in USA form last 13 years. We don’t do Ganapati Sthapana here but I do make Modak.

  13. I loved reading your post. It’s so nice that your are following your tradition. I loved all the beautiful Ganpati pictures and it is so nice that you bring the eco friendly Bappa home. Only if everyone takes care of the environment, our world will be better place to live !

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