Change Of Life Routines/Method During The Lockdown!!

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Knockdown of Lockdown

How come the rest of the things could be the same when a deadly virus has horribly shaken the whole world. During the start of the year 2020, little did we know a tiny virus is in the planning of a world trip. Those who were diligently followers of the news channels probably had a bit of knowledge about the circumstances that other countries were facing due to Coronavirus.

Lately, everyone started to witness the severe effects of Covid19 nationwide and the change in the surroundings. So the change in the outer world has invited a big favorable/unfavorable change in our daily routine too. Undoubtedly this Pandemic has taught us many lessons.

Changes In Life Routine:-

1. Tiffin/Lunchbox Prep.- The only point where I found myself in solace during the lockdown was a break from preparing my kid’s lunchboxes early morning. So yes lockdown has brought this foremost change to mother’s routine.

2. Online Classes- It would not be wrong if I say that the Pandemic has extinct the face to face learning process at least for the year 2020 it does. Not only regular classes also most of the extracurricular activities either have been halted or turned to online learning. this thought process has given the rise to another debate between parents and school management i.e. rebate in school fees.

3. Virtual Meeting- Lockdown does change the mode of meeting people, mode of celebrations, open mic events, recruitment process, etc. but honestly, it could not become successful in restricting our zeal, and that is the power of human being, I am sure many of you planned many virtual meetings to meet your old/new friends, to surprise your friends’ and family on their special day.

4. Travel Banned- The saddest part that got added to our new normal routine i.e. ban on travels. Although some of the domestic travelings are not restricted from the public entrance, considering the safety of self and loved ones, as well as travel plans, has taken the back burner.

5. Savings- This changed routine of lockdown has come as a savior in raising the balance of saving accounts. Will you agree with this? Of course, this virus has shelved our plans for shopping, traveling, eating outside, party expenses, movie plans, and many more which directly indirectly helped us in saving.

6. Mask and Gloves Life- Have you ever thought of this era when Mask and Gloves will make their space to our wardrobe? Nope, I never! the best thing is that our life routine has well settled with M&G now as a fact we know that precaution is always better than cure.

7. Gardening- I recently found my lost love for gardening, this time veggies have upper hand than flowers in my list. Lockdown made us learn how important it is to have a small kitchen backyard where at least one must know how to grow basic easy veggies like chili, tomato, bell pepper, cilantro, mint, etc.

These are the pinpoints through which I found a big change in my life routine during the lockdown. Do share your life changes that have some sort of similarity with mine. Have you adopted any new method of living?

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7 thoughts on “Change Of Life Routines/Method During The Lockdown!!”

  1. You have indeed penned down all the changes lockdown has brought in our lives. Of course more than anything else, the saddest part is not getting to meet our near & dear ones and travel. The lockdown has made us realise the importance of time, relationships and most importantly having a schedule to adhere and have our sanity restored.

  2. Hi Archana, this is indeed true for most of us. There is a whole new routine in lockdown, and I often wonder how we will get back to a normal one in due course!

  3. yes dear lockdown has bought so many changes in our previous routine, in fact today morning I was thinking about previous time of making tiffin for my girls early morning. i think we human have amazing adaptability to accept new changes. and all these changes had proved that thing. very well written post dear.

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