Book Review: Mystery on Church Hill (The Virginia Mysteries Book 2)

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Today I am going to be reviewing an AWESOME book to have in your display, this book is Mystery on Church Hill the Virginia Mysteries Book 2! As you may have read, I have reviewed the first book of this series, you may check it out here.

Book Title: Mystery On Church Hill

Author: Steven K. Smith

Publisher: MyBoys3 Press

ISBN: 978-0-9893414-3-1

Language: English

Genre: Fiction/ Mystery

Pages: 168

Format: Paperback

Rating: 4.5/5

Available: Amazon


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This book is about our previous characters, Derek, and Sam when Sam goes on a field trip to Richmond’s St. John’s
Church with his classmates, Billy, and Caitlin. After, an “unusual” bathroom break, he discovers some thieves trying to find a certain object!

Learning about a certain figure named “Jerry.” They team up with an unlikely ally, aiding them with information about Richmond’s History. Could our daring detectives be outmatched? Or will they rise above the odds and prove us wrong?


Adding real-life historical events to the mix, this book was filled with giggles and fun, while subconsciously teaching me about the wonders about the city of Richmond and Williamsburg. It is always good to catch up on a little history! Suspense, this book’s suspense is out of this world! It is a nail-biting and seat edging mystery.

I couldn’t wait to finish the book when reading this chapter to chapter. It is incredibly good at delivering the mystery and thriller feeling to you when reading it. Every part of this book is very professionally written, and it leaves no cliffhangers that may confuse the reader, which is always a sign of a terrific book.


This book can be very unfamiliar to our fantasy readers, I feel like you should have a sense of mystery, and vocabulary to
understand this book. It would undoubtedly augment your reading skills.

Final Verdict:

This book best serves the category of middle school scholars or you can say to 8-13 age group readers. It is an awesome book to read if you want some young Sherlock Homes type of book in your collection. I would rate this book Is a 4.5/5 it is a very seasoned book!

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