10 Ways To Get Back Your Lost Confidence #CauseAChatter

Building Confidence

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I am here again, participating in #CauseAChatter campaign organized by the team Blogchatter where I will be talking about some common day-to-day Mental health issues we face in our life along with very easy remedies to overcome them. So let’s start with the very vital ingredient that is required in building our personality and i.e. Confidence.

What is confidence?

Confidence doesn’t mean that you can do everything in the world. Instead, it is all about knowing yourself that you have the skills to turn any circumstance favorably that comes your way enveloped with unfavorable factors.

How low confidence or loss of confidence affects mental health?

Life without confidence is like a body without a soul. Loss of confidence degrades the quality of life, and people start dwelling in the world of self-criticism, which builds a muscular wall of depression, guilt, and anger around them.

Everyone on this planet once in a life has been through the darkest time where they ended up hitting up their confidence rock bottom. Reasons may vary, but the scars of loss undoubtedly are the same.

Not everyone finds himself courageous enough to pick the broken pieces of confidence to rebuild and stand back again.

What Causes Lack Of Confidence?

Negative self talk

Past Bruise or Trauma

Physical insecurities

Negligent and disapproving parents


Bad Company/Friends

Ways to Get Back Confidence-

Confidence is the basic need to survive anywhere in this world. With a bit of perseverance and a few helpful tricks, anyone could be able to get back their treasure of confidence. Before heading over the remedies, let’s glance at the possible roots that cause a lack of confidence.

Revamp Thought-Process

The very first thing that requires; is a tremendous change in the thoughts. Do a screening of your doubts and fears that restrict you to move forward. Have a clear vision of acceptance and now think about all the big and small possible creative ways to overcome these fears.

Focus On What You Can Control

Most of the time, we try to stand our confidence based on the things over which we do not have control, like what people think about us?; what if the desired result doesn’t come? Studies suggest,” To start anything project or process, we need to attach our conscious mind to the things we can control rather than exerting what we neither know nor manage.

Take Baby Steps In Setting Goals

The primary and easy way to regain confidence is to set small goals and follow the path to reach the big castle. Think Big, Dream Big. All phrases only work for those who diligently follow the baby steps of the process.

Seek Help

Always, always be up for seeking help from outside. Reach out to the expert’s team when you feel like nothing will work what you did in the past or blank with the plans to stand again on your feet.

Reframe Your Failure And Stay In The Game

Failure is inevitable. Don’t let the past dictate your future. It is definitely not the end of efforts. Instead, it is just a part of your story. You can lift the value of every loss by a classic thought of a lesson learned. Do not quit working on your fears and insecurities; confidence lies beneath those fears. Dare to drag it out until you succeed.

Do Not Fake It Till You Make It

Many of us are advised by our well-wishers, “Fake it till you make it”. I too believe this advice does work to face some fears but fails in long-term, perpetual victory. So, instead of faking something I don’t possess, I prefer to go with LAUGH Theory, i.e., Learn, Apply, Understand, Grow, Help. This theory is based on the principles of emotional Intelligence, the ability to understand and manage emotions.

Watch Your Posture

Studies suggest that people’s thoughts are influenced by their posture even when they hardly watch their posture. Richard Petty, the study’s co-author and professor of Psychology at Ohio University, said, “The results show how our body can affect not only what others think about us but also how we think about ourselves.”

Get Social

We, humans, are social animals. A network with like-minded people invites open conversation that enhances the knowledge of surroundings and raises the dopamine level of happiness hormones. Studies indicate that social engagements and solid connection to the community directly influence a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Live In The Present

Learn to appreciate what you have today instead of continuously bragging about past achievements (it doesn’t mean forgetting your winning moments, no, never) or lamenting losses. Do accept your failures and walk high head on your learning from them. Be affirmative in your thought process by listening to your instincts and trusting your gut.

Pat On Your Back

As I said earlier, never forget your past winning moments, those are the foundation of rebuilding the gone confidence. So move ahead on the new path of rebuilding by recalling all those things you thought you were not meant for it but eventually achieved. Do pat your back on every tiny victory. Yes, you deserve this before anyone notices it.

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Read the book to get more tips on Confidence building.

Would you like to share the story of your rough patch and the tricks to regain your crumbled confidence? Do share in comments; I am all ears.

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14 thoughts on “10 Ways To Get Back Your Lost Confidence #CauseAChatter”

  1. Seriously confidence is important these days . These are some great tips that you have shared. Living in the present and always keep moving on.

  2. Fab pointers. Revamp your thought process… this is first thing that anyone should act on. Our life is shaped by our thoughts. If negative thoughts rule our head, it is certainly going to reflect in every action of ours. So it’s important to fill our mind with the right things because our mind is very powerful.

  3. Good article! Your suggestions for getting back confidence are really good and effective. These can really help develop and build up one’s confidence levels at all times.

  4. These are some great tips that you have shared. Living in the present and working on your future helps. Dwelling is past takes us nowhere so better move away from it. I follow this mantra and when in doubt, like you said, I take baby steps.

  5. Confidence is something that can break you or make you. I agree with you, it is in our hand, believe in yourself and know yourself well. These two things can do wonders in bringing back your lost confidence.

  6. Firstly, understanding confidence is important. You have described it well. Some think that confidence is doing whatever you want. But yes, once you understand it, you can achieve anything in life.

  7. Confidence building is crucial at any age as it gives us the courage to face the world. Patting ourselves on the back and avoiding negativity surely help in that.

  8. Losing confidence happens with everyone at some age or some part of life. I remember when I lose I try to push myself a lot and talking to someone really helps. These are really great tips.

  9. Great post Archana and you have shared many great tips to get back lost confidence. I believe positive though process is first step that give us courage in moving ahead in our respective journey. also, learning from past mistakes is must, it helps in maintain a good confidence level and help us grow as a person.

  10. Confidence is a very important trait in almost every aspect of life. Body language our thought process, our habits plays a major role in building confidence. And I agree what you said Fake it Until
    You make it.

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  12. Seriously, without confidence, you cannot get ahead in life these days. You have listed out very good tips and if they follow them, then confidence will be built slowly and with determination.

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