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Feeling Of Isolation
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There is no doubt about it that during the lockdown we have witnessed several moments of fun, laughter, togetherness, and sometimes sadness also for some people it was for a while only for others a little longer but somehow we found the way to cheer up ourselves in every situation.

But everyone does not have the same story to share some people could not able to buck up from their negative feeling and started dwelling in the perpetual negative feeling of Isolation. Many times we get confused between the terms Isolation and Solitude. Jeanne Marie Laskasso has cleared the blur by differentiating between both he said, “Isolation is aloneness that feels forced upon you, like a punishment. Solitude is an aloneness you choose and embrace. I think great things can come out of solitude, out of going to a place where all is quiet except the beating of your heart”.   

Have you ever felt isolated despite surrounded by several people? While staying indoors and interacting less with people, it is very natural to underlie the stress of worry, asking questions to ourselves umpteenth time that Do these masks and gloves or lockdown ensures our safety? Are we going to survive in an uncertain environment? Is our future secure?

 Albeit being so active on all the social media, a group chats with friends and peers, feeling of house arrest left many people not only physically stiff but mentally isolated also. Once a person gets influenced by this negative feeling, it may not able to differentiate between right or wrong, which causes a severe loss as a family member. So as a responsible human being it is very essential to know about your loved ones, their reasons for happiness, their sadness behind their smiles, their changed behavior, etc.

Let’s have a close look at the reasons why and how someone feels isolated?

Reasons To Feel Isolated:-

Lack Of Social Circle:- Long term confinement, sudden loss of friendly hours, bygone days of face to face meeting with friends, total off with any kind of interaction with family members due to extended working hours automatically develops the tendency of isolation.

Over-thinking:- Overthinking of anything good or bad is always hazardous. One of the main roots of the feel of isolation, a person thinks a lot about every tiny thing that happened around him and he tried to connect himself with everything.

Excess Idle Time:- Commonly a person slipped into isolation when he is not able to identify where to put his energy, how to keep himself well productive and creative? How to stop meaningless surfing on everyone’s status on social media rather than valuing the time? which leads the idleness in one’s life.

Unhealthy Lifestyle:- When a person brings down his life from a healthy and disciplined life to a jumbled one, for instance, the lack of exercise, meditation, healthy food, messing with sleeping hours all these give birth to the various illness in the body in the long run. In the thought of lagging behind with his own colleagues and friends due to illness, a feeling of being the odd one out drag the person to the dark world of Isolation.

Bullying:- A situation where the victim shunned by peers or friends in school, college, office premises, neighborhood, or by relatives over any oddness. The most painful thing is that sometimes people do not understand when their little fun turned into a heinous crime of bullying which could drag one innocent life into the perennial pain of isolation.

Threat Of Failure:- Fear of losing a job, the top position in the office, high marks in the examination, or losing the love interest may create a threat in the mind of a person where he tries to avoid the situation, prefers to isolate himself rather face failure even before the declaration of the outcome.

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How To Overcome Negative Feeling Of Isolation:- Where there is will there is a way, to come out from any negative zone first thing that required utmost, apart from strong will power is determination. Not everyone is blessed to live with their family members or true friends all the time, in that case, this one tool is sufficient enough to bring back the burst of new sunshine. Here are the major helpful tips listed out to stave off the feeling of isolation…

Keep Yourself Occupied:- The best thing to stay away from any kind of adverse thought is to keep yourself occupied in the most productive manner. Try to learn new things, it is the best time to get back to the lost interest or hobby, get yourself enroll for any online courses which can aid in your resume.

Make Goals:- I believe one should always set small goals in life, like fitness goals, monetary goals, learning goals, travel goals, cookery goals, etc. write down all on the diary, and then plan actions accordingly, keep ticking the achieved ones and measuring the miles still have to go. This practice will not let your mind to think any crap except to move forward. No, not to defeat or compete with someone just to keep himself motivated towards the actions.

Invest in Friends & Family:- First, Cut down your friend list on social media by removing worthless friends and relatives, whose presence makes you depressed or those who are not happy in your happiness, though it is quite tough, some times extremely important to do. Next, reduce your time on social media, endless scrolling down will not take you anywhere there is no loss if you get updates about any pics or videos a little later. Invest your time on family and your true friend, call them, open your heart out, not only share the things but also listen to them.

Concentrate on Capabilities:- Remember every person has born with some capabilities, explore yours, work on those by believing in you, at the same time do not shy away with your shortcoming, accept it honestly, once acceptance is acceptance for all.

Be Volunteer:- Engage yourself in some volunteer work, it gets to know about the world from a different angle, association with the volunteer circle encourages for more good work. This act heals the damaged isolated soul when one finds himself at the state where someone looks at him for help and hope.

Lend your hand to help someone fighting with depression or isolation, do not be judgemental about their condition, they may in a need of urgent help understand them. The above-discussed remedies will only work when the victim himself is able to listen to the voice of his conscience. I believe and I suggest that it is always better to consult the specialist without any delay.

“If you want to end your isolation, you must be honest about what you want at a core level and decide to go after it”. Martha Beck

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