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In wikipedia language, Litti is a staple food of Bihar, and Eastern Uttar Pradesh. It is made of whole wheat flour and stuff with Sattu(Gram flour powder). Best Litties should be cooked in low fire of cow dung cake. The taste of Liiti lies on its stuffed material i.e.: sattu. Dry sattu is mixed with chopped garlic and ginger and some Indian dry species to give a tangy flavour.

First I would like to share a very traditional and popular way of Litti, along with chokha ,It is a dough ball made up of whole wheat flour and stuffed with Sattu (roasted chickpea flour) mixed with herbs and spices and then roasted over coal or cow dung cakes or wood then it is tossed with lots of ghee.Although very often confused with the closely related Baati, it is a completely different dish in terms of taste, texture and preparation. It may be eaten with yogurt, baigan bharta, alu bharta, and papad. The litti are traditionally baked over a cow-dung fire.

Although, for many reasons these days it become almost impossible to get this pure taste of litti chokha in cities or towns and specially when you are thousands of miles away from your own country, but for those who are extremely fond of this dish like me, able to find their way . So here comes my tadka, no, not mine actually my mom’s tadka, by turning litti chokha into sattu poori and chokha. I always been crazy about sattu poori and chokha since before my marriage, and after marriage there are so many changes takes place in one’s life but one thing was there ,that never changed for me Yesss Yess you got it right!!!!!! My all time favorite, my love for sattu poori , which hit the top list there too.

It has all the ingredients as similar to pure Litti with only difference of frying instead of baking in fire, baking can be done in oven also but that recipe i will share some other time. the core taste of sattu poori comes from it filling only so, here I share my recipe of making delicious sattu poori and chokha.


Prep Time :- 15 min

Cooking Time :-15 min

Servings :- 2

Chokha (Bharta)


  1. Eggplant 1 (Roasted)
  2. Boiled potato 1
  3. Tomato 1 (Roasted)
  4. Green Chilli
  5. Cilantro
  6. Garlic
  7. Salt
  8. Mustard oil (1 table spoon)
  • Roast eggplant and tomato on roaster or in microwave,peel it off.
  • Mash boiled potatoes and mix all the ingredients all together.

Sattu Poori

Make a dough of Wheat Flour.

Ingredients For Filling.

1.Sattu Atta (get it from any Indian grocery store)

2.Ajwain (Carom Seeds)

3.Kalonji (Nigella Seeds)

4.Onion (chopped)



7.Green Chilli


9.Red Chilli Pickle

10.Mustard Oil (1 tbps)

11. Salt

12.Refined Oil to fry

Mix all the ingredients all together,give it a good mix,your filling for sattu poori is ready.

  • Make a ball of kneaded dough stuff it with sattu fillings.
  • Bind it carefully and roll it in small round shape.
  • Deep fry it. poori is ready.

NOTE :- Do try it with simple masala tea also , I am sure you are going to love it.

This post has been written by me for the event BharatKaZaika.

#BharatKaZaika is a blogging event conducted by #BlogBoosterIndia. Hosted by Aditi, Mahesh, Pragun, Preeti, Saba, Sanjota, Sudip, Suhasini, Supriya and sponsored by Habhit Wellness Private Ltd.

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51 thoughts on “#Bharatkazaika Post 2”

  1. I am salivating while reading this, these look so yum. I absolutely love eating this and thought this must be so difficult to cook. The recipe seems easy to follow, would love to try this.

  2. This is a new recipe but really sounds lovely. Must try soon!!! My mom is from Benares and she talks of this often but somehow I have never had it!! Thank you for the recipe.

  3. Have heard about it a lot but haven’t tasted it yet, though I love it’s other version called Dal bati with bharta.
    #MyFriendAlexa #Momlearningwithbaby #Blogchatter

  4. Have heard a lot about this signature dish of Bihar but never got a chance to taste it. And now I havegot the recipe, I may try it if don’t find a place serving litti chokha

  5. I tried making Litti chokha once following a recipe I got off the internet and liked it. The raw mustard oil taste in the chokha is a little harsh I feel though. Will try yours too.

  6. Wow, such yummm zaika of litti chokha.
    I first tasted it with one of my bihari neighbor and since then I just love to dig in it.
    She used to make it on coal fire and it tasted awesome.
    Sattu puri with tea for sure will try.

  7. I have tasted delicious Litti choka in Banaras, they are unbeatable n winters, love them. Thanks for recipe

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