Book Review: A Magical Conquest Of An Army Of Twelve Year Olds By Arsh Sinha

Book Title: A Magical Conquest

Author: Arsh Sinha

Publication: Blogchatter

Genre: Fiction ~ Fantasy

Format: Ebook

Pages: 97

Rating: 5/5

Download Link:…/a-magical-conquest-by…

Blurb Of The Book

Things have gone really wrong at Brendenson International, a dream school that was full of mysteries. It is now in the hands of twelve-year-olds to save, their friend and teachers who have been kidnapped and also their galaxy which was under the threat of an unknown super-power who they believed had carried out the abduction. It is a task that looks nearly impossible. Will the army of twenty-four young tweens be able to pull through a magical conquest over the most dangerous monsters of the universe?

About Author

Arsh Sinha is a twelve-year-old talented bibliophile and a sweet and caring introvert who started blogging at the age of seven. You can read him at He is also a keyboardist and a number-cruncher and has won several gold medals in National Olympiads and Creative Writing Competitions. With this book, he is debuting as an author in the fantasy fiction genre. You can contact to the author on

Book Review (Divik’s Review)

The book ‘The Magical Conquest’ by Arsh Sinha is reviewed by my 11 YO son Divik Srivastava, who had a gala time reading this fiction and requested me to post his honest review for the same, which he truly feels, is one of the masterpieces by the youngest author from the Blogchatter’s author squad. So here we go…..

Hello, Readers!

Today I will be reviewing the book “A Magical Conquest,” a Fantasy book by Arsh Sinha. I have enjoyed reading this marvel of a book; this book is also Arsh Sinha’s debut in the writing field.

So by now, you must be wondering what exactly this book is about? So this book is about a 12-year-old boy, Resten, who is very intrigued by the topics of magical, and mystical things, and his life has taken an intriguing turn ever since he was expelled from Royce International.

Afterward, a poster shows up at Resten’s door, and it is about a school that is gladly taking students in at this time of year, Resten always thought he was destined for something more, but he thinks something is off about this school, flying classes? Foresight orbs? He needs to find answers, could there be a dark force at work trying to stop him?

Book Cover: A Magical Conquest

Onto the glows of this book This book is a compilation of 12 chapters which is truly splendid. I really love this book because it provides a good balance between fantasy and reality; it incorporates some humor and some science nerdy facts, which any science enthusiast like me could easily pick up on and have a good laugh.

Another amazing thing about this book is the character development throughout the story (Don’t worry I m not going to spoil anything); you can clearly see a change between the Resten at the beginning of the story and the Resten at the end.

One of my favorite parts about a book is watching the characters grow and develop and, well, be smarter, stronger, and all that good stuff. I think this book did a very nice job with that.

So my only “grow” comment on this book is that I wished it was longer what Arsh Sinha has here is a true masterpiece, but it is also quite brief; nonetheless, this book still provides a good read.

The author has done an outstanding job by combining fantasy and sci-fi into one delicious delight for any reader; this book is an overall very gratifying experience for all ages.

This debut book by 12 YO Arsh deserves full marks, so I would like to give a 5 out of 5 ratings to ‘The Magical conquest.‘. This book is absolutely sequel-deserving; I cant wait to see what the author has in store for us next!

Wishing many more success to Arsh and his amazing book!

Till next time readers, have a good day!!!…..Divik!

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Don’t Miss To Read Today’s Special Chit Chat Corner!!!!!

Chit Chat Corner Between The Youngest Book Reviewer (11 YO) Divik And The Youngest Author (12YO) Arsh

Reviewer Divik ~ What made you to choose Sci-Fi and Fantasy Genre?

Author Arsh ~ I started reading very early and this is the genre I have always enjoyed the most. During the reads, I have always had my own takes of how the lead characters will behave if I would have penned those books. So when I chose to pen my first book, this genre was obviously my first choice, I wanted to stay safe in my comfort zone.

