Book Reading Challenge 2021 By Blogchatter #TBRChallenge

Blogchatter never stops to amaze me. Every time it manages to come up with so many innovative ideas to bring discipline to writing. This year Blogchatter has brought the new challenge, or rather I should say, the first-ever reading challenge of 2021 for the blogging community.

For the readers like me who easily lose track of their reading, no other way could be better than to join this challenge. When I heard about this challenge by the team Blogchatter on New Year’s Zoom Party. I hopped in immediately got registered myself for this incredible challenge without giving another thought.

About #TBRChallenge

  • This Reading challenge will run for the whole year.
  • To participate in the Book Reading Challenge 2021 by Blogchatter, the first thing one has to do is complete his/her public profile on the website of Blogchatter.
  • Go to your Dashboard, click Reading Challenge, read all the rules, get yourself registered.
  • Once you registered yourself, set the target for the total number of books you think you can read in the whole year. Keep the target realistic.
  • When the target is set, one can keep adding the books to his reading shelf. I started by setting it 10 Books.
  • For the selection of books, you can check with the Ebook Library on Blogchatter Website. It has a collection of 40+ books of different genres also you can have your own choice of books.

So Yeah! Fingers crossed, I am so excited to participate in my first ever reading challenge by keeping the minimum of targets. Hopeful of adding more once I achieved this. I am a person who loves to challenge myself every day; winning out of my comfort zone gives me immense satisfaction and happiness. This time I want my reading discipline back in any way.

Come on join me in challenge and wish me Luck!

‘I’m participating in the #TBRChallenge organized by Blogchatter“.

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2 thoughts on “Book Reading Challenge 2021 By Blogchatter #TBRChallenge”

  1. So happy to see you participating as well, Archana. So am I this time! And like you I also hope to get my discipline back *fingers crossed*

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