Are You an Expert In Blaming Others? #CauseAChatter

Blame game

Reasons Why People Blame Others?

It’s Easy

Putting blame on others is the easiest way to get rid of or avoid all responsibilities. Also a short sightedness, inability to see their own personality issue and careless in nature towards the relations enforce the people to throw the ball of every wrong deed in other’s basket.

Defence Mechanism

While living in the world of lie, they get addicted to live under the shade of fakeness.

Fear Of Losing Control

They want everything under their grip in the society irrespective to their relevancy.

To Nourish Their Pseudo Ego

To save their so called ego and senseless thirst of looking good in everyone’s eye, illusion of superiority works as the main catalyst in being the owner of the blame-game.

Crazy For Justification

Over indulge in image making deeds, no matter what if the incident is related to them or not they make uninvited efforts in of explanation and look for opportuniy peep in the window to showcase their false image which actually not required in current scenario.

To Hide Their Fears And Anxiety

People expert in blaming others are actually coward. They can’t take chance by any mean to hide their fears.

Consequences Of Blame- Game

1). Loss of empathy and influence, unknowingly people who blames a lot sow the seeds of toxicity inside for their own.

2). They start losing their true relations.

3). Always live in the world of FOMO.

4). They give up on your real talent and skills.

5). Become the first victim of losing their own mental sanity.

6). They block the path of personal growth.

How To Avoid Habit Of Blaming

1). Accept the problem that you are possessing.

2). Give a serious lookout to a series of losses in terms of emotional building.

3). Start thinking rationally- where do you need to put the extra effort?

4). Make a conscious effort in changing perspective, and learn to let go.

5). Learn the most underrated behavior of apologizing. art of being sorry when you know that damage has been done by you only.

So these are the conscious efforts that can keep the mental health on track for longer to lead a contented life. Do you agree with me? Share your thoughts in comment

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