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Before the commencement of my story about Happiness, I would like to pay my heartfelt gratitude to Dipika and Ruchie for embracing me with an astounding platform to share my story of Happiness.

“Being happy isn’t having everything in your life be perfect. Maybe it’s about stringing together all the little things”.–Ann Brashares

“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present”.Jim Rohn

“Happiness comes from you. No one else can make you happy. You make you happy”.–Beyonce

“Happiness is not by chance, but by choice”. —Jim Rohn

“Happiness lies within, it’s sad, we humans waste our whole life looking for it outside”.—- My Papa

“Jo hai usme khush rehna aana bhi ek kala hai jo sab nahi kar sakte”My Mom

These are some major Sayings about Happiness that I truly believe in and try my best to abide forever. Albeit my foundation of believing in happiness built on the thoughts, what my parents taught me. My dad used to say that Happiness is like that Musk Pod( Kasturi) to which deer is so dazzled by its own aroma, that makes him run miles to discover the point of source, completely unaware of the fact that it resides in his stomach only. Here we humans are that deer, we exhaust our lives in looking the happiness into materialistic things ignoring the fact it lies within. My dad made sure in raising his girls, that we would become capable enough to differentiate between ambition, achievements, and true happiness.

Happiness is a state of mind once your mind has decided to be happy no ups and downs of life can shoo it away. Real happiness can be found in tiny things rather than huge accomplishments. Even in one life, we witness the changing colors of our Happiness as grow by age. One thing that never changed is the urge of happiness the contentment related to it. Here are the glimpses that source my happiness:-

Happiness is when I hear HELLO from MOM on the Phone

My Voice get choked feel lumps in my Throat

Happiness is when I see the faces of my Gems(kids n hubby)

It fills my heart like a valley of Thames

Happiness is when I find a long lost friend on Facebook

Discussing on gone days, love, crush and his Looks

Happiness is when my recipe earns Laurels

Lending hand of hubby in washing dish makes it Surreal

Happiness is when I notified Parcel Delivered

At the door, I get my brown box covered

Happiness is when I honestly follow my Routine

Even without a crown, I feel like Queen.

Happiness is when I conquer over my Fears

Time to celebrate clink glasses and say Cheers

Happiness is when I learn something New

Gladness at peak seeing how much I Grew

Happiness is when my plant wear the first Flower

Signs me God is there for blessings to Shower

Happiness is when I say to myself this too shall Pass

Don’t lose hope we will make a solid comeback

These are my feelings about Happiness, which I can extract even from the smallest thing because I choose to be happy, and I know where to keep the keys of my happiness. This Pandemic had tried all its efforts to break us but friends do not let this crisis win over our hope, positivity, and happiness, keep your keys safely, as we deserve never-ending series of happiness.

‘This post is written for Speakeasy Blogging Challenge 2020 by Ruchie & Dipika’.


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64 thoughts on “KEYs OF HAPPINESS!! #SpeakEasyBloggingChallenge”

  1. Very nicely penned, somewhere lost in this corporate slavery we forgot a basic word – Happiness, your post speak very well about its importance.. thanks for sharing…

  2. Archana, truly described here. Happiness is found in the smallest things, and we keep running behind the things that might make us happy. Family, close friends, a small snack, a flower on our planet, all lead to happiness!

  3. Hey Archu,
    You nailed it, this is what today’s world is missing. Someone has rightly said ‘ Paradise is not a place it’s just your state of mind’. The examples of true happiness given by you is really available for all of us but we try to ignore it or unaware of it and started finding it desperately in many other things. I am more worried about our kids as still I think we know that these are the key elements of happiness and trying to implement in our lives, in their case they are completely unaware of it.
    Thanks for reminding us about real happiness!!!!

  4. Amazing post ! The way you write Archana and the way you express is truly amazing .Really loved the thoughts and lined you shared .Can’t stop my self to follow this blog .

  5. Wow such a beautiful post dear Archana and I loved each and every word of it. in fact, I truly believe in all these statement. indeed, hearing the voice of my mumma and seeing the beautiful faces of my girls feel my heart with so much warmth and happiness. loved your take on theme.

  6. I really loved your take on happiness and it resonates with my happy memories with my Nana. He always used to say happiness, peace and kindness are always found within and no matter what it’s aura just spreads across.
    Beautiful write up!

  7. How beautifully you have penned down your thoughts and how apt. The example of deer is so relatable, made me ponder for a moment, but yes that’s what we do. We run after happiness even though it’s there around us. Loved reading it!

  8. I loved the way you mentioned small things that make us believe in hope and keep us going. Happiness is not outside but inside and I learnt it the hard way.

  9. Loved your post! Very relatable! I could feel myself smiling while reading because there are so many things that I could relate to e.g.
    Happiness is when I conquer over my Fears
    Time to celebrate clink glasses and say Cheers
    Keep writing! It’s a pleasure to read articles like these.

  10. Talking to my mom is a great source of happiness for me too. But sorry I dont agree with the last quote that you shared coz I feel it is not happiness but adjusting your mind to take it to a level of indifference. Most of us do this but is it happiness?

  11. Finding happiness in simple things should be the way of life. We often run behind big things, trying to make the meaning your of things and join the rat race of chasing something unknown. And we call it a happiness when we get it. But do we really feel happy as after that goal is achieved, we are again in the race chasing something new. But the things that life gives us on daily basis is what true happiness is.

  12. I liked what your parents have said, happiness is within us and its an art to remain happy. Happiness is often found in small things like you shared so beautifully.

  13. Loved your interpretation of happiness , Archana. The poem that you have penned was very heart touching. I read twice the entire poem pointing out the little joys of our lives that we overlook chasing blindly after happiness that world has set in for us.Loved your post, sweet and crisp.

  14. A beautiful compilation of all things take make you happy! We forget to focus on small things in life which can bring immense joy.

  15. We keep striving for material happiness when it is found within. And you are so right about differences between dreams , ambitions & happiness. I love how you find your happiness in small but such meaningful daily life.

  16. What a beautiful post, straight from your heart. Happiness is indeed in these small things and emotions we feel every day. Loved reading this.

  17. Hey Archana, you said it correctly that happiness is found in small easy moments which we often ignore in our busy lives. Happiness to me is when I get up early and sit quietly watching the clear sky

  18. Lovely poem. It’s TRUE, that we are happy we we consider otherwise we are sad. I loved the way you took teachings from your parents so seriously and mentioned their words in famous quotes.

  19. Nice article- all of us should learn to differentiate between dreams, ambition and happiness! One may or may not achieve dreams/ambition but staying happy has to be the ultimate goal.

  20. Omg!! What a great insightful post it is. Dear Archana, I had goosebumps when I read uncle’s thought about Happiness and the simple yet thoughtful example of Kasturi Mriga as happiness. Something, I am currently working on. To be happy from within. And I also think that happiness is being happy with whatever I have. Loved the poem too. Beautiful!!

  21. True.. happiness lies within you. First try to be happy with yourself, rest will follow. Dads’ are always right.

  22. I totally agree and loved the way you differentiate between dreams, ambition and happiness. We all need to understand this, beautiful interpretation of happiness!!

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