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It would be very unfair if I step in for any food contest without mentioning my husband “A Superhero Of My Kiddos” and as it starts on FATHER’s DAY choice of preference straight goes to my husband , his all time favorite “Dahi Vade”,so here my first foodblog about Dahi Vade. I grown up with a strong belief that cooking can never be my cup of tea ,infact among all siblings I was the only one who hold all degrees of worst cooking like lazy ,poor, tasteless etc. but yes I must say that things are not the same ,after my marriage and having kiddos ,I won’t say I am very good at cooking but yes must say I love to try new recipes whatever my family demands and love to eat.

In my family whatever is occassion no matter, Dahi Vade is something which has to be on the top of the list.I prefer to make it by the unique recipe of none other than my mother.My mom is pro in making both varieties of it salty Dahi Vade,sweet Dahi Vade and mixture of both sweet and salty.

Here I would love to share a quick recipe of my khatte meethe Dahi vade.


Urad Dal (Split Black Gram Lentil)
Red Chilli Powder
Normal Salt as per taste
Sugar(1 tbsp)
Refined Oil to fry Vada

Ingredients for Chutney
Salt(pinch only)
Cumin Seeds
1Dry Red Chilli(optional)
Fenugreek Seeds (2-4)

1)To prepare tamarind chutney at home soak tamarind for 30-40 min in warm water and then mash it into the water ,strain it with strainer to get all it’s smooth pulp.

2)Take a pan with 1/2 tbsp of oil ,put some cumin seeds,dry chilli(optional) and fenugreek seeds let it be splutter then add tamarind pulp ,jaggery and water,keep it on boil till it gets little thicker,after that switch off the stove and wait till chutney cools down to room temperature.

For tamarind and dates chutney you can buy it readymade also from any indian grocery store,if you wish to have quick ready dahi vade.

Recipe For Vada:-

1)Soak Urad dal overnight,drai and grind into a batter.

2)Add asfoetida,salt,chilli,give it a good mix untill batter gets some air into it.

3)Heat oil into the pan,take a small portion of batter shape it in vada,keep one raisin inside of it (completely optional),and deep fry it till turns into golden brown.

4)Soak fried vada in warm water,put a pinch of salt into it and keep aside .


Add all together to get the best base of khatta meetha vada for which start with sugar ,salt,black salt, roasted n grounded cumin seeds ,tamarind chutney,red chilli powder.Mix it well .

and now the final part get the soaked vada out of the water ,give it a squeeze with light pressure palm and dip it in prepared curd.After 20 -25 min curd syrup nicely absorbed by the all vadas from inside too ,garnish it with roasted grounded cumin seeds,black salt,red chilli,and corriander leaves,the tasty dahi vade are ready to serve and eat.

This post has been written by me for the event BharatKaZaika.

#BharatKaZaika is a blogging event conducted by #BlogBoosterIndia. Hosted by Aditi, Mahesh, Pragun, Preeti, Saba, Sanjota, Sudip, Suhasini, Supriya and sponsored by Habhit Wellness Private Ltd.

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52 thoughts on “Food blog #Bharatkazaika Day1”

  1. Hello There. I found your blog using google. This is an extremely well wrtten article.
    I’ll make sure to bookmaark iit and return to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the
    post. I’ll certainly return.

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  3. Dahi vada is a great dish. Whether one is eating outside in a restaurant or at home, I can never have enough of it. Restaurant dish becomes better garnished, but home cooked ones are also delicacies. Thank you for writing this post.

  4. My mom made the best dahi vade too and I follow her recipes to get them right. Amazing how we always turn to them whenever we have some cooking need or emergency, isn’t it? 🙂

  5. As I read your post, I started missing my mom. When I visited her, this summer vacation she made Dahi Vade especially for me. She makes yummilicious Dahi Vade. I liked your post for the detailed but simple steps provided.
    #preetispanorama #BharatKaZaika

  6. My husband also loves Dahi vade. So, I always keep white urad dal in my kitchen. Since last 7 years of my married life, I have made Dahi vade so many times that now it is just a matter of 1 hour for me. I also make stuffed Dahi vade in which I stuff dry fruits mix inside the vada. They also come very delicious with little sweet dahi.

  7. Yummm…Dahi vade. I love them.
    You know I used to think that I am far away from cooking but after coming to the other side of the world, I have explored it and later after having kids, to introduce them to Indian coking and authentic dishes, I tried many dishes. Luckily, I hardly had any flop shows.


  8. Yum 🙂 I make Dahi Vadas and I absolutely love them. The only difficult part is the amount of effort we have to put in the preparation of Vadas. Delicious post 🙂

  9. I don’t like Vadas but I like dahi vadas..isn’t that so strange? Loved your recipe Archana. Thanks for posting. #bharatkazaika @blogboosterind @habhitwellness

  10. I am not so fond of Dahi vade don’t know why but may be my tasting of first dahi vada of my life went wrong. And I never could have that love connection again but but but my hubby loves them truly so I may try this recipe for him

  11. Yummy, dahi bade is one of my most favourite recipe and we have a family tradition to make this dish at the time of holi. Thanks a lot for sharing this with proper details😀#bharatkazailka

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