Reviewer Divik ~ Where did you get inspiration for Resten and his friends?

Author Arsh ~ Haha! You caught me. Resten and his two friends and very remotely based on me and my two best friends. I love our friendship and unknowingly some of the elements did get weaved in from our lives. The knowledge of science and magic is though based on the crazy number of books I have read so far and my own addition of certain x-factors.

Reviewer Divik ~ Do you have plans of writing a sequel of ‘A Magical Conquest’?

Author Arsh ~ Some of my classmates insist I do, and though I had initially not planned a sequel, I guess a little grown-up Resten has already started shaping up in my mind. So, I may pen it down.

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  2. Such a cute review….talented youngsters!! We must never underestimate the power of writing and imagination in the young these days. My own nephew writes the best of short stories and I keep waiting for the endings of all of them.

  3. wow! 12 and a book, oh my gosh so amazing! the book sounds promising as does the author. thank you for showcasing this. definitely adding this to my tbr.

  4. Such a super talented kid is arsh. Like he writes book at 12years of age. The books sounds intriguing from your review. fantasy science and humour sounds perfect combination

  5. this is such a helpful review, I am already inspired by this 12 years old Author, cant wait to grab a copy for myself already . The genre is also super awesome and my fav

  6. Priyanka Chhabria

    It’s really great to know that children nowadays have dreams and work towards them from such a young age. Your review has got be excited to read this book. Will get my hands on it.

  7. This book looks like a must read. I am totally fascinated by the plot and will read it soon. I like the confidence in this little author, who had answered all your questions with a poise and clarity. Have shared this book with my kids too.. Waiting for their feedback.

    1. I simply love it and get impressed with such young minds who write books and that too such amazing ones. I have already downloaded the book and also recommend it to my nephew who likes to read book and enjoys such stories.

  8. I have really loved how a 12-year-old can love such a wonderful book at this young age. I have also read the book and loved the writing. And that’s a wonderful review done by you.

  9. I am so happy to read this book, it’s amazing to see little Arsh growing so a talented and amazing writer!!

  10. Great review and greater is the kid who wrote it. It is very heartening to see kids write or read these days.I wish more and more parents are able to get kids away from screens and get into the habit of reading and writing.

  11. Though I am not sci-fi person, but considering his age and the kind of review our have written for his book, it seems a wonderful book. I have read may good reviews about his book. Through your blog, I wish him all the very best for all his future books.

  12. Archana, badhai ho one more writer in your family – Divik. Firstly kids are at par excellence these days. Arsh has very well written the book, though I am yet to read and Divik has critically reviewed the book covering all pointers. And once again the chit chat corner stole the show.

  13. Wow am proud of Arsh…just 12 year old and an author…. superb!!! I feel great when I see our next gen is so much interested in reading and writing. The book seems like a good one, will surely read it soon.

  14. Wow Divik reviewed Arsh’s book. that is so nice. I really liked the way he has shared her honest feedback about book. and many congrats to Arsh on beginning his author journey at the age of 12. indeed it is great achievement.

  15. Shreemayee Chattoppadhyay

    Wow, what a talented writer and that’s also at the age of 12 years. The book seems like a lovely one and review by your son also is very cool.

  16. Aww, this is a super cute review. Might be the coolest book review of the year. First of all, a big thanks and kudos to little Divik for reading the book and reviewing it so beautifully. And that special chit chat corner! Oh I so loved it. Best wishes to these two cute boys.

  17. Reading the book review inspires me to finish my next… 12-year-olds are publishing and reviewing books and look at the idea and creativity. Kudos!!

  18. I kinda loved the concept that age does not matter if you want to do something. The author and the reviewer proved the same and the review is totally worth it. I will surely check this book.

  19. I love to read myestry novels and this books looks really nice. It’s incredible that a 12 year old has written the book and an 11 year old has reviewed it so well In detail.

  20. Love reading your reviews always. And the chit chat with the budding author makes it even more special.
    Deepika Sharma

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