Book Review: ‘Patna 800020’ A Family Drama Unfolds By Daisy Bala

Book Title: Patna 800020 A Family Drama Unfolds

Author: Daisy Bala

Publication: Blogchatter

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 43

Format: Ebook (Pdf)

Rating: 4.5/5

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About Book

Book Cover: Patna 800020 A Family Drama Unfolds

Patna 800020, A Family Drama Unfolds by Daisy Bala, is a fiction drama of a middle-class Kayastha family that lives in Patna. Sketched Book Cover is drawn by the author herself says a lot about Dr. Bimal Prasad, a Homeopathic Practitioner, and his family. Where he has a wife, Barkha Devi, three daughters Sushma(Badki), Kanchan, Chutki, and the youngest son Golu. This is one of the very unique book covers I have ever seen. The author must have thought so intellectually to portray every character matches their personality, for, eg. The creases on the face of Barkha Devi clearly state the worries of the mother of finding a suitable groom for her daughters at the age of marriage.

About Author

Daisy is a passionate author, blogger, and poet from Chicago, writing in English and Hindi, both languages with embellishments and bejeweled emotions. She’s been published in anthologies and online journals with Sharing Stories, Kalamanthan, Literoma, Chrysanthemum Chronicles, Innsaei Journal, etc. In addition, her pieces have been published with Womans Web, Silver Birch Press, Creative Talents Unleashed, Blogadda, and TOI blogs. Daisy’s first book on poetry, “Blossoms and foliage,” was received well by her readers and reached bestsellers on Kindle Unlimited.

She was a finalist in the Orange Flower Awards for Hindi poetry in 2020.

The author Daisy Bala dedicated this book to her mother, whom she lost due to covid. She strongly believes her mother’s love kept her afloat and motivated her to finish this fiction book. She owes everything to her mother.

My Review

The fiction drama Patna 800020 A Family Drama Unfolds from the capital city Patna has 13 chapters. The story revolves around the residents of Geeta Sadan. It is mainly about the day-to-day plights that a middle-class family goes through in life. The marriage of three daughters is the favorite subject to talk about between wife and husband. A cuddling brother Golu is an apple of everyone’s eye, who spread his nuts of happiness by cracking Hathi(Elephant) and Chinti(Ants) jokes every then and now.

Elder daughter Sushma(Badki), a lecturer in Delhi’s college dealing with her love life’s issues, chose to keep mum in front of the family. Although she never forgets to support and guide everyone in the house whenever it is required.

Kanchan, the second daughter, is well versed in every field. She is completing her graduation from Home Science. And the youngest one, Chutki, never fails in putting her point fearlessly. Her father, Dr. Bimal Prasad, silently feels so proud to see her daughter growing daring, courageous day by day.

The author has successfully created the ambiance of Patna by incorporating the Bihari language in dialogues on and off. So people who either belong or don’t belong to this culture can easily visualize every scene of festival preparation, and the preparation when some special guest is about to visit, or when the working lady balances her job and home, and above all when the aroma of scrumptious food from Mamma’s Kitchen makes you spellbound.

The tension of the parent’s mind and the preparation of welcoming the groom’s side is brilliantly written by the author. In addition to that author has well rendered many malpractices of the society so sharply In the book such as Dowry, Eve-Teasing, orthodox thoughts in Acceptance of intercaste love, etc.

At the same time, the author Daisy has limned the sundry of pragmatic constraints in the fiction drama like the super supportive neighborhood, girl child growth, respect of elderly persons no matter to which house they belong, a faithful attachment of maid and master, encourage to girls in the sports field and so on.

In nutshell Patna 800020 has a perfect blend of love, laughter, courage, heart break, career and the pure bonding of family love.

Hit Points

The strong bonding in a family is the crux of this fiction drama. Even though plenty of usage of local words will give the gist to even the novice of the entire conversation. Daisy took special care of her readers by mentioning every Bihari and Hindi word’s meaning on every page. The jokes by Golu will take you on a light laughter ride.

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Miss Points

Honestly. I couldn’t find anything missing at any point, albeit I wish I could read a little longer.


One of the best fiction dramas I read from BlogchatterEbook Library. I shall rate the book 4.5 out of 5. Excellent vocabulary in both ways Hindi and English. A must-read by all age groups. Many motivating lines deserve to be read and noted down, one of my favorites is…..

When Dr. Saheb motivates her daughter Chutki and says, ” Soaring high is your nature, fly my sweetheart. You have my back! I will always stay like a gust of wind beneath your wings.”

I wish daisy and her book all the best. And expect to see it in the list of best selling very soon.

The circumstances in which Daisy has penned down the brilliant piece of fiction drama indeed deserves applauds. Kudos girl!!!!

Chit Chat Corner With The Author Daisy

Q.1 What inspired you the most to pen down on the particular subject or genre?

Daisy ~ I have fond childhood memories of my summer holidays in Patna with my granny, relatives, and cousins. I weaved them into a fictional story with a dash of melodramatic tempering, and thus Patna 800020 got sown as a seed. I drank through my roots and wrote the chapters sequentially, trying to include as many golden memories as I could recall.

Q.2 Have you ever gotten writer’s block?How you overcome it?

Daisy ~ I am currently facing writer’s block, and ideas or words are not flowing through my pen. I’m treating this as a temporary phase and trying to read more in this break time. A variety of books in different genres give me a boost and will surely provide a breakthrough. I’m on a sabbatical now, trying to rejuvenate my reading; writing will return eventually.

Q.3 What is the best advice you would like to give to budding writers?

Daisy ~ I’m a budding writer too and would like to congratulate all my fellow friends for choosing writing as their passion and preferred form of expression. I would advise everyone to write, but before doing that, they must read and re-read. Because that’s the gateway to success and sunshine. Only a well-read person can write well and edit better. Also, it’s important to take criticism positively and initial failures in stride. Writing is a journey of self-evolution, and it’s important to enjoy the ride and learn on the go.

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8 thoughts on “Book Review: ‘Patna 800020’ A Family Drama Unfolds By Daisy Bala”

  1. this book sounds interesting and a good weekend read! I love humour built into stories that have more going on that just the obvious. Definitely enjoy story with warmth which are well written.

  2. The story seems to be of a simple Indian household and that has caught my attention. Daisy seems to be a good writer and I loved illustration craeting a visual for the readers amof each character she has built in her story.

  3. I have been meaning to pick this one up since forever, your review has piqued my interest more. I love reading books exploring many emotions. Will surely be picking it up for my next read 🙂

  4. Daisy’s book is surely a dose of middle class family daily drama. Liked the way Daisy has focused on minute points in this story. I always look forward to author’s note in your book reviews.

  5. I finished reading this book today and loved it. This book has all the emotions, humour, happiness, worry, fear, love everything. The author has a knack to bound her readers with her intriguing story telling skill.

  6. I also loved the cover page of daisy’s book so much. It is really unique and has been designed with great creative approach. After reading your review felt that the plot is equally interesting. Thank you so much dear for sharing your honest review, will surly try to read this book. Many congratulations to daisy for publishing this amazing book.

  7. I have read Daisy’s book and loved it. I second your thoughts. I could visualize the entire scenes as Daisy narrate din her book. Very soon, I will be reviewing it on my blog.

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