Just Not Sports; CRICKET Is An Emotion In India! HiPi Premier League On ZEE5!

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India is a country that truly stands for ‘Unity in Diversity.’ It represents a perfect amalgamation of various cultures, religions, attire, languages, and so on. Despite owing numerous colors of culture, when it comes to sport, the whole nation has only one religion and, i.e., CRICKET!

Yes! Albeit Hockey is India’s national sport, if we talk about Cricket more than a mere sport, it is an Emotion for India and, of course, for we Indians.

The whole world dealt with a deadly virus by confining to their homes when everything, be it economic, education, entertainment, sports, was almost shelved for an unknown time period.

To shoo away the gloominess of Lockdown in Pandemic, and the best use of the time ZEE5 has come as a blessing in disguise. It brought back the fun of cricket for cricket lovers in the form of #HiPiPremierLeague (HPL) on the app UGC platform. And that too with an interesting and creative surprise. Would you like to know about the surprise?

Before moving ahead, let me share a brief about #HiPiPremierLeague (HPL).

What Is HiPi Premier League (HPL):

In HiPi Premier League’s pattern has set by making the 8 amazing teams with captains. The captains are not new to the audience; they are all acclaimed celebrities, unfurling their talents on much social media as an influencer.

Here are the list of Captains and the teams they are representing.

1.Sugandha Mishra- Indian playback singer, comedian, actor.

2.Sanket Bhosle- Mimicry artist, actor, comedian, show anchor, and a doctor.

3. Gaurav Gera- Indian comedian and actor and anchor.

4. Ssumier Pasricha- Indian actor and comedian, popularly known as ‘Pammi Aunty’ in fun videos.

 List of 8 competing teams of the tournament:

1). Hyderabad Hippers,

2). Mumbai Mastis

3). Delhi Dhoomers

4). Rajasthan Rockstars

5). Punjab Putters

6). Chennai Swaggers

 7). Bangalore Badshahs

8). Kolkata Khiladis

Twist Of Surprise For HPL Fans:

Here comes the most exciting and surprising part ZEE5 for cricket lovers, where the Captains of the teams, basically known as Gurus, are supposed to make the videos to hoot for the team they support. Adding to this also to stir up the viewers to come and participate to let their team win.

The icing on the cake surprise that we viewers can also participate into this to win exciting prizes every day, just by making videos in the support of our favorite team. Whoever’s videos get the highest count of likes would be liable to grab the awards of HiPiZen of the Day Award, HiPiZen of the Week award along with the bumper prize of Rs.10 lakh!

To participate and win every day’s contest of HPL  you have to follow these steps

1. Go to the Discover section on HiPi.

2. Select the team you want to support.

3. Participate in the fun challenges that you see in the Discover section. Upload your videos using hashtags of your favorite team’s name and challenge.

4. With each increasing number of likes on your video count as a run and the team with the highest runs wins.

Isn’t it the simplest way to celebrate and show our love for Cricket?

My Favorite Team:

My support goes to the team Mumbai Mastis, Yeah! I hoot for Aamchi Mumbai.

There are two reasons to support this team:

1). Sanket Bhonsle is one of the best actors whose comic timing never fails to make us laugh.

2). My love for Sapno ki Nagri Aamchi Mumbai.

So, What are you waiting for? Go and start making videos to support your favorite team!   

Hesitating in making videos? Wondering how to make video? Check out the below link

Instagram handle:  https://www.instagram.com/hipionzee5/?hl=en

Create your video content and participate to enjoy the fun ride of challenges and shower of prizes brought by exclusively ZEE5 as I believe Cricket may happen in many countries, but fun happens only on HPL ZEE5#HappensOnHiPi.

Don’t forget to check out creative videos of Cricket Lovers!

HiPi Premier League: https://www.zee5.com/hipionzee5/hpl-2020/

So ready to join me?

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13 thoughts on “Just Not Sports; CRICKET Is An Emotion In India! HiPi Premier League On ZEE5!”

  1. HiPi Premier League looks quite interesting the captains and the 8 teams will be amusing to watch for winning the ultimate cricketing battle.

  2. Yes sanket bhosle is my favorite too but this time we are supporting sugandha Mishra s team. Indeed HPL is great initiative by ZEE5. Specially during pandemic situation it is like a boon for Cricket lover.

  3. wow Archana. it seems pretty interesting. You are right, during this gloomy time, we need some masti and fun to keep our spirits high. I checked the HiPiZee5 page (cricket tongue twister post) and it was pretty interesting.

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