Ways Of Being Financial Independent !! #CauseAChatter

This Pandemic has given us countless reality checks apart from just being positive, from exploring hidden talent, from being creative, it has made us realize how important it is to be financially independent too.

The rising death rates due to COVID 19 have turned down the track of several lives. Recession in jobs is still ripping apart many dreams, people have become bound to go back to their Janmbhoomi (hometown/village) after losing their hope to survive in their Karmbhoomi (working/earning land). Cut down incomes have seized the glee of the umpteenth faces.

Financial Independence Of Women

Amidst all the pangs the biggest lesson that comes in front of us that despite the blurred vision about the future if you are getting full plate meals, have a roof over your head trust me you are chosen to be the blessed one side by side we can not deny the fact that money can not guarantee your happiness, a feeling of being secure does. Financial independence is the ability to earn on your own.

It is very unfortunate that the significance of the financial independence of a woman always takes back seat. In India, many women choose to stay at home reason could be different in every home sometimes because of their own choice sometimes motherhood demands to put their careers on the back burner, or sometimes domestic needs overtake their ambitions as the result somewhere their lives totally depend on the men.

The real struggle arises when circumstances turn unfavorable for instance be it the widow, separated, divorcee, or join hands with husband to earn decent amount to meet the ends when time urges to efficient homemaker to wear the cap of breadwinner for the family.

Over the last twenty to thirty years, we have seen an encouraging shift away from this chauvinistic paradigm however, when it comes to the ground reality – financial independence among women is still miles from where it needs to be.

Reasons For Being Financial Independent:

1). To stand wisely and confident when crisis knocks down, the readiness to face things will not let you break down.

2). To engage yourself in a productive way after managing all the house chores rest of the time can be used fruitfully rather than sitting idle.

3). To enjoy a better lifestyle that leads the broadway of one’s life, by raising his/her living standard.

4). To support your family and partner to meet the ends of the whole family including kids or elderly members in a much smoother way.

5). To taste the freedom of your choice, where to invest?, how to invest?, it certainly develops one’s knowledge about money management.

6). To provide a better future to your kids’, An increased income not only secures the future of the kids but also makes you a good decision-maker in terms of trending career options.

7). For the peace of mind that your capability is being recognized and acknowledged by society.

Ways To Generate Income Staying At Home:-

Some of the work that can be start mainly by women while staying at home, taking care of their home and kids simultaneously.

  1. Online Tutorial: This Pandemic has proved that even if physical things will be halted virtual world remains the same, demands of online classes are in full swing, language classes, dance, music, calligraphy, baking, cooking, painting, photography, etc. everyone has fair opportunity to earn online.
  2. Freelance Content writing/Blogging: So much in trend these days start writing blogs by identifying your niche, brand collaboration, affiliate marketing, speaking gigs, selling freelance services, etc, are the various ways to earn something on your own just by following the passion of writing.
  3. Youtube channel/Vlogging: Sufficient knowledge and a will to share it publically that can help someone to learn specific things in this case youtube channel is waiting for you, start it, work on consistency of making videos.
  4. Crafts Work: Handmade imitation jewelry, bags, deco items / DIY practices all kinds of craftwork can bring lucrative opportunity to being financially independent.
  5. Small Scale Business: With the support of Government to the small scale business homemade pickles and papads business can generate income.
  6. Tiffin Services: Either can start direct tiffin services to the different sectors of employees, income can be started or through indirect services like by serving homemade food to canteens.
  7. Network Marketing: An active participation in online network marketing client business can also be a source of income by putting a very small amount of investment.
  8. Database Entry: Many firms offer “work from home” database entry jobs by filling their survey forms to market their product, it could be one of the best ways to monetize your free time.
  9. Designing & Tailoring: Through designing clothes and stitching, boutique services can be considered for earning purposes.
  10. Home Tuitions: The best way to share your knowledge is tutoring it can be practiced anytime at home. Though the Pandemic crisis has shelved the face to face learning.
  11. Baby Sitting: Babysitting service is something that is on the boom, requires an extreme level of honesty and reliability, can be started anytime from home itself.
  12. Occasional Service: It can be done either on own or in partnership with close friends or family members. Collective efforts of different streams of manpower/services to organize the events.
  13. Beauty Expert: Serving the salon/beauty services from home to nearby areas, societies can draw a handsome amount of earning.

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  1. A very important post. Women need to be financially independent. Gone are the days of depending on spouse or parents. You have listed some great tips that many will find useful.

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