#MyFriendAlexa Post 8- Thank You, Alexa!!


My first #My friend Alexa’s journey finally comes to an end. With the strong belief of thoughts that every ending is a new start of some other phase, I am saying goodbye to Alexa, you will be missed badly, Alexa.

You made me learn so many things which as a newbie in a blogging world I must bring into the practice, for the betterment of my blog. Whenever I thought of writing I was so afraid and confused about the direction like ……

Who is going to read my articles? How I can approach the platform? Where I can explore a more powerful and meaningful way to pen my thoughts? How to tell someone that I do want to write however struggling in writer’s block phase? Being a blogger or writer Is this normal to face writer’s block?

I can’t express my gratitude in words to the team Blogchatter for coming up with so many innovative activities, for instance, A2Z Challenge, My Friend Alexa, which indeed works as a guide for all the bloggers especially those who are new to the world of writing like me to keep their reading and writing habits aligned.

Sending a big bear hug for the whole team of Blogchatter, for solving all my queries from time to time. Not for a second you made me realize that I am someone very new to this field and lacking in so many terms. With no idea of blog analytics, Alexa ranking but anyhow you were always there to show me the path.


  1. I promise you Alexa I will meet you again with the same frequency of reading, you are leaving me.
  2. I am going to stick with the practice of writing, if not 8 in every month, then at least with 4 posts per month, I will be there with some interesting topics. Fingers Crossed!!!
  3. Alexa, you introduced me with the wideness of the blogging world, I am going to preserve this wideness until we meet again.
  4. Alexa you have given me a big lot of some awesome, talented blogger friends, I promise you I will keep increasing the size of these talents.


I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa.

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5 thoughts on “#MyFriendAlexa Post 8- Thank You, Alexa!!”

  1. I also feel the same way as you feel., indeed Alexa has enriched us bloggers with great reading and writing experience and I also want to maintain same momentum after Alexa too. #Alexanonstop

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