I am an MBA Graduate, former HR professional and former faculty in Management Schools of Varanasi(UP) and Pune(Maharashtra) India. Now enjoying life to the fullest in the role of a wife and proud mother of 2 wonderful kids. I am a simple fun loving girl, who is extremely passionate about dancing ,singing. I love to spend my time with some of my close friends and family. Indian Festivals give me immense happiness and charged me up for the whole year. I was fond of pouring down my thoughts on paper right from my childhood. Blogging has given the voice to my views, a platform where I can freely put my points my feeling in my own words. I strongly believe that LIFE itself an institution, allow us to learn something new in every moment, if you want to grow, never ever stop the flow of knowledge, it grows only and only by sharing, keep learning keep growing until you get the call of last breath.💕💕💕

#BlogchatterA2Z courageous enough to say “NOOO”

Jo Napot (morning greet in Hungarian) Friends DAY 14-: courageous enough to say “NOOO” “Learn to say “no” to the good and the advantageous, in order to receive the best.” ― Sunday Adelaja Stop presenting yourself as a” Public Pleaser”.Don’t damage your identity and freedom under the pressure of maintaining the image of “Good Buddy”. Those who …

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#BlogchatterA2Z Money

God Dag (Morning Greet In Danish) Friends DAY 13-: MONEY Matters! Remembering actor rishi kapoor’s very popular bollywood song on money,the lyrics says “Paisa Ye Paisa Nahi Koyi Aisa, Jaisa Yeh Paisa, Ke Ho Musibat Naa Ho Musibat,’ (There is nothing like money, whether you are in trouble nor not). The song personifies money and …

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#BlogchatterA2Z Judgemental

Goede Morgen (Morning Greet in Dutch) Friends DAY 10 -: stop being “JUDGEMENTAL” “Be curious, not judgmental.” – Walt Whitman “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover”!!!!Being judgemental develops a tendency of blindness in one’s personality by pointing only those harsh things which barely exist and by avoiding the positive attributes.Happiness can only flourishes when …

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#BlogchatterA2Z LOVE

Suprabhat (Morning Greet in Hindi) Friends DAY 12-: LOVE After acknowledging the self love in the form of acceptance and adaptibility lets move forward on the treasure hunt of forms of love,how at the different ages of life we witness the different faces of love.everyone has his own set of definition and direction to express …

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