Mee Raqsam: A Tale of Father-Daughter Bond: ZEE5 Movie Review!

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Movie: Mee Raqsam

Director: Baba Azmi

Written By: Safdar Mir & Husain Mir

Cast: Danish Husain, Aditi Suberi, Nasiruddin Shah, Shraddha Kaul, Sudeepta Singh

Genre: Family Drama (Father-Daughter Bond)

Mee Raqsam Movie is directed by Baba Azmi and presented by Shabana Azmi, siblings well tried to tribute this to their late father Kaifi Azmi who originally belongs to the same village where the whole plot of the movie has been settled. Even the storyline reflects Kaifi Azmi’s own struggles to promote his daughter Shabana Azmi to the art world. Shabana Azmi’s success doesn’t need any introduction. It clearly shows the #SapnoKiTaaqat of a firm supportive father.

About Movie:

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The plot of the movie has been set in the village named Mijwan located in Uttar Pradesh, one of the states in India. Mariam (Aditi Subedi), a Muslim girl who is keen to learn Bharatanatyam a form of dancing. As per the community belief it’s a part of Hindu religion, commonly owns by Hindus only. Her father, Salim (Danish Hussain), who is a tailor by profession despite his impoverished condition he stands like a rock beside his daughter.

Moreover, Salim keeps encouraging Mariam to follow her passion of dancing. Father- Daughter plight rises when they receive endless scorn and backlashes not only from their own community and members Hashim Seth (Nasiruddin Shah) who strictly declared the dance form Gair Mazhabi, but also from family members like Mariam’s aunt Zehra (Shraddha Kaul).

 #MeeRaqsamOnZEE5 has perfectly portrayed a tipsy turvy journey of a father-daughter who fights against all odds, to pursue the only dream. Watch to know will they succeed in this by holding each other’s back?

About Characters:

Danish Hussain and Aditi Subedi, who played the central characters of father and daughter truly owns Mee Raqsam.

Nasiruddin Shah, an experienced veteran actor though has very limited minutes of scenes in the role of the conservative community leader, must say his outstanding dialogue delivery was enough to volume the character.

Dance teacher Sudeepta Singh, Shraddha Kaul, Juhaina Ahsan, have shined beyond with their charismatic presence on screen.

My Review:

I categorize this movie as “A Must Watch” an engaging plot, religious conflicts dance above all a father-daughter special bond, etc. everything strongly conveys the several loud messages to the society. It has broken the stereotypes of skinned minded people, like, whether it is talent or learning, art or an artist anyone from these does not know the boundaries they flow in its own direction with its own pace irrespective of the religion, gender, or territory.

At many places I do get glimpses of the storyline of movie Secret Superstar especially when religious beliefs were given more space than a dream of a teenage girl , in a similar way this movie too daughter had full support of her one parent. On the basis of dialogues, the depth of emoting the characters to the silver screen and the social message I will give 3.5/5 rating to this wonderful movie Mee Raqsam!!

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26 thoughts on “Mee Raqsam: A Tale of Father-Daughter Bond: ZEE5 Movie Review!”

  1. Loved your review! Yours is the first review that speaks about the father-daughter relationship in this film. Thank you so much for sharing your perspective thought this post. Keep writing!

  2. This is something that is worth to watch.. I will watch this movie for sure because I love this kind of genres. Zee5 is a good OTT platform as well which covers almost every genre of things to watch.

  3. Glad to see your post dear. the movie mee raqsam sounds like a great tale of father-daughter relationship. I had liked secret superstar movie a lot and as you said this one is simliar to that one, that I am sure I will like this one also.

  4. Well honestly, the movie does sound that it might have a number of familiar plots mixed up into one….
    Great review, will definitely watch and hope that the ending has a suspense and doesn’t turn up to be too cliched!

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